Best Lashes For Hooded Eyes: 10 Options

Do you ever wonder what kind of lashes is best suited for your hooded eyes? Or maybe you’ve struggled countless times to find the best lashes for hooded eyes.

Well, it is essential to note that the shape of your eyes makes a big difference in the type of lashes you wear, and also, not all lashes are created equal or best for enhancing hooded eyes. This article will cover the best lashes for hooded eyes and other tips, including what to look out for when buying lashes for hooded eyes.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded Eye
Hooded Eye

The hooded eye is a term used to describe the excess skin in the eye area which folds down the brow bone to the lash line. However, most people believe having hooded eyes is a rare quality, but, surprisingly, a few people have this type of eye shape.

Hooded eyes are more noticeable towards the outer edge of the eye, where the eyebrow droops towards the temple. However, if you are unsure if you have hooded eyes, there are simple ways to identify your eye shape; this includes checking to see if you have an extra layer of skin that droops over the eye crease.

It is funny to know that most people refer to hooded eyes as “The bedroom eyes” because it is regarded as sexy eye shape, and some of the most beautiful women in the world have hooded eyes. In addition, if you have hooded eyes, it means you are safe, and nothing is wrong with you.

Medically, hooded eyes are also called “Dermatochalasis,” This is used to describe the process where the drooping skin may cover all or part of the eyelid by leaving a crease.

Having hooded eyes can also affect a woman’s quality of life because, most times, they tend to feel a little self-conscious about their appearance. Furthermore, reports claim that applying make-up can help open up the appearance of the eye shape.

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Can You Wear Lashes With Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are a beautiful eye shape that requires special attention to help them open up. Although there are quite a several challenges you face when it comes to finding the best eyelash for hooded eyes, and even at that, there are several great sets of lashes you can rock with your hooded eyes.

That being said, there are different eye shapes, and the shape of your eye makes a big difference in the type of lashes you wear. However, there are a few things to note when looking for lashes for hooded eyes.

1. Go For Shorter Lashes

Since you have hooded eyes, it is best to go for shorter lashes because long lashes can make your already droopy eyes look more droopy. You might want to check out How to Cut Lashes Step-by-Step

2. Avoid Using Too Much Mascaras

Yeah, Mascaras can enhance the eyes and make them look more prominent, but for hooded eyes, it is best to avoid this because mascaras will only make your eyes appear droopier.

3. Avoid Bushy Lashes

Bushy lashes will make your already hooded eyes look more hooded, so it is best to avoid them.

4. Go For A Style With More Volume And Length

A style with more volume and length at the center of the lash will help open up your eyes and give a fuller appearance to your eyes.

What Are The Best Lashes For Hooded Eyes?

Having hooded eyes can be a lot sometimes, even though they may not always be due to aging. Sometimes it’s just genes.

If you are used to wearing lashes, you would know that wearing the wrong type can pull your eyes down. The case is the same for hooded eyes; wearing the wrong type of lashes can pull your hooded eyes down, making them appear smaller than they are.

When getting lashes for your hooded eyes, always note that some of the best ones tend to curl directly above the pupil to open the eye at the center; either way, you can also opt out of the fluffy-looking lashes that come out slightly at the ends.

Lash expert and owner of Lashstetics Lounge says L curls are ‘the perfect curl for clients with hooded or monolid eyes. They give a sharp lift without curling back into the lid.’

lashes for hooded eyes
L Curl lash extensions
Image by Lashstetics Lounge

Below are some of the best lashes for hooded eyes, as well as their pros and cons that can open your eyes and give you the attention you desire.

1. Ardell Lashes Wispies

Ardell Lashes Wispies brand is one of the bestsellers of false lashes worldwide. These lashes are designed with natural fibers that add more volume to your eyes and are so comfortable to wear.

The Ardell Lashes Wispies collection comes with five pairs of lashes that feature an invisible, lightweight band that is also knotted and feathered for perfect uniformity and a natural look. They also come in lashes of different curls from which you can choose.


  1. It is made by professionals.
  2. It has a lightweight band that firmly holds on to the natural lashes.
  3. It adds volume to your eyes.
  4. It is suitable for all eye shapes, including hooded eyes.


Most people complain of the lashes being too poky.

2. Lily Lashes Goddess

Lily Lashes Goddess is a full-body round lash that uses a unique cross pattern of high-quality mink hairs to give a natural and lightweight look. They also come with a slight wispy effect that adds a teasing touch to your eyes, giving you that flawless baby doll look.


  1. It can be worn every day.
  2. It can be worn up to 15 times.
  3. It opens up your hooded eyes, making them stand out.
  4. It is natural and lightweight.


1. It is pretty expensive.

3. Red Cherry Lashes – #WSP

The Red Cherry Lashes is one of the most sought-after brands of eyelashes for hooded eyes. These lashes are latex-free and are made of original human locks that last longer. The Red Cherry Lashes are also a must-have for most make-up artists because they are lightweight and do not weigh down your lashes.


  1. It is handcrafted.
  2. It is comfortable to wear.
  3. Flexible andand durable.
  4. It has a lightweight texture.
  5. It is latex-free and is made from original human hair.


Many people complained that the Red Cherry Lashes appear plastic despite being made from human hair.

4. Veleasha Eyelashes

Veleasha lashes are synthetic fibers that sit strong on your lash lines and help create a bolder look. One of the surprising things about Veleasha lashes is that they can be bent easily, and they also have a sturdy brand that you can apply and remove easily. They can last up to ten years if they are well taken care of.


  1. It can be easily removed.
  2. It comes in a pack of seven beautiful pairs.
  3. It is best suited for all occasions and comfortable to wear all day.
  4. It has a length of about 18mm, which gives thicker-looking lashes.
  5. It is 100% handmade, flexible, softer, natural-looking, and lightweight.
  6. It can be reused 3-10 times.


1. Most people complain that it’s hard to find a matching pair since the lashes come in a pack of seven pairs.

5. Eylure Dramatic False Eyelashes – Style No. 143

Eylure Dramatic False Eyelashes are the best lashes for hooded eyes that give a feathery drama alongside a double-dense effect. These lashes are also lightweight and add natural volume without weighing down your eyelids.


  1. It is perfect for hooded eyes.
  2. It has a sleek band.
  3. It doesn’t involve any irritation.
  4. It enhanced the eye area.
  5. It allows multiple uses.


1. Most people complained that the lashes were longer than expected and didn’t last the whole day.

6. Kiss Natural Lashes – Sultry

Kiss Natural Lashes – Sultry is a top-quality lash containing a pair of lightweight lashes made with 100% natural human hair. The lashes are handcrafted and come with a box that includes lash glue, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.


  1. It is lightweight.
  2. Handcrafted.
  3. Comfortable.
  4. Highly affordable.
  5. Soft and effortless.


1. Many complain of long lashes whereby people with hooded eyes might trim them at each end, so they don’t cover their eyes.

7. Doe Lashes Dream Lash Duo

Doe Lashes Dream Lash offers a sustainable, stylish set of lashes that is comfortable and eliminates the sensation of heaviness on the eyes. This beautiful set of lashes provided a day-long comfort for over several years and still maintains the same impression every time. They are also specially crafted with vegan silk, making your eyes look dramatic.


  1. It can be used up to 15 times.
  2. It is handmade by artisans,
  3. It is very comfortable to wear.
  4. Cruelty-free.

8. DYSILK 5 Pairs 8D False Eyelashes

Dysilk lash is a handmade type of lash made of ultra-light synthetic fibers that are sturdy and durable. This lash offers five pairs of 8D mink lashes that compliment your real ones. They also come in a transparent box which is travel-friendly.


  1. It gives a fluffy volume.
  2. Comfortable and reusable
  3. Vegan and cruelty-free


1. The only disadvantage of the Dysilk lashes is that you must buy glue separately.

9. Pooplunch False Eyelashes

Pooplunch false eyelashes are best for hooded eyes because of their ultra-thin lash formula and because they are extra sleek and 100% handmade. This set of lashes comes in a comfortable cotton band that sits right on your lash line and allows reuse for about 15 years.


  1. It can be used up to 15 times.
  2. Vegan and cruelty-free
  3. Very soft and comfortable.

10. House Of Lashes Lite Collection False Eyelashes (Boudoir Lite 1PK)

The House of Lashes Lite Collection is designed from organic fibers to add more volume to your eyes. This type of lash is double-layered, contains a v-formation effect, and can be reused for up to 15 years.


  1. It amplifies the eyes.
  2. It is lightweight.
  3. It is perfect for all occasions.


1. Most people complain that the lashes are too thin and prone to breakage.

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