What is Lash Perm? Pros and Cons

Lash perm, or eyelash perm, is a beauty procedure where chemical solutions are applied to the eyelashes to enhance their curl, length, and thickness. If you are looking to get gorgeous and long eyelashes without spending so much money on various products, you might want to think about getting a lash perm.

The treatment is entirely safe and painless. However, it would be best to consider its pros and cons before opting for lash perm treatment at your nearest lash salon. Everything you need to know about lash perm, what it does, how much it costs, and its benefits and disadvantages. Continue reading to find out more about lash perms.

The Benefits of Lash Perm

A lash perm may be an option for those who want their lashes to be longer, thicker, curlier, or without surgery. For those with naturally curly lashes that need a little boost, lash perms can make them look even better by giving them that extra curl they crave.

For people with straight eyelashes who are sick of applying mascara every day to get that same effect naturally straight lashes to provide, lash perms can help create curls in any direction. Lashes could also gain thickness when a perm is applied to them since the curl is added to existing strands.

The process itself won’t take very long, so you won’t have to spend much time in your local salon if you opt for lash perms over other beauty treatments there. If you’re looking for something that will last but isn’t permanent, a lash perm might be right up your alley.

The Risk

Although eyelash perms are inexpensive, there are a few risks to consider. Any type of chemical process that alters your body, whether it’s laser hair removal or hair coloring, can be risky for those with sensitive skin.

The list of potential side effects from eyelash perms can range from mild irritation to burning, swelling, skin discoloration, and even permanent scarring. In some cases, lash perms have caused swollen eyes or eye infections.

Also, keep in mind that different perming solutions contain various ingredients; ask your technician what kind they use, so you know what you’re dealing with. Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions provided by your salon and avoid touching your eyes right after getting a perm. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any problems after getting an eyelash perm.

Your overall health is essential when considering whether or not to get an eyelash perm. Those who suffer from alopecia (hair loss) should avoid getting a perm as hair loss could become more apparent afterward. And if you’re pregnant, it’s best to hold off on receiving a lash perm until after giving birth, as chemicals could potentially harm your baby.

If done correctly by a licensed professional, eyelash perms are generally safe for most people. If you’re interested in trying out an eyelash perm, do some research beforehand to know what kind of side effects might occur and how to deal with them if they arise. Ask friends who have had perms about their experiences, and don’t be afraid to try out different salons before settling on one!

How Lash Perm Works

Here’s a quick rundown on how lash perm works:

  • The first step is to apply a natural keratin liquid to your lashes with an applicator. This dries quickly, creating what’s called a base coat.
  • Next, you apply another solution (often made of formaldehyde) that curls your lashes and positions them for about 20 minutes.
  • Finally, you wash off both products before applying mascara to complete your look. Yes, that sounds like a process, but if you want results fast and are willing to put in time for maintenance, you can achieve dramatic results reasonably quickly.

But before you do decide to get a lash perm, there are some things you should know about it from start to finish…

  1. It’s All About Your Lashes

The most significant advantage of getting a lash perm is that it can improve your lashes. As you may have guessed, many individuals opt for lash perms because they want longer lashes. If that’s your goal, keep in mind that over time (we’re talking months here), your natural lashes will grow stronger and longer thanks to regular applications of a good keratin product.

  • You May Experience Irritation

Because formaldehyde is used in most perm solutions, there is always a risk of eye irritation. If you’re prone to allergic reactions or are concerned about long-term use, it’s best to avoid lash perms altogether.

  • Your Lashes May Fall Out

While it’s not common for lashes to fall out after getting a lash perm, they can become brittle and break off over time if you continue to get perms on an ongoing basis. As with any beauty treatment involving chemicals, consult your doctor before deciding whether or not lash perms are correct for you.

  • You Can Damage Your Eyes

Although rare, some women have reported experiencing blurred vision after getting a lash perm. If you already wear contact lenses or have eye problems, don’t risk damaging your eyes further by having a lash perm done.

  • It Can Be Expensive

The cost of getting regular lash perms will vary depending on where you live and how often you choose to get them done. Expect to pay at least $100 for a perm kit, plus an additional $50 or so for each visit to your salon or spa.

  • It’s Not Right for Everyone

Certain people should not get a lash perm, including those with sensitive eyes, those who wear contact lenses, and anyone with eye problems like glaucoma or cataracts. If you have any concerns about whether or not a lash perm is right for you, it’s best to talk to your doctor before treatment.

Who Should Consider Getting It Done?

Consider a lash perm if you have thin lashes or are sick of mascara. Also called eyelash extensions, lash perms are salon treatments that temporarily use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes with an alcohol-based solution.

It takes about 15 minutes for both eyes, and it can be an excellent alternative to mascara for people who wear contacts or glasses. You will need touchups every two to four weeks at most salons. 

What To Expect During A Lash Perm

When you first get a lash perm, you’ll be surprised by how stiff your eyelashes feel. And because it takes a few weeks for them to settle into their permanent shape, your lashes will be very fragile in that period. It’s also common to lose up to 80 percent of your lash volume during that period.

But once they’ve settled into their new shape, they’ll look fuller than ever and maintain that volume thanks to lash perm’s long-lasting effects. Keep in mind: You won’t know how much better off you are until a few weeks after treatment, and it can take as long as three months for full results. In other words: It pays to be patient!

The Cost Of Lash Perm

Lashes can be as much of a fashion statement as they are a way to enhance your appearance. Many people choose to have their eyelashes permed, which makes them fuller, darker, thicker, and longer.

The service is relatively affordable, with most salons charging anywhere from $100 to $150 per session. On average, expect to pay around $150 for a single treatment. However, if you opt for monthly lash perm appointments, you’ll end up paying more than if you paid upfront; some salons even offer three-month plans that come with a substantial discount.

The procedure can also be done at home with a few items, but it’s not recommended as overdoing can cause injuries like bumps on the eyes or eye redness.

When To Get A Lash Perm Done? (Before Or After Surgery?)

If you’re having eyelid surgery, it’s recommended that you don’t get a lash perm before surgery. It might be safe for most people to have a lash perm following surgery, but there are exceptions.

If your surgeon tells you it’s okay to get a lash perm following surgery, follow their instructions carefully. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t get a lash perm if your surgeon doesn’t recommend it.

Why You Should Get A Lash Perm

Lashes grow longer with a lash perm. There are different types of perms available at salons. These are

  • Curl-boosting perms.
  • Length-increasing perms.

These perms can make your lashes look fuller or longer, and they may also last up to six months or more! For example, some people choose to get a curl-boosting perm every three months to maintain long lashes without using mascara every day. While lash perms can improve your appearance by making your lashes look longer or fuller, they’re not permanent, so you’ll need to return for touchups every few months to maintain long lashes over time.

Common Side Effects

After getting a lash perm, you should expect some side effects. Some individuals may feel slight discomfort or experience burning sensations during or after treatment.

The burning sensation is typically only temporary and doesn’t last for more than a few minutes after removing your contact lenses (for those using contact lenses). Some people may also experience redness in their eyes, although that shouldn’t last for more than 24 hours after a lash perm procedure.

If any irritation persists beyond these time frames, consult with your doctor immediately. If you wear contacts and have had problems with eye infections in the past, it’s essential to get an exam before undergoing a lash perm procedure.

In addition to common side effects, other complications associated with lash perms can be dangerous if not addressed immediately by medical professionals. For example, some patients have reported experiencing eye infections following a lash perm due to improper use of products used during treatments; these infections can cause serious health issues if left untreated. Additionally, there are rare cases where allergic reactions have occurred following a lash perm; these reactions can be severe enough to require hospitalization or even lead to death if left untreated.


  • With a lash perm, you can have long, curly lashes straightened out.
  • The treatment is quick, effective, and long-lasting to get gorgeous curls without any fuss or muss. The process only takes 20 minutes or so to complete instead of hours of mascara-thickening applications.
  • There is zero clean-up needed after. The curl will last up to two months.
  • Lash perms are highly effective. Between 80% and 90% of clients who get them say they like their results.
  • Lash a perm is an excellent option for those with straight lashes who want a more dramatic look without a ton of maintenance required.

With that said, there are some drawbacks associated with getting a perm for your eyelashes.


  • Every three to four weeks, you will need to get a perm applied, which can become very expensive in a short amount of time.
  • Your natural lashes will be significantly weaker after a perm, which can cause breakage or even loss of your natural lashes.
  • It’s not exactly a painless process either. The lash perm solution stings, burns, and makes your eyes water if you get it too close to your eye area.


The lash perm is an excellent alternative to natural lash extensions, but it also has some very distinct pros and cons. The procedure can be done in less than an hour, while traditional extensions can take up to five hours (and sometimes more!).

Additionally, when you get your lashes permed, they stay curled for up to two months without having to do anything at all! This means you won’t have to worry about getting out of bed in time for your daily mascara routine anymore. On top of that, due to its temporary nature, it is also much cheaper than traditional lash extensions. Lash perms aren’t perfect, though.

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