Lash Combs: Everything You Need to Know

Ever since lash combs hit the market, they’ve been surrounded by controversy and mystery. Some say they can make your lashes look like you’re wearing false eyelashes, but others swear they don’t work.

Still, with so many people swearing by them, it’s hard to know what to believe about this trending beauty tool. This article explores whether lash combs are worth buying or if you should skip them altogether in favor of more traditional lash conditioning and strengthening methods.

History of Lash Combs

Whether lash combs are ancient Egyptian or just one of several tools invented by early beauty lovers, it’s clear that we’ve used them for a long time. It also seems that they don’t work, at least not like they did hundreds of years ago when they were first invented.

If you use a lash comb now, it’s probably to give your lashes a little extra touch with mascara, not because you think it will promote their growth (though there is anecdotal evidence that some people swear by their lash combs). So, do lash combs work? Most likely not, but if they do, it makes you want to put more mascara on your lashes to get that dewy look.

What Are Lash Combs Made Of?

To learn whether or not lash combs are safe, it’s essential first to understand what they’re made of. There are two kinds of lash combs: plastic and metal. Plastic combs are almost always made from PVC, a hard, clear plastic.

While it’s okay for bathroom use because it doesn’t hold bacteria, it can potentially scratch your eye if you accidentally touch them when they’re wet. Metal combs aren’t typically used in bathrooms and instead have been used for styling hair.

How Do You Use Lash Combs?

There are a few different ways to use lash combs, but you need to be very gentle one way or another! Inserting combs into eyelashes is not something to do in a rush, so give yourself plenty of time and clean your hands. You should always comb downward toward your eye when applying mascara, and it’s best if you don’t touch your actual lashes.

Remember that lashes aren’t designed to withstand repeated pulling on them! If you choose to use lash combs, try them once and go with them. If they don’t work for you, they’re not going to start working just because you try them again magically.

What Benefits Do Lash Combs Offer?

Those looking to combat light hair loss and help to support hair growth may want to consider using a lash comb. For example, some believe that using a lash comb encourages blood flow to hair follicles on your scalp, which helps grow healthy, new hair.

There is no scientific evidence to support these claims, but anecdotal reports show that many people use them with success. Using a lash comb doesn’t have any adverse side effects, so it may be worth trying for those dealing with thinning or balding hair; some even report increased thickness and length of lashes after extended use of a lash comb.

Can Lash Combs Damage Your Eyes Or Lashes?

First, it’s essential to know that combs are too broad. It’s always recommended that you get a comb that is just slightly wider than your eyelashes. An overly wide comb can cause severe damage by catching your lashes and pulling them out.

Lash combs have been linked to some eye injuries in the past. Although, if you use lash combs with caution, if you’re careful when using them and follow directions, they don’t seem like such a bad idea after all! A lash comb allows gentle stimulation of your eyelashes to help lengthen and darken them naturally (but they won’t replace mascara).

Are There Any Side Effects From Using Lash Combs?

Like any beauty tool, using lash combs has pros and cons. From broken lashes to eye infections, they can cause severe issues if not used properly. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to consult your optometrist before using a new eye-related product.

If you are suffering from an eye condition or wear contact lenses (and therefore already have compromised eyesight), it’s probably best to avoid lash combs altogether. Suppose you suffer from blepharitis or trichiasis, which causes inflammation of your eyelashes and damage to your eyelid. In that case, you should steer clear of lash combs until you’ve consulted with an expert.

Can You Re-use Your Lash Comb After Use?

Of course, you can, as long as it’s not visibly wet or dirty. Many lash combs come with a protective case to keep your comb clean and dry between uses. Wipe off any visible residue on your comb with a dry towel before storing it in its carrying case.

When using your comb again, always dip it into makeup remover first to eliminate any mascara residue before using it on your lashes. It also helps to wait until a few hours after you’ve applied mascara to use your lash comb, so there is less risk of pulling out eyelashes during use. Lastly, be careful when pulling out mascara clumps, and make sure you don’t pull out any actual eyelashes when removing excess product.

Do Lash Combs Work?

The short answer is no, and they don’t work. And yes, they will hurt your lashes. Many lash combs are made with a beautiful metal that can break and make it to your eye if not cleaned thoroughly before and after use (which might require removing fake eyelashes).

However, there’s some value in these tools for people with thicker lashes. They can be used to train new ones or help separate new lashes from old ones. But if you have naturally thick lashes anyway, save yourself some time and purchase an eyelash curler instead!

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