How Long Does Lashify Last?

As beauty lovers, we must have tried everything from eyelash growth serums to strip lashes and extensions and even lash lifts to enhance our lashes. The excellent news is that lashify is an alternative to these treatments that give game-changing results. Here is a review of lashify and how long they last.

How to Apply Lashify Lashes?

Lashify application

Lashify is an all-in-one kit that gives you temporary lash extensions at home. It works differently and is not like lash extensions or strip lashes. The lashes, often called Gossamers, are applied to the underside of your natural lashes for a more attractive look.

They are also perfect for sensitive eyes, and the formulas are free of irritants such as formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates, and latex. The gossamers are made of Pure Korean PBT Silk material and are incredibly lightweight and feathery, so they don’t weigh down your natural lashes. Lashify’s most popular product is called a control kit, and to get started with the application process, you’ll need a control kit. Here’s what you will find in the kit; You might want to check out: How to Apply Magnetic Lashes 

1. Fuse Control Wand

This is a lash applicator tool for applying and securing the lashes.

2. Wandom Pair

Protective pieces slide over the wand’s tip to prevent it from getting sticky.

3. Two Gossamer Lashes

The control kit comes with two false lashes of your choice. You have three style options to choose from they are; Amplify (natural-looking), Bold (thicker), or Curl (dramatic). Once you must have selected your choice of style, pick from the two length options, which include 10 mm/12 mm or 12 mm/14 mm

4. Whisper Light Dual-Sized Bond

Dual-sized lash glue with a transparent adhesive, a narrow applicator tip, and a blade adhesive with a tiny spoolie applicator on the other end.

5. Glass

The glass works to seal the adhesive underneath to remove any residue.

6. A built-in mirror

The built-in mirror is to check the results after application.

7. Storage Box

The storage box is to store and protect your gossamer collections. However, you can add many extra products to the control kit, like a pre-cleanser, a lash remover, or a stronger adhesive to make the lashes last longer.

So here is how to apply Lashify lashes;

how long does lashify last

Step One

Prep the lashes and cleanse with the lashify’s Pre-cleanser or wash your face with a mild cleanser and wait for your lashes to dry completely.

Step Two

Apply a light coat of whisper-light to the underside of your lashes from the roots to the end, and wait for it to get tacky.

Step Three

Once it gets tacky, apply another light coat of black whisper light, wiggle the applicator close to the roots of your lashes, and wait for it to get tacky.

Step Four

Apply a third coat of the whisper light using the side of the applicator to dab across the roots of your lashes.

Step Five

Pull a gossamer from the cartridge with your fingers and place it on your hand with the lash fibers going upward. Afterward, use the fuse control wand to pick up the tip of the gossamer. Go ahead and skip a few lashes on one of the corners of your eye, then place the spine of the gossamer on the underside of the lashes away from your waterline.

Step Six

Repeat step 5 until you get close to the other corner of your eye.

Step Seven

Grab the fuse control wand alongside the wandoms to press the gossamers together. Be careful not to let the wand get stuck to your lashes; if they do, avoid pulling it away immediately; instead, blink your eyes gently until it’s free.

Step Eight

Apply a light coat of glass to the spines of the gossamers and leave it to dry.

Here are the main rules for easy application

1. Look Down In A Mirror While Applying

The mirror helps you to see the underside of the natural lash.

2. Use A Little Bond

Using too much bond will make your natural lashes clumpy, sticky, and heavy. Instead, use a little bond at the base of your lashes, and if you mistakenly use too much, gently run a spoolie through your lashes to remove some of the bonds and to separate your lashes from getting clumped together.

3. Curl Your Natural Lashes First

Curl your natural lashes first to be able to get underneath the lashes to apply the gossamers. Failure to curl the lashes will make it challenging to apply the gossamers.

4. Use An Eyelash Fan To Speed The Drying Time

To avoid waiting too long for the lashes to dry, you can use an eyelash fan to speed up the time.

How Long Does Lashify Last?

lashify duration

The longevity of the lashify lashes depends on the type of bond and how much quantity you use. However, once you start applying the gossamers, they may last for two to three days, but once you get better applying them, they can last up to three to five days. Generally, the lashes are designed to last up to 10 days, and most users even get to wear them for two whole weeks.

However, if you want to extend the life of your lashes, you can opt for Lashify’s extra strength bond, which is called bondage. This extra strength bond is strong and long-lasting, and some extra glue alongside the spine of each gossamer to lock down the lashes makes them last longer.

Unlike lash extensions that last longer for an extended period, lashify lashes don’t, and you can’t get them wet like lash extensions. However, you can shower with them but try not to get your eyes wet. You might want to check out: How to Make Lash Extensions Last Longer

Does Lashify Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

If applied correctly, the lashes will not ruin your natural lashes because the lashes are lightweight and strong enough to last but very easy to remove with the right products. As long as you apply and remove them properly and you don’t tug or pull at them while wearing them, they won’t ruin your natural lashes. However, if you make a poor application, they might ruin your natural lashes. You might want to check out: Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Eyelashes?

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