How Long Does Falscara Last? (With & Without Overnighter)

If you are looking for a cheap eyelash extension alternative or struggling to apply fake eyelashes, Kiss Falscara lashes are a game changer. They are lightweight and comfortable, unlike heavy strip lashes, and once you get the hang of them, they become your favorite plus, they are low maintenance.

What Are Falscara Lashes?


Falscaras are false eyelash extensions by KISS that have eyelash wisps you wear under your natural lashes.

As lashes have evolved, many brands have launched the likes of magnetic lashes and other DIY lash extension lifts to make the application more straightforward, and most times, they tend to be a hit or miss. However, Kiss lashes recently launched their Falscara lash system, which is very similar to Lashify and affordable.

Unlike regular strip lashes, these are lightweight, easy to apply, comfortable, and unique. They look like lash extensions because they come in an invisible band alongside lifting, volume, and lengthening wisps.

Pros and Cons of Falscara Lashes

Falscara  Application


  1. Cheaper and quicker than eyelash extensions
  2. Give a polished look without the need for any other eye makeup
  3. They come in multiple lash styles, so you can choose what works best for you.
  4. You can use other lashes on them.


  1. Overuse of the lash bond will make your lashes clump together
  2. Overuse of the seal will create white flakes on the lashes
  3. It might come off overnight if you sleep on your side or when you are pressed against anything

How Long Does Falscara Last?

Moreover, Falscara lashes can last for multiple wears if you take care of them properly. Generally, they can last for about 3-5 wears if you clean the glue off and depending on how long you wear the lashes each time.

The only way to re-wear the Falscara lashes is to clean the glue off with makeup remover and rubbing alcohol and then allow them to dry. Although, most users claim the lashes can last a week or up to ten days. While it is pretty tempting, these lashes are not meant to be worn overnight as your eyes are susceptible.

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How Long Does Falscara Last With Overnighter?

Falscara overnighter extends the wear of your Falscara lashes, securing them to last up to ten days, just like lash extensions. For increased longevity, apply a thin layer of the overnighter underneath the lashes, slightly away from the wisps bands. This means you will need to apply the overnighter after applying the bond, attaching the wisps, and sealing them.

Next, please select one of the clumps of individual lashes with the curved tweezers and place them under your lashes. Since the lashes come in multiple lash styles, you’ll need to use 3-4 clumps per eye.

Moreover, if you place the lashes wrongly, it is possible to remove them and reposition them as long as the sealing agent isn’t applied yet. Also, ensure you attach the wisps above your waterline, then clog them with your natural lashes using an applicator wand or your fingers.

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How To Make Falscara Last Longer

Do not squeeze your eyes shut for the first few hours after application. During this time, the bond will still be setting, and you could transfer some of the bonds to your bottom lashes, making them stick together.

  1. Do not get your lashes too wet while wearing your lashes. This also means while washing your face, do not allow a direct stream of water on your lashes as it will loosen the adhesive.
  2. Avoid sleeping on your face as it could cause them to come off.
  3. When using the Falscara Lash Applicator, wipe off the applicator between the wisps applications.
  4. Do not reuse the lashes, but if any of the lash wisps come off, you can still reapply them if it is within the first few days, or you can choose any of the extra wisps from a multipack.
  5. When removing the lashes, note that the Falscara remover does not entirely remove the glue residue. Instead, use a cleansing balm on the lashes and an eye makeup remover to remove the glue completely.

Can You Reuse Falscara Lashes?

As long as you carefully remove the Falscara lashes and take good care of them, the lashes can be reused up to three times.

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