How to Apply Mascara Without Clumping

In a girl’s makeup purse, you are likely to come across all sorts, from lipsticks to eyeliners, to brushes to mascaras. The list is endless, and every tiny-looking piece there can revamp her look!

Like it is said: ”Never judge a book by its cover”. A beauty tool should never be judged by its size. A small basic tool such as the mascara can come in handy in giving you thicker, fuller-looking lashes. The mascaras can be a girl’s best friend, as it is easy to carry around. Imagine a radical transformation from sham to glam with a swoop here and there? Then you’d know why mascaras are an essential tool in a girl’s makeup purse.

Using your mascara effectively can get you looking like a glam goddess, and using it wrongly can create clumps on your lashes. In this article, I’d show you how you can effectively apply your mascara without clumping.

What Causes Mascara Clumps?

Mascara Clumps

Mascara Clumps are those webbed, stringy look your lashes tend to have when you apply mascara. Mascara Clumping can be said to be a pretty normal hitch while coating your eyes with mascara.

While using your mascara, there’s the tendency to overcoat them with excess mascara leading to a clumped lash.

You can gather up too much mascara coat on your mascara brush.

Dipping your mascara wand consistently into the mascara tube can gather excess mascara which when applied can lead to clumping

Using Your Mascara and applying excess coat at the lash tips can lead to clumping

Using an already Clumpy Mascara. Consistent usage of a mascara wand can leave clumpy mascara residues over time. Using a clumpy mascara adds even more clumps to your lashes. Mascaras should be de-clumped regularly.

How Do I Apply Mascara Without Clumping?

It is possible to avoid mascara clumping if we follow simple beauty techniques like:

When applying your mascara, always start with the base of the lashes and work your way up to the tips. As your mascara wand travels upward, most of the mascara fluid has been fully spread on the lashes with no clumps.

Dip mascara wand into tube and pullout just once. Avoid dipping your mascara wand two or there times as this would gather on excess fluid that clumps your lashes

While applying Mascara to your eyelash tips, hold your mascara wand vertically and coat them. Clumps can easily be noticed around the lash tips, so how you apply lashes at the tips can determine if your lashes would be clumped or not.

Avoid leaving your Mascara Tubes Open. Mascara fluids can dry fast once exposed to air, causing the fluid to look stringy like a spider’s web. Once you are done with each lash application, put your mascara wand back into the tube.

Beauty Products have expiry dates! Check if you are using an expired Mascara. A beauty product may work wonders for you when you just got them, and later it becomes a frustration. This may be a pointer that it may have expired, and lost its effectiveness. Change the mascara!

So you have noticed clumps on your mascara and it’s not expired, what can you do? Let’s show you how.

De-Clump Your Mascara!

Mascara wands can be de-clumped to create lashes free from clumps. With this very simple easy step, your mascara wand is as good as new.

Get your Clumpy Mascara Wand out of the tube. To reduce mascara waste on the mascara brush, use the mascara brush tip at the mouth of the tube to get some fluid back into the tube.

Keep your Mascara wand on toilet paper to absorb excess fluid and prevent mascara stains everywhere.

To prevent the Mascara fluid from drying up, use a thin film and wrap it around the mouth of the tube to prevent it from drying out. Secure the film with a band, and try to place the mascara tube in an upright position.

With a gloved hand, pick out the clumps.

Set hot water in a bowl and dip your mascara wand brush into it and wiggle to rinse off excess fluid.

Use a little mild shampoo and create lather with your hands and rub in your mascara gently.

Rinse off and set to dry.

Place back your cleaned mascara wand into the tube.

Can I Double Coat Mascara Without Causing Clumps?

Apply Mascara Without Clumping

Yes! It is possible to double coat without clumping. While applying mascara to your lashes, use the tip of the mascara to apply the lash ends. Allow the mascara to dry a bit before double coating. Double coats should be applied just about 30seconds after the first coat for a more seamless application.

Are Waterproof Mascaras More Clumpy?

Waterproof mascaras tend to create more lash clumps as they tend to have a thicker goopy liquid than other mascaras. As they dry they can be a little difficult to get out of the lashes. Do remember that application is important and proper applications reduce the appearance of clumps.

Consistent pumping of your mascara in the tube causes air into the tub which would make them dry up fast creating that stringy clumpy look on your mascara brush.

How Can I Remove Mascara Clumps from My Lashes?

After a long day of wearing face makeup, you should never end with your makeup still on. Taking off your face makeup can be some tiring work, but it must be done to prevent breakouts and all. So what about your mascara-coated lashes? Should they come off?

Yes! Do Not Sleep With Waterproof Mascara.

It’s quite easy to clean your face makeup and neglect your coated mascara lashes. Leaving waterproof mascara overnight is not advisable and here is why:

Waterproof mascara is made with added ingredients to create a mascara coat that’s more resilient to water, and tears- this can make it more difficult to take off.

Use an oil product to clean your eye area first. After which an oil-based face cleanser is used to further remove the left overcoat. Simply drop some oil-based cleanser into a cotton pad and leave it to rest on your eye area and lashes. Allow the oil from the cleanser to break up the bonds of the mascara and gently wipe away.

Repeat this process at least twice for each eye to clean your lashes well.

Waterproof Mascaras can weaken your eyelashes over time by drying them out. Before applying a mascara coat on your lashes the next day, make sure you don’t have left-over mascara coats on your lashes.

Is It Safe To Wear Mascara every day?

Mascaras give you that extra glam look, but are they safe for everyday use?
Mascaras are of two kinds- The Regular Mascara and Waterproof Mascara. Regular Mascara is a safer choice for everyday wear, as compared to waterproof mascara.

The consistent wearing of waterproof mascaras leads to lash loss as the lashes are dried out leading to breakage or creature shedding.

Trying to pull out a mascara clump from your lashes could lead to lash loss. Always refer to the procedure above when taking off waterproof mascaras. It is best to keep waterproof mascaras for special occasions as they last longer than regular Mascaras.

Mascara application greatly determines how clumpy your lashes would look or not. Clumpy lashes never look attractive, hence the need to properly coat your lashes, spreading the mascara evenly through your lashes. A good mascara wand can be preserved for other purposes, read our article to find out!

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