20 mm vs 25 mm Lash: How to Choose the Right Length

You would agree that long eyelashes have been a symbol of beauty for an extended period. Until now, long and thick eyelashes are physical features desired by many women.

Furthermore, eyelashes enhance the eyes and bring attention to them. The primary function of the lashes is to protect the lid from dust and other particles in the air and environment. Research has proven that as humans, there is an average lash length we need to protect their eyes adequately.

Quick Info on Lash Length

The length of a lash is always the number followed by “mm,” which means “millimeter.” Usually, the length of single-strand lashes ranges from 6mm, the shortest, to 30mm, the longest; however, lash lengths fall between short, medium, long, and very long.

Generally, the average length of your regular lashes can be around 10 mm to 12 mm, meaning that depending on your eyes, these lengths above can look longer or shorter than others with the same length. However, research has proven that lash length is influenced by genetics, but other factors can affect it too. They include,

  1. Your personal preference
  2. Your eye shape
  3. Your natural lash length
  4. Your natural lash ability to support the weight.

That being said, if you are unsure about the best length, you can talk to a professional. Below is a table that gives a detailed explanation of lash lengths. Check Out: Lash Extension Length Guide

Lash LengthDescription
6- 8 mmNatural and ideal for inner corner length
10 mmTraining lashes
12 mmAverage natural lashes length
14 mmShort lashes
16 mmPopular sizes
18 mmMedium volume lashes
20 mmMedium-long
22 mmLong and bold
25 mmDramatic and bold
30 mmExtremely long

20 mm Lashes

20 mm Mega Volume Lashes by The Beauty Parlor

20 mm lashes are an array of long, thick hair that provides maximum volume and draws attention to your eyes. The fanned tips of the lashes add a wispy effect that increases the appeal of your eyes, giving you a voluminous look. These lashes are comfortable to wear throughout the day because of their mink and cotton material.

They are also lightweight, and the band is not visible enough to cause discomfort while wearing the lashes. In addition, the lash band is soft, flexible, and easy to wear. 20 mm lashes are often referred to as the perfect lash for any setting because they are perfect for any eye shape and can be worn on many occasions.


  1. Safe to wear
  2. It has barely visible bands.
  3. Perfect hand-made craftsmanship
  4. It is made with cruelty-free materials.
  5. It can be reusable more than 20 times.

25 mm Lashes

25mm lashes
25mm lashes by @Luxury Beauty

25 mm lashes are the trending lashes in the lash market and are widely welcomed by girls who want to have long and curly lashes. These lashes play an essential role in your daily makeup routine because they help create your favorite makeup look with different styles.

In addition, applying the perfect eye makeup isn’t enough, but applying it with the 25 mm lashes can highlight your whole makeup giving you a prominent look.


  1. They come in a wide range of different materials.
  2. They create a dramatic look.
  3. They are cruelty-free.

20 mm Lashes Vs. 25 mm: Which Is More Popular?

Before the 20 mm and 25 mm lashes, 12-18 mm lashes were the popular kind of lashes. However, as time passed, the 20 mm and 25 mm lashes became more popular, but most people prefer the 25 mm lashes more. Although most people think the 25 mm lashes are too long and may not suit their eyes, they are expensive, unlike the 20 mm lashes.

Either way, the 25 mm lashes are the most popular in the market today because they help achieve a stunning eye makeup look and take your makeup to the next level. Furthermore, the 25 mm lashes are more popular because they come in a wide range of different materials, such as 25 mm mink lashes made of real mink fur with big curls that can enlarge your eyes and make them look more prominent. In addition, the 25 mm lashes can make your eyes look longer and fuller, and natural at the same time.

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