How to Spot Bad Fake Eyelashes: 4 Signs

Fake eyelashes are the popular lashes that give your natural lashes a fuller look. They are synthetic lashes attached to your eyelid just above your natural lashes using temporary glue. Fake eyelashes are fun to wear on special occasions, and they have become a part of many girls’ everyday routines.

Bad Fake Eyelashes

However, there are many risks attached to wearing fake eyelashes regularly. This set of lashes is combined with a strong adhesive that serves as a threat to your eyes and can trigger allergic reactions, irritation, or eye injury.

Are Fake Eyelashes Safe?

Fake eyelashes are extremely popular, and just like eyelash extensions, whether they are safe or not remains a personal preference. Fake eyelashes include single lashes, clumps of single lashes, and bands of eyelashes, and most times, they are applied using a magnetic strip. However, the most common are applied to the eyes using a specific type of adhesive.

Furthermore, fake eyelashes vary by the type used for the lashes. Some are made with inexpensive materials, such as nylon fibers, while others are made with expensive materials such as sable and mink. Often, many people wear fake eyelashes without considering the possible complications.

In addition, the two main risks of using fake eyelashes are allergic reactions and infections. These are usually caused by lash adhesives, especially when made of latex. Possible complications from wearing fake eyelashes include;

  1. Eye irritation or infection
  2. Loss of natural lashes
  3. Drooping eyelids from too much stimulation.
  4. Allergic reaction to the glue
  5. A sty (a painful red bump) on your eyelid or underneath your lash line.
  6. Temporary or permanent blindness.

How To Spot Bad Fake Eyelashes

Your eyes are delicate; you should be careful when putting something on your eyes or around the eye area. Fake eyelashes require extra caution, and if you’re used to wearing fake eyelashes, you would know certain ingredients that your eyes are sensitive to. When you want to purchase a new set of fake eyelashes, it is advisable to check the label before buying.

However, most packages are so small that they don’t usually have a list of ingredients, but that is a minor issue. You can look them up online or, better still, ask an employee about what’s in the set of fake eyelashes you are buying and the ingredients in lash glue. Also, if you love fake eyelashes and are new to wearing them, you can research the list of ingredients that can irritate or affect your eyes.

For many fake eyelash lovers, you should probably know that Formaldehyde is a typical fake eyelash glue ingredient that can cause allergic reactions. The symptoms of these reactions include itching, red-eye, and swelling.

Furthermore, it would help if you always strived to purchase high-quality lashes from a reputable brand. Several cheap fake eyelash alternatives are available online, so it is better to purchase from a brand you trust. Research has proven that the danger of using fake eyelashes lies in the material used.

Cheap lashes are usually made of soft materials that make your fake lashes fall off the strap holding them in place. They are also made using cheap adhesive, and this could be a significant threat to your eye health if it melts quickly and drips or gets into the eyes. However, there are a few ways you can spot inadequate fake eyelashes; they include;

1. The Fake Eyelashes Poke, Twist Around, And Irritate Your Eyes

Usually, fake eyelashes are not supposed to feel this way; they should be comfortable and make you look confident in them. However, the only reason they could irritate, poke or twist around your eyes is that they have been improperly applied or the material used is sensitive to your eyes.

2. It Lasts Only A Few Days

Fake eyelashes usually last for about three to seven days, but when it comes off after a couple of days, it’s a sign that it’s terrible.

3. The Application Process Burns Your Eyes, Long After It Is Over

You might feel a tingly sensation during your fake eyelash application. Still, when this feeling continues long after the application process is over, it’s a sign that your fake lashes are wrong and you might need medical attention.

You might also expect watering around the eyes during the application process, but if it is a continued discomfort, then it’s also a sign. After all, applying your fake eyelashes isn’t a painful process, and it is supposed to be relaxing and comfortable.

4. You Can’t Brush Through Your Lashes Easily.

If you feel discomfort when brushing through your lashes, it is a sign that it is an insufficient fake lash. In most cases, it can also be a sign that too much glue has been used during the application process. This way, your lashes get stuck together, and it can cause damage and breakage to your natural lashes.

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