How to Clean Magnetic Lashes

Have you just purchased your magnetic lashes and are wondering how to clean them? Or are you already an avid user and want to know the best way to prolong their lifespan? Either way, this article will help you achieve exactly that!

Cleaning Your Magnetic Lashes

clean magnetic lashes
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Check out these 5 steps to cleaning your magnetic eyelash extensions!

Step 1: Gather All Of The Materials Needed

Take a look at your magnetic eyelashes extensions in your makeup bag and remove them from their packaging. Ensure that you have each of these items available:

  1. A small cotton pad
  2. Tweezers
  3. An oil-based makeup remover
  4. A fresh cotton pad, and
  5. A gentle makeup remover.

With all of these materials nearby, youโ€™re ready to begin removing your magnetic lashes. Make sure youโ€™ve selected an oil-based makeup remover so that it doesnโ€™t strip away any of your natural eye colors. We recommend using coconut or olive oil, as they are natural oils with high levels of fatty acids. The primary benefit is cost savings.

Step 2: Remove Your False Lashes

Gently pull your eyelashes up and remove them with a cotton swab. If your lashes are especially stubborn, use your fingers or tweezers to pinch at the base of your false lashes gently. Donโ€™t rip or pull too hard; you could also ripping off some of your real lashes.

Itโ€™s okay if you need to use a few different tools to get each lash out; donโ€™t worry, there wonโ€™t be any damage if one extra tool is involved in removal! Do take care not to get any glue on the surrounding skin or the eyes. Rinse everything under warm water before moving on to step 3.

Step 3: Soak Them in Warm Water

The lashes should be soaked in warm water for at least five minutes. Warm water will loosen up any dirt or oil that might have gotten stuck to your fake eyelashes while wearing them. This will also ensure that they are flexible and ready to apply.

The best way to do it is by filling a small bowl with warm water, placing your false lashes in there, and covering it with a plastic bag for about ten minutes so that all of them get completely wet.

Soaking them longer than necessary wonโ€™t hurt either; just make sure not to leave them in there for too long, as they may start losing their shape due to excess moisture. Itโ€™s better to remove them from the water after 10 minutes or so, pat dry gently with a towel, and proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Scrub Them with Alcohol

Magnetic lashes can be easily cleaned with a bit of rubbing alcohol. This will help take off any additional makeup residue. But, itโ€™s important to use rubbing alcohol and not anything else. Rubbing alcohol is completely free of impurities that could discolor your magnetic lashes.

For example, if you used nail polish remover to clean your lashes, they might end up being purple or green after one use and will likely discolor over time as well. Another benefit of using rubbing alcohol is that thereโ€™s no risk of moisture seeping into your eyelashes and causing them to stick together like water can.

Itโ€™s also important to make sure you use 99% isopropyl alcohol. You donโ€™t want other ingredients in your product that could cause an allergic reaction or irritate your eyes. Itโ€™s also best to avoid products containing grain alcohol because these types of chemicals are toxic and may contain impurities that could damage your skin or irritate your eyes.

When cleaning magnetic lashes, always remember to test a small area first before putting rubbing alcohol on all of them at once.

Step 5: Add Conditioner

This is probably one of my favorite things to do when it comes to eye makeup. Make sure you choose an oil-free conditioner that will not leave any residue behind. The oil found in conditioners helps remove any leftover mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow left on your lashes. Gently rub a cotton ball over your lashes, making sure you cover every inch of them.

Let them sit for about 15 minutes to work their magic! Once itโ€™s time to rinse your lashes off, give them another good rub with a warm towel and watch as all of your makeup comes off effortlessly into the towel! You may need to repeat these steps if there is still some product left on your lashes.


Buying magnetic lashes can be a great alternative to traditional false eyelashes. They are so popular because they are easy to use, very comfortable, and have an incredibly natural look.

Because of all these benefits, there is one thing that you need to remember when it comes time for you to clean them. While they may appear just like regular lashes with glue on them, they have different techniques you need to remember when cleaning them properly.

This means that even though cleaning your magnetic lashes may seem like a complicated task at first, it will be done in no time at all. Just follow these simple steps whenever you want your fake eyelashes to look as good as new again!

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