How to Put Mascara on Upper Lashes

Going through a girl’s purse, you are likely to bump into a mascara, a makeup tool that can cause your lashes to look thicker and fuller in a matter of minutes. Since the advent of mascaras, creating thicker and darker lashes just got easier.

The trick to nailing your preferred look is dependent on the technique of application. How you apply your makeup tools will determine if you get a flawless finish. The same applies to applying your mascara correctly to nail that lash look.

For those who want to give lash extensions a break and try out another means of achieving thick and fuller-looking lashes, this article is for you. I will show you how to use mascara correctly on your upper lashes to give that really thick lash look.

Know Your Mascaras before Application

Mascaras are applied to the eyelashes for added length, curl, or thickness. And this is why there are so many different types of Mascaras available. It is essential to know the different types of mascara available before hitting a beauty store, as the various types of mascara could leave you confused.

As you would notice, each mascara wand brush is structured differently, and it is to carry out different functions. Some mascara brushes look thicker than others and some are thinner or curved. The mascara wand brush is one of the defining factors of its function.

Whether it is Waterproof Mascara, Volumizing Mascara, Lengthening, or Curling Mascara, they all need to be applied correctly.

Choose your preferred mascara according to your specific need, this may affect how you apply them. For instance, a waterproof mascara shouldn’t be used regularly because it is made of compounds that keep water out and with consistent use, it can dry out your lashes.

Waterproof mascaras are to be used for special occasions like weddings, or when you need a very long-lasting mascara look with no smudge or the ability to fight tears or rain. Waterproof Mascaras are not advisable as everyday mascara wear.

There are also Lash Boosting Mascaras that offer rejuvenating treatment to your lashes by nourishing them like the L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Lash Boosting Conditioning Primer Mascara

There is a wide variety to make a good choice, each mascara wand is perfectly tailored to either lengthen, curl or colonize. Some mascara can have more than two functions.

How To Apply Mascara Correctly On Upper Lashes?

Applying Mascara On Upper Lashes

It’s either hit or miss when it comes to applying mascara. You can end up with lashes looking like falsies, or you can have mascara smudge and clump around your lashes. Yes, It’s possible to apply mascara without clumping like a pro, if you’d just follow these simple tips

Your lashes are both at the upper and lower lid of your eyes. Your upper eyelid carries most of your lash hairs and gives the most defining look to your eyes as they are usually longer and fuller than the lower lashes.

For a perfect mascara application

Curl your lashes before application. If you have some time to spare, and you are not in a hurry, curl your lashes with a mechanical curler first. Use a curler with a round-shaped pad to effectively lift and curl lashes. Adding mascara to already curled lashes brings out stunning results. Want lashes that look like falsies? Curl them first

Applying mascara begins not just with the application but how the mascara wand is pulled out of its tube. Before we start messing up our mascara application, we have already made the first mistake.
Pull your mascara wand out of its tube with a twist-like motion and draw out the brush. Wipe-off excess mascara on the mouth of the tube.

It’s time for the big swoop!

With your eyes wide open

Start mascara application from the base of the lashes. Holding your mascara brush horizontally, work the mascara into the base of the lash with a wiggle back and forth to add more volume to the base.

With the mascara held horizontally, swipe upwards to the tips. To properly coat the ti of your upper lashes, hold your mascara wand vertically and swipe on your lash tips carefully.

To double coat

If you desire a thicker and darker lash look, double coat them. After the first application of the lashes, it is crucial to have a work-in time of about 30 seconds to allow the first coat to dry. After about 30 seconds you can coat again following the same method of application.

Common Mistakes Made during Mascara Application

There are common mistakes even the best of us make while applying mascara. We would go over them together and how to prevent such mistakes and correct them.

One mistake many make is pumping their mascara wand back and forth into the tube. This pumps air into the tube, causing it to dry out. Using a mascara that’s consistently exposed to air will cause mascara clumping.

Another mistake made is to take on excess mascara fluid. Excess mascara fluid on your mascara is counterproductive and leads to undesirable results. Before applying your mascara, if you notice your mascara wand has caught up too much mascara, wipe excess mascara on the edge or mouth of the tube. Excess mascara leads to smudging, making a mess of your entire eye makeup.

Any Mascara smudge should not be removed immediately. It should be left to dry first, and then a Q-tip is used or suitable makeup remover to wipe it off. Any attempt to clean it while wet will lead to the stain spreading and creating more mess.

Other Mascara Application Tips for Your Upper Eyelashes

To create a more defining mascara look-
coat your upper lashes from the bottom, and to the top. We mostly forget about the other side of the upper lash, and that is the top of the lash. After coating from the bottom, hold the mascara horizontally again and brush the top from the inside out.

Use an Eyelash Primer
An eyelash primer does the same work as a face primer. It preps your lashes to take on the mascara with a long-lasting effect. If you hope to wear your mascara, longer, a lash primer serves you well.

To know how to apply mascara to your lower lashes please read this.

Applying mascara to your lashes correctly- serves you stunning lashes that look like falsies. With these tips, it’s a hit every time! Glam-Up those lashes of yours with our tips and rock thicker and fuller-looking flutters.


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