Lash Boost vs Latisse: How are They Different?

Extensions. Mascaras. Tints. Perms. There are so many things you can do to improve the appearance of your lashes; unfortunately, none are permanent. If we want permanent change in our lashes, we need to seek permanent solutions. And one of the best solutions out there to improve the look of your natural lashes is lash serums.

Lash Boost Vs. Latisse

Two of the top-rated serums are Lash Boost and Latisse. Let’s compare.

What Are Lash Serums?

Before we dive into a deeper comparison of Lash Boost and Latisse, let’s first create a brief description of Lash Serums themselves. Simply put, Lash Serums are specially created formulas designed to help your lashes grow. Some serums are applied to the top lash line, while others are combed through the lashes themselves. 

Lash serums work by activating Prostaglandin Receptors in the hair follicles of our lashes. When activated, lashes in the resting stage of growth are triggered into the active phase, encouraging the growth of our natural lashes. Serums that work help your lashes grow thicker, longer, and more robust. 

Lash Boost Vs. Latisse – Active Ingredients

Lash Boost is a lash serum that is sold by Rodan + Fields. It is marketed by the company as a serum and can be bought over-the-counter. The serum contains a long list of ingredients, but some of the most notable include Biotin, Keratin, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Isopropyl Cloprostenate. 

Latisse is another type of eyelash serum, but it markets itself as a medication instead of a serum. Like serums, Latisse does help promote the growth of your natural lashes.

Still, it’s designed to treat a specific condition known as Hypotrichosis (a condition where there is little to no hair growth). The main active ingredient in Latisse is known as Bimatoprost.

Because Latisse is marketed as a medication, you need a prescription to get it. In other words, you can’t buy it over the counter. If you want to use Latisse on your lashes, you’ll need to speak to a doctor first. 

Lash Boost Vs. Latisse – Ingredient Effectiveness

When looking at the effectiveness of these two lash growth treatments, we must look at two factors: ingredients and reviews. We mentioned the main ingredients in each of the products above, but let’s take a closer look at what they do and whether they are effective.

Let’s start with Lash Boost. The active ingredients in Lash Boost are all designed to stimulate lash growth in one way or another. Biotin, for example, has many benefits for the body – one of which is hair growth.

Keratin is another ingredient and is naturally found in our hair and nails. When applied topically, Keratin is said to promote hair growth as well. With all this being said, though many of the ingredients in Lash boost are linked to hair growth, there is minimal evidence to suggest that they are linked to lash growth.

It’s important to remember here that though our lashes and our hair are similar, they are not one of the same. Just because something stimulates hair growth does not mean that it stimulates lash growth. For this reason, while it is speculated that many of the ingredients in Lash Boost work, there is no objective evidence to support it.

Now let’s talk about Latisse. While many serums like Lash Boost claim to be effective, they don’t have any scientific studies to support their claims. Latisse does. Latisse is considered a medication. In return, it has undergone many clinical trials.

These trials have proved that Latisse is, in fact, effective for the growth of lashes. In trials, it was found that Latisse was effective in 79% of users. The active ingredient in Latisse, Bimatoprost, has also been scientifically shown to be effective in promoting lash growth. 

Lash Boost Vs. Latisse – Reviews

We checked out Lash Boost on Amazon, which seemed to have mixed reviews. Approximately 45% of people said it worked great, while others seemed to have different opinions.

People who positively reviewed Lash Boost seemed to love it and claim to have seen excellent results in a short period (about a month). But people who didn’t report a great review claimed to see either no results or that the serum caused itching and burning, preventing them from continuing use. Because Latisse is a medication, you can’t buy it on Amazon.

So we went to the Influenster website to check out the reviews. On this website, Latisse had a 4.5-star review. Most people claimed to see excellent results within 4-6 weeks. Regarding the negative reviews, some people stated that the product did not work, but most were focused on the price of the product or the side effects associated with it. 

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Lash Boost Vs. Latisse – Side Effects

Okay, so let’s talk about those side effects. We’ll start with Latisse.

Let’s start by saying that Latisse is FDA approved for use and is therefore considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration. With that being said, it does have some listed side effects. The most common side effects of Latisse include itchiness, redness, infection, and darkening of the outer eyelids.

Some patients also experience hair growth outside of the area of use, infection, and change in eye color. With that being said, the FDA reports that only 4% of those using Latisse will experience any side effects, so the risk is considered extremely low. 

Unlike Latisse, Lash Boost has not received FDA approval. It’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t undergone extensive safety testing. Lash Boost has also been deemed as a low-risk product to use on your lashes. The most common side effect seen with Lash Boost is an allergic reaction.

With that being said, another side effect can be seen with Lash Boost, which is related to the ingredient called Isopropyl Cloprostenate. This ingredient has shown the potential to change the color of your iris, and in some cases, this change can be permanent.

Isopropyl Cloprostenate has also been shown to cause irritation, redness, white cysts, and macular edema. Still, most people can use Lash Boost safely without any side effects. 

Lash Boost Vs. Latisse – Cost

Lash Boost retails at just over a hundred and fifty bucks or can be purchased on the Rodan + Fields website for $139. This is the cost for a 5mL bottle, and Latisse sells a 5mL bottle for a similar price point but does require a doctor’s prescription for the order. 

In conclusion, Lash Boost and Latisse are designed to enhance lashes by making them grow fuller, longer, and firmer. Lash Boost is considered a Lash Serum, and it includes various ingredients associated with hair growth, but its reviews are mixed, and its effectiveness is not proven.

Latisse is considered a medication and has shown to have proven results when it comes to lash growth. To get Latisse, however, you must have a doctor’s prescription. Lash Boost can be purchased over-the-counter. Both are considered low-risk in terms of side effects.

Which one is right for you? It depends. Lash Boost may be effective for some but not for others. If you try Lash Boost and don’t find it compelling, you can speak to your doctor about Latisse. Latisse may also be better if your lashes are extremely short or sparse. 

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