How to Fix Too Thick Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are your go-to makeup application for creating that stunning and glamorous look that gets you more than a first glance. The lash industry is seeing some sporadic growth in recent times as more people embrace the glam that comes with it.

With lash extensions, you can switch your look in about an hour. As beautiful as that sounds there are several hitches encountered as they try on lash extensions. Complaints of too-long lashes are very common as they can be pretty uncomfortable. Another common complaint is about lash extensions being too thick. Do you find yourself in any of these categories? Not to worry, this article will show you how to fix these lash-related problems.

Lash Extension Related Problems

thick lash extensions

When we talk about getting a lash done, it’s usually an exciting experience. Till one begins and the road begins to look bumpy. Choosing the perfect lash extension is some work, yeah! You can spend quality time browsing through catalogs, and online pages trying to find the best fit and still miss it.

After purchasing your lash extension, you are likely to notice that your lash extension is too long. Very lengthy lash extension is quite a common complaint among lash lovers. The lengthy lash extension goes beyond the length of the eyelid causing serious discomfort.

Another common lash problem is that the lash extension is too thick. This is one major lash problem that would be addressed and fixed in this article. Very thick lash extensions don’t look appealing as they look too heavy when fixed. The weight of the lash extensions doesn’t do very well for the natural eyelashes as they can easily lead to lash breakage and loss.

Are you currently dealing with very thick eyelashes at the moment? This is what you can do to get it fixed.

Fixing Very Thick Eyelashes

Fixing Thick Eyelash Extensions

After purchasing a lash extension that is too thick and it can’t be returned of course, instead of tossing them away you can make some modifications. This simple guide will help you make the necessary modifications:

Get your lash extension on a clean tabletop

Make sure you are in an open and well-lighted room, so you can properly view your lashes well to avoid making mistakes.

With a sharp blade, use the blade tip to carefully trim out some lash strands.

Do a few touches, and pause as you must make constant observations.

Check to see if the thickness is okay.

If not, with the blade tip, trim out more lashes out.

It is important to note here that you trim evenly across the lash, and not be focused at a particular spot. You don’t want your lash extension looking too spaced in some places and too thick in other places.

A blade is a sharp tool and should be handled carefully. Wearing a hand glove offers double benefits here. Gloving your hands serves proper hygiene to prevent contaminating your lash extensions. Don’t forget it will be fixed back on your lashes. Secondly, gloves could help protect you while using the blade.

I suggested a blade here because it is very easy for me to handle and work with. If you are not comfortable using a blade, you could get lash scissors. Lash scissors have no risk of hurting your fingers and are the proper tool for getting your lashes trimmed. Try this Beyellian Lash Scissors for great precision and control when trimming your lash extensions.

What Other Fixes Can I Make On My Lash Extensions?

While adjusting the thickness of your lash extensions, it is the best time to make other adjustments as well. Lash Length can also be corrected while correcting the thickness of your extensions. To correct the lash length, follow this simple guide:

  • Place the lash extension on your lashes
  • Adjust the lashes from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Check for the extra length at the end of the eyelid
  • Mark the length.
  • With your lash scissors, cut out the extra length.

There you have it! Your eyelash extension is suitably customized to your eye length.

If you have lashes with long extensions poking out and desire to reduce the length of the lashes. Do not cut the lash strands at the tips as this would create a blunt tip that doesn’t flatter anybody! I prefer using a blade for this particular operation as it is more effective. The finished look is great and you would think it was the factory pre-set length!

Use the blade tip at the tip of the lashes as it rests on a firm surface. Make sure you use an old board for this to avoid cutting into your precious furniture.

When I get to this point, I feel like some sculptor with a scalpel, slicing away tiny little tips till I have a uniform shorter length.

Can I Trim My Lash Extensions After Application?

In lash extension applications, there are do’s and don’ts. Trimming your lash extensions after the application is one of the DON’TS of lash fixes. Trimming your lashes after application can pose serious risks such as:

  • You could cut your natural lashes in the process and damage them.
  • You run the risk of hurting your eyes using a sharp instrument near it.
  • It would be impossible to do a proper trimming with the lashes on.

All trimmings should be done before the lash is fixed and not after.

How To Avoid Purchasing Too Thick Lash Extensions

Lash extensions come in varied thicknesses and lengths. Selecting a lash extension is not as easy as it seems, the tendency to pick a very thick one is there. To avoid going home with an unpleasant lash choice, it is best advised to check your lash length and thickness before purchase.

Lashes thickness is measured in diameter and it can range from 0.05 – 0.20 mm. From very thin-looking lashes to very thick lashes. The choice is yours depending on the thickness of your natural lashes.

Lash Tip Here

Carefully observe your lashes in a mirror.

Make sure your eyes are void of eye makeup that may enhance their look or thickness.

Without mascara on, look at your lashes and view their thickness and length.

Choose lash extensions with thickness the same as your lashes to avoid lash damage.

A step as simple as this saves you much time spent trimming your lashes or even losing your money’s worth.

Anything Wrong with Wearing Too Thick Eyelash Extensions?

We have emphasized the point that too thick eyelash extensions could weigh heavily on your lashes and cause them to shed prematurely. To have your lashes in good shape after you take off your lash extensions, avoid very thick lashes.

Apart from artistic purposes, too thick-looking eyelash extensions are not flattering. Too thick lash extensions make your eyes look heavy, and bring no glamour to your look. In a world where the look is everything, too thick lash extensions spoil everything!

Your favorite celebs slay the Red Carpet with gorgeous lash extensions that perfectly fit their eye shape and the occasion. Yes, they have professional lash artists who make all the lash decisions on their behalf. If you are not in their shoes, our lash extension tips are just a click away.

You can read how to choose the perfect lash for your eye shape, and get useful tips to nail that lash look.

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