How to Fix a Lash Lift That is Too Curly

We have seen it all, and done it all! From correcting too thick eyelash extensions, to applying mascara without clumping. Beauty routines come in different shades, and most of them are linked to correcting wrong cosmetic applications. Truth is, what would our cosmetic applications be without these beauty hacks.

lash too curly

Whether you are a pro or not, everyone needs to know how to correct a cosmetic application that goes south. And, that’s the reason for this article- To show you how to correct a lash lift that’s gone wrong. 

Lash lifts are cosmetic procedures with dramatic effects. And more often than not, Lash Lifts go wrong! Read on to khat the causes of lash lifts that are too curly. And know how to correct, and keep your lashes healthy and strong!

What is a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift is a cosmetic procedure that lifts and curls your lashes with specially formulated chemicals. Lash lifts give you eyelashes that look fuller, longer, and curled, just like a hair perm.

Lash Lifts are performed with special chemical applications and a curling instrument in a Lash Kit.

Lash Lifts should be done by Professional Lash Artists. If you are careful enough, you can also do a lash lift yourself. A Lash Lift can yield beautiful lashes to gosh over, but that is not always the case. The special chemical treatment of a lash lift leaves your lashes permanently changed until their next growth cycle.

What Makes Lash Lifts Go Wrong?

If you are looking for an alternative to lash extensions, you may find Lash lift appealing. But hey! You may have to weather the storms that come with its misapplication. One of them is:

Prolonged Chemical Application

Every chemical treatment in a lash lift has a specified time and duration. Leaving your treatments longer than the specified time would lead to over-processed lashes. The sad gist when your lashes get over-processed is that they are highly curled, and can’t give you healthy-looking lashes.

Using The Wrong Instruments

Lash Lifts come packaged in a kit, and within the box are the necessary instruments to successfully carry out a lash lift. To misuse these instruments would lead to wrongly permed lashes. Use each tool as described in the instruction manual.

Too Much Application of A Treatment

Another mistake commonly made with lash lifts is applying too much of a particular treatment. Using the right amounts of each treatment would save you and your lashes. In a bid to get well-lifted lashes, resist the temptation to overuse the treatments, as this would be counterproductive.

Lash Lift Problems And Solutions

There are many ways a lash lift may go wrong, and thankfully, there’s also more than one remedy to fix a bad lash lift. After watching images of successful lash lifts, and then seeing your lash lift looking nothing like theirs. You are bound to feel very displeased. But not to worry, you could correct these mistakes:

Mistake 1: Excessively Curled Lashes

When your lash lift doesn’t yield lifted and well-curled lashes, then something has gone wrong. You likely overdid a particular treatment. Over-applying your treatments can lead to excessively curled lashes.


To fix overly cured lashes, it is important to hydrate the lashes first. Using natural oils could do great for your lashes as they release the tightness of your lashes. 

Once your lashes are loosened, you can plan towards another re-perm. Your lashes should be treated with a protein-removing pad. Great lash oils like castor, argan, and jojoba can be used to soften your lashes.

Mistake 2: Lash Life Does Not have Enough Curl

Lash lifts yield terrific results by offering well-curled lashes. After your lash lift, it looks like your lashes are barely even curled. it is most likely a pointer that you didn’t apply the right amount.

You used too little amount of treatment that couldn’t sufficiently set and style the lashes. Using too much adhesive is counterproductive as it prevents your lash from getting the effect of the treatment.


Stick to appropriate indicated amounts of treatments.

3. Lashes are stuck together

One of the beauties of lash lift is elongated and well-separated lashes. If your lash lift results in lashes stuck or bound together then it is a problem that must be corrected.


If your lashes have fused together, your lashes can still be rejuvenated with a keratin treatment. Also note that cysteine strengthens your lashes, helping remedy the damage from the initial lift.

Other Ways to Correct A Lash Lift

After A bad lash lift, it is always the advice of professionals to allow your lashes to return to their natural state. Allow your lashes to breathe for at least a month to give them time to recuperate from the overprocessing of perming lotions.

What Can I Do About Crinkled Lashes?

The lash lift instruments must be used correctly to avoid bad lash perms. The silicone rod for example is to be placed on the closed eyelid. You are bound to have a crinkled lash If this rod moves and shifts position consistently during the application.

To avoid crinkled lashes, verify the size of the silicone rod being used. There are different sizes of silicon rods. Use the appropriate size that is well-fitted for your lashes.

Another mistake that brings about crinkled lashes is that lashes were not properly combed onto the silicone rod with lash glue. And also, the possibility of uneven lash treatment.

Just as I stated above, the easiest way to redeem your lashes is; 

  • To loosen them with A Natural Oil that serves as a moisturizer. 
  • And prepare another setting solution for a re-perm.

 How Safe Is A Lash Lift?

This is a commonly asked question and a much-needed one. Do you want to know how safe doing a lash lift is? Lash lifts are generally considered safe when applied by a professional lash artist. Doing A Lash Lift yourself poses more risks and possible damage to your lashes.

So, lash lifts in themselves don’t ruin your lashes or damage your lashes, it is all dependent on their application and handling.

Will My Lashes Recover After A Bad Lash Lift?

If you are experiencing a bad lash lift at the moment, you should be comforted to know your lashes will grow back. Your lashes do have a growth cycle, and would most likely get back to their original state if let for a while. 

If you’re scared the damage looks irreversible you should consult with a lash technician to receive professional help.

Potential Risks and Dangers of Lash Lifts

The use of chemical-related treatments like a hair perm does come with potential risks and dangers like scalp burns, and the likes. So also even a simple lash lift could pose possible risks if not handled well.  

These are some of the possible risks and dangers associated with Lash Lift:

  • Very Frizzy and Brittle Lashes

A lash lift procedure can damage your lashes by making them more frizzy and brittle. Using too much chemical on your pages can cause them to be dehydrated and prove to breakage.

  • Irritations and Allergies

Before starting a lash lift application it is safe to consider how sensitive your skin is to chemical applications in general. Lash lifts can cause skin irritation like rashes and allergic reactions like dry eyes and watery eyes.

  • Possible Damage To Your Eyes

Lash lifts are done on one of your most sensitive organs -the eyes and as such could be risky. Your eyes are closed during the process, but some chemicals can get into your eyes. This can damage or badly affect your eyes and vision. 

How To Handle Possible Allergies and Irritations

It is possible to reduce the risks of possible allergies or irritations, and what you do during or after the application could alleviate or worsen it.

  • When the application is ongoing avoid touching your eyes or lashes. 
  • Do not rub your eyes or itch the skin around your eyes. 
  • In case of chemicals getting into the eyes, make sure you flush the eyes immediately.
  • Consult an Ophthalmologist for any possible reactions or allergies.

For badly damaged lashes, treat with lash boosting treatments to get your lashes to bounce back to health. There are different ways to get healthy lashes.

It is annoying to complete a cosmetic treatment and realize in the end that it didn’t work. And you can tie the failure to one misapplication or the other. Well, with detailed corrections in this article I bet you can get better results with your Lash Lifts next time. Good luck! 

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