How to Wash Face With Eyelash Extensions – 5 Tips

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent beauty enhancement that can save you the effort of applying strip lashes or mascara. Although they aren’t a 100% solution, caring for them is essential as they can impact your eye health.

It is important essentialime to wash the lash extensions to promote general eye health properly; otherwise, it could lead to infection and irritation, and the extensions may start to fall out. When it comes to taking care of eyelash extensions, one of the most frequently asked questions is “How do I wash my face with eyelash extensions.”

Understandably, a client might be scared to wash the lash extension, especially when one of the aftercare instructions clearly emphasizes not getting the extensions wet within 24 hours after application; otherwise, it can lead to damage. This article will show you how to wash your face with eyelash extensions and round up the best face wash for eyelash extensions. You might want to check out: 10 Signs of Dirty Eyelash Extensions

The Importance Of Washing Eyelash Extensions

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The primary importance of washing your face with eyelash extensions is that they can extend the extensions’ life and prevent infections. Failure to wash the extensions will result in blepharitis and glue bond breakage.

Poor hygiene can also lead to eyelash mites, also known as Demodex Folliculitis, which are tiny parasites found in our facial follicles that love eating dead skin cells and oils on the eyelids. Regular washing of the lash extensions will make the lashes stay intact, lush, and full.

How To Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an investment; to make them last longer, they must be correctly taken care of. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to wash eyelash extensions without ruining them. They also show up to their refill appointment with dirty lashes simply because they are scared that washing the lash extensions can damage the adhesive.

However, the truth is that the glue tends to stay in place when the lashes are clear of dirt and makeup residue. In other words, cleaning can extend the life of your lash extensions. Below are the steps on how to wash your face with eyelash extensions.

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1. Remove Makeup

Gently splash lukewarm water on your eyes and gently massage an oil-free makeup remover around your upper and lower lid lines to remove all your makeup at the end of the day to avoid buildup or inflammation. Avoid any oil-based and alcohol-based makeup products because these ingredients can cause a breakdown of your lash adhesive.

2. Use An Eyelash Extension Cleanser

A mild, oil-free eyelash extension cleanser will help nourish, clean, and protect natural lashes. Apply a small amount on a clean eyelash brush, then apply the cleanser around the eye area and the lash extension to remove the makeup residue.

Reapply the eyelash cleanser as necessary and continue until your lashes are clean. Afterward, continue this for about a minute, rinse the brush, and repeat on the other eye.

3. Wash Your Face In Sections

After the makeup has been removed, divide your face into two sections; one from your cheekbones down and the other from your browline up. Then grab a high-quality facial cleanser that is water-based or gel-based and wash thoroughly.

4. Pat-Dry

Pat dry your face with a clean cloth and avoid hitting the lashes. Use a clean makeup wipe to dry the lashes from top to bottom. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait for your lashes to air dry, you can opt to blow them dry. Ensure you keep the dryer on low power to avoid damaging the extensions.

5. Moisturize Your Face And Brush The Lashes

Moisturizers help to prevent premature skin aging. However, when applying, be careful to avoid the lash lines. Once the lashes are dry, use a clean mascara wand to roll the brush through the lashes as it will separate the lashes that are clumped together.

Best Face Wash For Eyelash Extensions

There is a lot of face wash for eyelash extensions that can easily wash your extensions. Still, the most important thing is finding the face wash that is effective enough to cleanse your lash extensions without ruining the adhesive. Below are the top best face wash for eyelash extensions.

1. Stacy Lash Eyelash Extension Shampoo And Applicator

This professional face wash is gentle on the skin and super effective. It features a lightweight and non-irritating formula free of sulfates, parabens, phthalate, polyquaternium, and betaine.

It also features natural ingredients that gently remove dirt, debris, and stuck-on makeup while coating your lashes with a conditioner. Plus, it is oil-free and does not affect the adhesive.

2. Beau Lashes Eyelash Extension Foam Cleanser Shampoo And Brush

This high-quality extension foam cleanser is specially designed with hypoallergenic properties free from alcohol, paraben, and sulfate. It also contains a cleaning brush that caresses your eyes while protecting them from dirt. Beau lashes cleanser is also perfect for people with sensitive eyes or allergies as it will feel gentle on their skin, eliminating dirt, oils, and residues, leaving you with clean, healthy lashes and lengthening the life of your extensions.

3. GladGirl Wash And Wink Eyelash Extension Shampoo

This professional-grade lash cleanser has been specially designed to give your lashes a healthy and expressive lash look. The cleanser is botanically infused, oil-free, and highly recommended as an aftercare product for daily use by professionals and clients. In addition, they are also great for sensitive eyes and won’t sting or burn the lash extensions or affect the adhesive.

4. PCA Skin Creamy Cleanser

This is the perfect hydrating cleanser for all dry skin and sensitive and mature skin. The ingredients include smoothing rose hip seed oil, a soothing and softening aloe vera, and protective antioxidants combined to remove makeup, excess oil, and dirt that help reduce breakouts. This creamy facial cleanser is also enriched with effective oils that leave the lashes soft and healthy.

5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel

This lightweight hydrating gel removes makeup and impurities and leaves the lashes refreshingly clean and healthy. It features a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores and is free of soaps, oil, and parabens.

What To Avoid When Washing Your Face With Eyelash Extensions

While washing your face with eyelash extensions, you should keep a few things in mind. They include,

1. Don’t Tug Or Pull Lashes.

Be extremely careful and not aggressive when cleaning the lashes; otherwise, this can cause the extensions to fall out early. Move slowly over the lashes; you want to be gentle as your eyes are delicate; otherwise, it can ruin your extensions.

2. Avoid Oils

Oils are the principal enemy of lash adhesive as they break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall out prematurely. Before buying any makeup remover, check the ingredients to ensure it doesn’t contain oils, including coconut oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, or any oils in general.

3. Avoid Powerful Showerhead

A high-pressure showerhead can rip your extensions out and damage them. The jets of water from a strong shower can cause friction on the lash line. Instead, consider wearing goggles while showering to keep the lash extensions perfect and fully protected.

6. Avoid Mascara And Eyeliner

If you are the type that can’t go a day without mascara and eyeliner, you might want to give them a break because they can add more friction and stress to your lashes as well as damage them. You might want to check out: What Does Mascara Really Do?

7. Avoid Using Makeup Wipes And Cotton Buds

Although good makeup wipes contain oils, emollients, and glycerol, they can weaken the adhesives and cause the lashes to fall out. Cotton buds should only be used near your lash line and underneath your lashes. Using the buds on your lashes will make them get stuck and result in the fallout of your extensions.

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