How to Clean Mink Lashes at Home

Mink lashes are one of the most preferred lashes because they give a light, fluffy, and soft natural look. They refer to eyelash extensions with a synthetic material called PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). This material is a plastic substance that offers an excellent shape memory alongside heat and chemical substances.

The lashes are more appreciated for their durability and high quality and can be reused up to 20 times if adequately taken care of. Here are the ways you can clean your Mink lashes.

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Tools For Cleaning Mink Lashes

Clean Mink Lashes

1. Q-tips

Q-tips are one of the most preferred tools for cleaning Mink lashes because they have a gentle touch and come in pointed and rounded tips, which are best for both the lashes and the lash band. They are also safe to use and highly convenient.

2. Tweezers

Tweezers are small hand tools for picking objects too small to be easily handled with the fingers. When cleaning the Mink lashes, peeling off the glue can be difficult, but it is easier with tweezers.

3. Baby Wipes Or Makeup Remover Wipes

Baby wipes or makeup wipes can come in handy when pulling off the glue and holding the lashes as it helps to clean the glue off your tools. These wipes are also considered more affordable than traditional cleansers and do not require a lather and rinse.

4. Makeup Removers

You can choose any makeup removers of your choice to clean your lashes. The everyday makeup removers used are Micellar water, Makeup melt, or Makeup remover wash.

Micellar water because it is gentle enough not to irritate your eyes but breaks down the glue easily and covers both regular and waterproof mascaras. On the other hand, Makeup melt doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy, while the makeup remover wash cleans the lashes without ruining their shape.

5. Wash Cloth Or Towels

Using a clean washcloth or towels will absorb some cleaning products that leak from the lashes without making a massive mess on your face.

6. Eyelash Brush

The primary function of an eyelash brush is to separate the lashes stuck together by glue or mascara. Ensure you use the brush gently as most of them are made of metal or plastic that can be too harsh on the lashes.

7. Small Plastic Spray Bottle

A spray bottle will be handy for rinsing the lashes after cleaning them. This is much better than running water on your lashes, which can damage your lash shape.

How To Clean Mink Lashes

You need to be extremely careful when cleaning your Mink lashes to preserve the shaggy mink lash tips and curls. Generally, Mink lashes last longer because they are hollow inside, which makes them lightweight and easy to apply.

However, Mink lashes can be cleaned with a bar of mild soap and water and while cleaning, avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents. You can follow the instructions below for a more detailed way to clean Mink lashes.

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Step One

After you must have washed your hands with fragrance-free and paraben-free soap or cleanser, remove glue from the lash band using either micellar water, makeup melt, a makeup remover, or a q-tip. Afterward, gently apply to the lashes band to loosen the glue. You can also use a clean washcloth soaked in hot water and place it on the lash.

The hot water will help loosen the glue and make it easier to remove. Ensure you hold the band gently while removing the glue and not by the lashes, as it can rip out some of them.

Step Two

After removing the glue, take another Q-tip and wipe the lashes at the base near the band. Apply a little pressure, and remember to be gentle as you remove all mascara and glue residue from the area. However, be careful not to rub too close to the lash tips.

Step Three

Do not rinse the lashes under running water; instead, grab a spray bottle with lukewarm water and rinse the lashes by spraying them gently. You can also dab them with a tissue and ensure they are dry before storing them. You may also decide to blow dry them to ensure they are scorched.

This way, set your blow dryer at a terrific temperature and blow dry only the tips of the lashes facing down on your index finger. Avoid setting the dryer on a regular heat temperature to prevent accidental burns.

Step Four

Finally, store the lashes properly in the box in which they came in and close tightly to keep dust and bacteria away to keep the lashes intact for future use.

In most cases where you accidentally dropped your mink lashes on the floor or require an emergency wash, you can wash the entire Mink lash strip to eliminate dust and bacteria instead of just throwing it out.

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