Classic vs Volume Lashes: Which is Better?

It’s no doubt that eyelash extensions can transform your look, making your eyes pop and prominent. However, one of the most complex decisions when getting your eyelash extensions is whether to get classic or volume lashes.

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that they can be easily customizable because they come in various lengths, thicknesses, and curves. Moreover, there are so many eyelash extension styles, so if you are unsure which style to get, this article will give a rundown on classic and volume lashes and guide you on which one to get.

What Are Classic Lashes?

Classic Lashes
Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes are also referred to as “One to One” because it is one extension of one lash, and also, it is where single extensions are applied to each natural lash. These lash extensions are a glamorous way to extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes, and they can be worn daily without nightly removal.

Classic lashes also offer an even lash line that opens the eyes and helps you look made-up right from the moment you wake up, building on your natural lash beauty. In a nutshell, if you are new to getting eyelash extensions, starting with classic lashes is a great way to give your lashes that natural edge without getting too heavy.

Also, starting with classic lashes as a beginner is the foundation of your overall lash experience because it is at this stage where you learn the diameters, length, curls, and so on to keep the integrity of your natural lashes intact. Furthermore, the cost of classic lashes differs from one salon to another. Check out How Much Are Eyelash Extensions?

Pros And Cons Of Classic Lashes

Classic lashes were the first-ever style of eyelash extensions, and they are perfect for eyelash extension beginners. Since classic lashes give a separated, elevated, and lengthened look, they also have disadvantages.


1. Very Easy To Apply

As mentioned above, when it comes to classic lashes, a single extension is applied to each natural lash. This process saves time and makes the application as easy and quick as possible.

2. They Are Affordable

Another reason most people go for classic lashes is that they are affordable. A set of classic lashes uses the least number of extensions, so if you do not want to break the bank, go for a set of classic lashes.

3. Good For Daily Wear

Classic lash sets are not overly voluminous, which is why they are versatile and excellent for everyday wear, either for cleaning or cooking, in professional spaces, offices, or even walking around the eyes.

4. Works Well With Any Natural Lash

Classic lashes are natural and work well with any natural lash. They also give a more natural effect that anyone with any lashes can pull off, so if you want a more natural look with your eyelash extensions, it’s best to go for classic lashes.

5. Availability

Classic lashes are the most common and most available lash extensions you can ever get. Even with most lash technicians, the first thing they learn how to do is a classic set.


1. Not Fluffy Enough

Unlike other volume lashes, classic ones do not give a lush, complete, or voluminous look but a natural one.

2. Not Suitable For Everyone

Yes, classic lashes are the most common type of lash extensions, but it is not suitable for everyone, especially if you have thin or sparse lashes.

What Are Volume Lashes?

Volume Lashes
Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are where two or more individual extensions are attached to each natural lash, and the cluster of these extensions is called a fan. Volume lashes come in a wide range of diameters and are lighter and thinner. Volume lashes are also referred to as 2d volume eyelash extensions, 3d volume eyelash extensions, 4d volume eyelash extensions, 5d volume eyelash extensions, 6d volume eyelash extensions, and all these depend on the number of lashes used in a fan.

These lashes are perfect for people who have sparse lashes but want a full lash line. When applying the volume lashes, a lash fan is created, whereby two to six eyelash extensions are grouped at the base and adhered to your natural lash. These lash fans, also called clusters, tend to create more volume and drama, giving you a higher-impact look.

Pros And Cons Of Volume Lashes


1. It Gives An Extraordinary Look

Volume lashes give a fluffy and more voluminous look, and most clients have also used them for special events like prom, weddings, other occasions, and so on.

2. It Adds A Dash Of Drama

If you love a dramatic look, volume lashes are your best fit. However, in order to achieve your desired dramatic look, You must communicate with your lash artist to ensure you are given your desired dramatic look.

3. It Gives Fuller Lashes

Volume lashes give fuller lashes in the sense that lash fans are added to each natural lash which can help fill gaps, especially if you have sparse lashes.

4. They provide A Nice Effect For A Long Time.

When applying volume lashes, more individual lashes are applied in the process, so when your natural lashes fall out at the end of their growth cycle, they don’t leave a sparse look behind them.


1. It Takes A Long Process

A set of fans must be created before applying volume lashes on your natural lashes. A volume fan is simply the several lash extensions that are joined together at the base and applied the same way as individual one-on-one lash extensions. These fans can be created by hand, or they can be purchased premade.

2. It Is Expensive

Applying volume lashes requires more time, energy, and skill. All these merged are why they are expensive, unlike the classic lashes.

3. It Is Not Suitable For An Everyday Look

Unlike classic lashes, which are a good fit for an everyday look, volume lashes can not work for an everyday look. For example, wearing volume lashes in a professional space can be unacceptable.

Classic Vs. Volume Lashes

Classic Vs. Volume Lashes
Source: The Loft Spa

Now that we’ve discussed what classic and volume lashes mean, we need to find out which one of these two is better. There is no straight answer as to which of these lash extensions is better; it all depends on your preference. It also depends on your desired dramatic, soft, or natural look.

The most significant difference between these two-lash extensions is the number of lashes applied to each natural lash. However, they are both made from the same material, varying from synthetic to mink, silk, and real mink hair. Classic lashes provide a natural but fuller and bolder look without providing too much dramatic experience, which is perfect for leisurely mornings with little maintenance.

On the other hand, Volume lashes provide a more glamorous look without you having to wear strip lashes regularly. They are also lighter, fluffier, and give a fuller look. In addition, while the answer as to which of the two lash extensions is better is based on the individual’s preference, the table below shows the differences between these two lash extensions in terms of Look, Enhancement, Cost, and How long they last.

Classic LashesVolume Lashes
Number Of Lash Extensions Attached To Each Lash12-10
LookNaturalNatural And Dramatic
EnhancementLength, Lash Thickness, And CurlLength, Fullness, And Curl
How Long It Takes To Apply1.5 to 2 Hours2 To 4 Hours
How Long Do They Last4-6 Weeks6-8 Weeks
How Long Do Infills Take30 Mins To 1 Hour 30 Mins5 Mins To 1 Hour 45 Mins
How Much Do Infills Cost$71.00$95.00
When To Book InfillsAfter 2-3 WeeksAfter 2-3 Weeks
MaintenanceWash Twice DailyWash Twice Daily

Which Lash Technique Is Best For You?

If you are a starter in getting eyelash extensions, then classic lashes are best. You won’t have to spend much time getting them on, unlike the volume lashes, which take about 2 to 4 hours to get done.

Also, classic lashes don’t have to break the bank because the lashes are affordable. However, you can also go for classic lashes if you;

  1. If you want a more natural look
  2. If you have lots of natural lashes
  3. If you want a voluminous look
  4. If you have thick, dense, long natural lashes
  5. If you want to look like you are wearing mascaras.

On the other hand, volume lashes are not best suited for every client, but you can go for volume lashes if you;

  1. If you have sparse natural lashes
  2. If you want to add more volume to your natural lashes
  3. If you wear strip lashes
  4. If you do not want to go for refills regularly
  5. If you have very fine or weak natural lashes
  6. If you have bald spots
  7. If you want a dramatic look

In a nutshell, the two lashes are great, and with all the comparisons mentioned above, you will opt for the one which you find more appealing. However, both techniques of lash extensions are great, but the most significant difference is in the result you can achieve with each of them.

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