Mega Volume vs Russian Volume Lash Extensions

The terminology can be pretty confusing if you’re new to lash extensions. “Would you like Russian Volume or Mega Volume?” You might be wondering, “what on earth does that mean?

If you’re confused by terminology, never be afraid to ask your lash technician. Or you can ask us! We’re here to clear up the difference between Russian Volume extensions and Mega Volume extensions to be sure to get just the kind of extension you want!

What Are Russian Volume Extensions?

Russian Volume Extensions
Russian Volume Extensions by goldenlashes_limbazi

Given the name, it probably doesn’t surprise you that Russian Volume lashes are a type of extension technique that originated in Russia. And when it comes to lash extensions, these are the originals (aside from the classics).

Russian Volumes are made from fabulous synthetic fibers. While different synthetics can be used for Russian Volumes, most professionals prefer Mink. Russian Volume lashes are designed to be extremely thin, allowing the technician to apply multiple extensions per lash.

Extensions are applied in a fan-like shape, giving your lashes a voluminous look. The exact number of lashes applied to each fan depends on what look you’re going for. In Russian Volume Lashes, anywhere from 2-6 extensions can be applied in a fan/per lash. 

Russian Volume lashes are preferred over classics for individuals who want fuller, longer, more voluminous lashes. They also give the appearance of a darkened lash line, ceasing the need for eyeliner on the top lash line. 

What Are American Volume Lashes?

American Volume Lashes
American Volume Lashes by @ilashdolls

Okay, so this article isn’t about American Volume Lashes, but we wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t at least mention them. American Volume lashes are considered the newer version of Russian lashes.

They’re applied similarly, but instead of using a uniform length, the length of the extensions is staggered and uneven. This makes the lashes look more natural and textured. 

What Are Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega Volume Lashes
Mega Volume Lashes by _lbbstudios

Mega Volume Lashes are even thinner, softer, and lighter than their Russian Volume counterparts. The main difference between them is the number of extensions used to create each “fan.” Russian Volumes use anywhere between 2-6 extensions per fan.

Anything above that is considered Mega Volume. A Mega Volume fan can apply anywhere from 6-to 16 extensions per individual lash (depending on how dramatic you want your look to be).

Mega Volume lashes are designed to give you the most entire and most voluminous look while at the same time looking more natural than Russian lashes. Okay, so that’s the breakdown of Russian and Mega Volume Lashes. Now let’s go into the differences…

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – Application Technique

Russian and Mega Volume Lashes are both applied with a unique extension adhesive. The difference between them isn’t really how they are applied; it’s how they are made. Both Russian and Mega Volume Lash extensions are created in what is known as “fans.”

A volume fan is when “several lash extensions are joined together at the base.” Once joined, they can then be applied to an individual lash. Each fan can contain between 2-20 lashes.

A fan with two lashes is considered a 2D fan, a fan with three lashes is considered 3D, and so on. Any extensions applied using 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D fans are considered Russian Volume, and anything above 6D is considered Mega Volume. 

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – Application Time

Because Russian and Volume lash fans are typically created on the spot, they take much longer to apply than classic lashes. In both cases, the length of time you will need to set aside from your lash appointment will depend on how many lashes are applied and how quick your lash technician is. Generally speaking, you should expect both Russian and Volume lashes to take between 2-4 hours for application. 

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – Lasting Time

You can expect both Russian Volume lashes and Mega Volume lashes to last somewhere between 4-6 weeks when properly cared for. With that being said, our lashes fall out according to our natural lash cycle, which can leave your lashes looking patchy. To avoid this, a fill is recommended every 2-3 weeks, and this will keep your lashes looking full and new. 

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – Lash Health

We get a question all the time: “will the weight of the extensions cause damage to my natural lashes?” And the answer is no. Both Russian and Mega Volume extensions use lashes that are so light that they cannot cause damage to your natural lashes.

Nothing about Russian or Mega Volume lashes should damage your natural lashes if they are correctly applied. With that being said, when proper methods are not used, the risk of damage to your natural lashes (and even your eyes) is significantly increased. We always recommend you go to a seasoned, trained professional when dealing with any lash extensions. 

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – The Liner Look

Here’s the great news about both Russian and Mega Volume lashes – not only do they expel the need for mascara, but they also expel the need for liner on the top lash! Both Russian and Mega Volume lashes create a strong lash line on the upper eye, which gives the appearance that you are already wearing liner. You no longer need to apply liner to the upper lids – just the lower ones (if you want to) – YAY!

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – Cost

We can’t give an exact cost for Russian and Mega Volume lashes, mainly because it will differ from location to location and technician to technician. What we can say, however, is that you can generally expect Mega Volume lashes to cost more than Russian Volume lashes. This is because the lashes are thicker, and more work is put into creating fans that are 6D or above. 

Russian Vs. Mega Volume Lashes – The Look

The main difference in the appearance of Russian and Mega Volume lashes is in the density, and mega Volume lashes are much denser and create a darker and fuller look. Russian Volume lashes aren’t quite as dramatic as Mega Volume lashes in even simpler terms. 

Russian Volume lashes are commonly used to create fullness and can help to elongate and lift your eye. They help make your eyes look more open and can help disguise eyes with a hooded appearance. While some people prefer simple classic lashes to Russian ones, Russian lashes are quickly becoming the more popular option for everyday extensions.

On the other hand, Mega Volume lashes are not for everyone, and they are far more dramatic than Russian Volumes; while they still look natural, most people will be able to tell that you’re wearing extensions. With that being said, some people do like the dramatic effect, for which we say – “go for it!” 

Mega Volume extensions can also be an excellent option for individuals with fragile lashes and looking to add some density.  

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