15 Ways to Keep Eyelashes Curled Longer

Who doesn’t love curled eyelashes? No one! Curled eyelashes make the eyes look bigger and prettier, but it isn’t easy to make them stay curled all day long. In case you are wondering how to make your eyelashes curl longer, you might want to try out an eyelash curler or a mascara, but the truth is, there is no guarantee that these tools will make your eyelashes stay curled longer.

How To Keep Your Eyelashes Curled Longer

In most cases, your eyelashes do not stay curled for an extended period because you are not using the proper technique. Other reasons include not using a quality heated eyelash curler, not using waterproof mascara, and failing to wipe up excess mascara from your wand.

Furthermore, eyelashes are essential, whether for the best set of fake eyelashes or the best extensions. The only thing you probably keep wondering about is how to keep them curled for an extended period. However, there are a few tips you can use to keep your eyelashes curled longer.

1. Use A Heated Eyelash Curler

This is arguably the most effective method to keep your eyelashes curled longer. Just like when you want to style your hair, you use heated tools because the heat from the curler temporarily changes the texture of each hair strand and shapes them into your desired shape. This is the same for eyelashes since they are made up of hair too.

Your eyelash curler doesn’t necessarily have to be too hot; they need to be warm. Using them when they are hot can be extremely dangerous to the skin around your eyes. For best results, put your lash curler up to the base of the lashes and crimp it about four to five times, then move halfway up the lash and curl it one more time.

In addition, all of your lashes might not fit into your eyelash curler at once; you can go for a smaller and half lash curler, then use the same movements to curl your lashes and start from the inner corner. Always remember that you are to curl your lashes before applying mascaras.

2. Go Into Sections

This technique is quite popular and works effectively. Usually, when curling your lashes, you always tend to place the curler at the base of your lashes and pump it a few times to get a perfect curl. However, this process lifts your lashes without giving them a smooth curl.

To have the perfect curl, you desire, after you must have curled the base of your lashes, place the curler in the middle of your lashes and curl again. Then move to the end of your lashes and curl again; you will notice a perfect curl on your lashes.

3. Apply Waterproof Mascara

Once you’re done curling your lashes with an eyelash curler, you can follow up with waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras are the best because they are drier, and they also hold the shape of your eyelashes better than your regular mascaras. For best results, apply the mascara to the base of your lashes, then work from the bottom to keep your eyelashes curled. Also, apply a couple of coats and not a heavy application because it could damage the curls.

4. Use A Lash Comb

Once you’ve applied your waterproof mascara, use a lash comb to comb through your lashes, as this will give your eyelashes a natural look and make them stay curled longer. The lash comb gives an extra lift and makes the lashes stay longer, but they also help push up the lashes for a nice curl and help separate any lash that got stuck together during the mascara application process.

5. Use A Spoon

Using a spoon feels awkward, but it effectively makes your eyelashes curl longer. Just get a small silver spoon and a mirror, bring the spoon close to your eyes and let the curve face outward far away from your eye. After this, go ahead and use your thumb and press the base of your lashes into the spoon’s edge, then go in section by section.

6. Use Vaseline

You need to lubricate your eyelashes with a waxy substance to make them stay curled longer, and using Vaseline is a great choice. Before curling your lashes, apply a small amount of Vaseline to your lashes and then curl them the usual way. Vaseline keeps your lashes hydrated and makes them stay curled longer.

7. Use A Lash Primer

Lash primers help keep your mascaras locked in place for an extended period; they also make the most of your lash length and help to keep them curled longer. Before you apply lash primer, your lashes need to be curled. Lash primers work like mascaras, so hold the primer wand to coat each lash on all sides thoroughly. Afterward, wait for at least 30 seconds for the primer to dry before applying mascara.

8. Get A Lash Lift

If you want a long-lasting curl, you should consider a lash lift. Lash lift treatments are best suited for people who want to add curl to their lashes without the volume or texture of lash extensions. In order to make your eyelashes last longer, getting a lash lift is recommended because the treatment creates a deep curl that lasts for about four to six weeks.

9. Do Not Touch Your Lashes

Keep your hands away from your eyelashes if you want them to stay curled for an extended period of time. Be very gentle with them and treat them with care. If at all you feel tempted to pick at them, use a spoolie to brush them out gently.

10. Try A Heated Toothpick

This technique is quite tricky, but it is also very effective. Grab a toothpick or a wooden Q-tip and heat it up with a lighter. Allow it to cool off a bit, and once it’s warm, press it gently against the root of your lashes for about five seconds until it has completely cooled down.

11. Use A Toothbrush

Grab a toothbrush and soak it in a bowl of warm water. Then, shake off the excess water and use a clean towel to dry the brush off completely. Once you’re done, take the toothbrush and brush through your lash, holing at the tip to curl. Afterward, finish it up by applying two coats of mascara to set the curl.

12. Clean Off Excesses

Excess products on your eyelashes tend to bring down your curl, so in order to avoid this, you need to clean off the excess products from your eyelashes. Use a tissue or a mascara wand to remove the product build-up from your eyelashes.

13. Try The 3-Step Curl

When you curl your eyelashes, you tend to forget the main parts: the base, middle, and the tips. However, when using the eyelash curler, you have to hold still for a few seconds, then drag it upwards. This process will enable your eyelashes to remain curled for a long time.

14. Use A Lash Mask

A lash mask is quite similar to mascara; it has a creamy hydrating formula that conditions your mask overnight and gives them intense moisture. Unlike a lash serum which can be applied to your lashes in the morning and night, a lash mask can be applied in the evening as part of your overnight lash-care routine, and it is meant to be applied alone.

Before using your lash mask, you will first have to get rid of any mascara or other eye products on your eyelids. If you don’t wear any makeup throughout the day, it’s still advisable to remove your makeup using a cleanser.

15. Use An Hair Dryer

Like you use a hair dryer to straighten your hair, you can also use this tool on your eyelashes to make them curled longer. You might be reluctant to try out this technique because you feel it might burn your lashes out or dry out your contacts. However, it would be best if you had a little patience to try this out.

Step-by-step On How To Use An Hair Dryer

  1. Turn your dryer to the highest power setting. Make sure it is on the maximum power to push your lashes up to curl them.
  2. Please turn on the heat power and make sure it is on medium.
  3. Once you are done curling, please turn on the cold shot button to cool the lashes off after they have been shaped to the curl you desire.
  4. Make sure you use the flat tip to balance the control and overflow of your dryer and make the curling more precise. Once you are done doing this, you are ready to blow dry.
  5. Before you start, close one eye gently and hold the dryer about 2 inches away from your eyelashes so that the warm air can push them up.
  6. Once you are done, and before you switch to the cool shot button, make sure you hold your finger on your eyelash to bring out the curl, then hold down the cool shot button to cool off and set your eyelash in the curl shape.

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