What Does an Eyelash Lash Separator Do?

When it comes to sorting out messy and clumpy lashes we seem to be at a loss for what to do. One little trick can change your makeup game and unleash the glam goddess you are. And also, one makeup mishap can rock you from glam to sham!

When it comes to applying mascara on your lashes, you are bound to deal with smudging mascara, and spidey-looking lashes as well. It is too much to handle at once! But what if there was a makeup tool that gets your lashes looking like they were shipped from some lash factory?

Good News! Because there is! Introducing: A New MakeUp tool that can make all the difference to your lash game! – The Lash Separator! Ta-da!

What is a Lash Separator?

 Lash Separator
Lash Separator

A Lash Separator is a makeup tool that is specially designed to separate and properly isolate your lashes. A Lash Separator looks a lot like a comb, but only that it is small-sized. You can see a Lash Separator as a Lash Comb.  

Such a simple tool, with the ability to make dramatic changes to how your lashes look. A Lash Separator has a small easy-to-hold handle and a comb-like tip. The comb tip has small steel fans that make it easy to glide through your clumpy mascara without getting stuck.

Unique Features Of A Lash Separator

Let’s explore some unique features of a lash separator:

 An Eyelash Comb Tip

A Lash Separator has an eyelash comb tip that is made of steel. The comb has little distant spaces between the teeth that make it possible to comb the lashes out. It’s the fine-toothed comb that catches all your lash hairs missing nothing.  

 A Lash Comb Cap

You need not worry about the safety and hygiene of this tool as it has a cap that covers the fine-toothed cop tip. You can conveniently store and carry it around.

Since the comb part is with a cap, it makes it very convenient for storage and carrying around.

A Convenient Handle

The Lash Separator has a convenient holding handle that fits perfectly in your hands. It’s lightweight and easy to hold and comb through lashes.

Curved Comb Teeth

Its curved comb makes it very suitable for the eye as its curvature is similar to that of the eyes. It gives it a better angle for lifting your lashes in a perfect curl.

What Does The Lash Separator Do?

Lash Separator function

Once you know clearly what the Lash Separator can do for you, there is no way you’d resist purchasing one. These are the listed benefits of using a Lash Separator.

They Separate Clustered or Sticky Lashes

Applying mascara to your lashes can sometimes mean your lashes get to stick together, giving them an ugly appearance. To simply declutter them, use a Lash Separator to comb through them.

To Remove Excess Mascara

If you have applied too much mascara to your lashes, a lash separator is an excellent tool to remove the excess mascara. As your Lash Separator combs through your lashes, it pulls out excess mascara. This would give your lashes a better look and a more glamorous appearance.

It Creates Well Fanned-Out Lashes

No better way to fan out your lashes than to do so, using a Lash Separator. With Lash Separators you get your lashes fanned out with the teeth of its comb. The implication of this is that your lashes can even appear longer and more spread out.

Lifts and Curls Your Lashes

A well-lifted lash can give your face a good lift and appearance. Using A Lash Separator can bring better lifting and curl to your lashes. The comb tip is curved to help curve and lift your lashes. 

As A Lash Applicator

You can use the Lash Separator as a tool to apply product to your lashes. You can be sure to have the product well distributed through your lashes from root to tip.

As A More Effective Lash Comb

A Lash Separator is a Lash Comb but specially designed. Using a spoolie or mascara wand brush may pull and tug at your lashes thereby pulling them off. 

The advantage to using the Lash Separator to comb through your lashes is that there is less tugging and pulling of your fragile lashes. What a more effective way to prevent lash loss.

How Can I Get More Lift and Curl Using A Lash Separator?

The beauty of making up is that no one single tool gets all the job done. So, to better enhance the natural curl of your lashes and lift them to glamour, we suggest pairing your Lash Separator with a Lash Curler. Use these simple steps to achieve a more defined lash.

  • Curl up your lashes using a mechanical Lash Curler first.
  • Apply mascara to your lashes.
  • Use the Lash Separator to comb and fan out your lashes.

You’d notice a more dramatic effect using this method.

Other Usage Tips of The Lash Separator

The Lash Separator is a simple make-up tool to use but little caution must be exercised.

  • When using your Lash Separator, be careful with the comb fans to avoid any form of injury near or around your eyes.
  • Use the Lash Separator always standing in front of a mirror. So you can see clearly what you are doing.
  • Cleaning your Lash Separator is simple and easy. Use a damp cloth to wipe it, and it’s good to go. You don’t need to worry about scrubbing out mascara stains.

How Much Is A Lash Separator

There are different brands of Lash Separators available with different price tags. But, a Lash Separator will cost you between $8 – $10. 

Some great brands to buy from are:

Now you know what a Lash Separator can do, what do you think? Isn’t it purchase-worthy? I bet it is!

A Lash Separator gives you the perfectly curled and lifted lashes you have always desired. If you have failed in nailing the no-clumpy mascara look, worry no more. The Lash Separator is a perfect addition to your makeup purse and a lash game-changing tool.

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