Are Moxie Lashes Worth It? – Expert Review

Moxie Lashes is one of the hottest products these days, promising dramatic effects at affordable prices. But are Moxie Lashes worth it?

Moxie Lashes Review

We break down everything you need to know about this famous brand and product, from ingredient analyses to customer reviews, so you can make the most informed decision possible about whether Moxie Lashes are worth it or not. Read on to find out more!

Why Choose Moxie Lashes?


They’re easy to apply and remove. At first look, there could be a fear that you might struggle with putting on a set of false lashes, but then you’ll realize that they are so simple that you may not even need a mirror or much time to apply them. The only downside is that you have to wait 24 hours before wearing makeup over your new lashes.

Moxie Lashes Pouch

The adhesive used for these lash strips has silicone, which is almost impossible to wash off skin. That means if you get any eyelash glue on your face, you won’t be able to use makeup remover on it without tugging out your natural lashes and the false ones.

How Do You Apply Moxie Lashes?

To apply them, you will need to clean your eyelids with a makeup remover and then trim them down to fit. They can be tricky at first, but you will learn how to apply them smoothly and seamlessly after a few tries. After applying your favorite mascara, and other eye makeup, place them on your lash line.

Moxie Magnetic Lashes

Hold a mirror close to your face to see where each one goes for more accuracy. Wait for about 10 minutes for them to dry, and then peel off carefully! Make sure not to pull on each lash too hard, or it may come out with force.

What Do We Think About Moxie Lashes Design?

The design is sleek and modern, much like most other eyelash products in their line. We like how long their reusable band is, giving us an option to keep them on longer (although it can be a bit difficult to get them off).

The glue that comes with each set is easy to work with and doesn’t irritate the eyes when worn. Depending on the rate at which it’s used, it can last for well over a week.

Do Moxie Lashes Give Volume To Your Lashes?

Definitely! Your lashes will be noticeably fuller and longer, which is a plus for those with short lashes. It’ll feel like you are wearing fake lashes, but it’s not going to be a problem (especially if you love fake lashes).

If you use mascara daily, you will be glad to know that these will work with some of your favorite formulas and can be worn on their own. Reusing them multiple times will also add to their value in your eyes.

Can You Use Eyelash Curlers With Moxie Lashes?

Yes, but you should use them sparingly because too much curling can break the lashes or irritate your eyes. If you must curl them, take care not to touch your eyes during application and remove any existing eyeliner first.

You can also use them without curling; after applying mascara, gently press on each lash band with your fingertip or another clean brush or applicator until a subtle curve occurs. This will add a subtle lift and enhance fullness without looking like a drag queen. Don’t forget to finish off with an extra coat of mascara!

Does Their Glue Dry Fast Enough, Or Is It Sticky When Wet?

Sometimes lash glue dries fast, but other times you’ll find that your glue is already drying up by the time you finish your first eye. A super-fast drying glue means you’re less likely to create streaks in your eyeshadow and mascara, which can be a pain to clean up and take away from your look.

The Moxie brand dries most times quickly and won’t have extra stickiness even when wet. Just make sure you work fast. If you’re going out with friends after applying them, make sure you do your makeup beforehand because there’s nothing worse than trying to apply makeup with lashes on.

Can You Wear Them More Than Once Before Disposing Of Them?

When dealing with false lashes, you’ll need to take good care of them by storing them properly when not in use and being gentle when applying them. Once you follow all the steps for proper storage, you can get more wear out of your lashes before disposing of them.

But that isn’t the case for Moxie Lashes; because these lashes sit on top instead of under your lash line, there is no way to put them back on after taking them off. The best thing to do is with a pair of Moxie Lashes once you remove them or throw them away (or recycle them if possible).

What is The Wear Time And Hold-Ability (How Long Does It Last)?

This is one of the popular questions asked by so many people trying to get their moxies done. The wear time is excellent, but it depends on how well you take care of them. If you’re going to invest in a product, you should be willing to work into it to get your money’s worth.

Keep in mind there are no synthetic fibers in these eyelashes, so that they won’t last forever regardless. They do hold up, though! The main issue with these products will have is the little hairs on their eyelids for many individuals. It takes about two weeks for your body to adjust and stop feeling weird about it. Once you get over that, everything else is pretty smooth sailing.

Many people don’t like wearing makeup because they can’t seem to find something that fits their style or personality. However, once you can fully customize your lashes, then it’s hard not to fall in love with them.

You will be able to create any look that suits you best without worrying about whether or not it is out there for others (which happens often). Furthermore, Moxie lashes are worth it because they help women feel more confident while allowing them to express themselves creatively through their makeup looks!

Final Thoughts About The Moxie Lashes

At first glance, Moxie Lashes is an excellent option for lash extensions. The consensus on their Instagram page is that they’re high quality with a reasonably affordable price tag. However, one thing that’s important to consider is that even though these extensions aren’t pricey compared to other options, there are still costs associated with lash services in general.

Regarding affordability and quality, it comes down to your personal preference. Do you want low-maintenance lash extensions or something more customized and precise? If yes, Moxie has an option for you.

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