How to Make Lash Shampoo

Lash shampoo is specially formulated to provide nutrients and proteins that help keep your eyelashes healthy, but you can also make it yourself at home by combining the similar ingredients you’d find in store-bought lash shampoo.

How do you make your own eyelash shampoo?

Making your own lash shampoo will save you money and help you customize the formula to fit your specific needs and preferences. Check out our simple guide on how to make lash shampoo below!

Step 1: Collect Ingredients

Lash-growing ingredients include castor oil, beeswax, and protein-rich foods like eggs and cottage cheese. These are easy to acquire at home or by visiting your local health food store or you can buy them online.

After you get all of your ingredients together, you will want to mix them together in a container. It is important that they are mixed thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of all of their properties so that each lash is enhanced evenly!

Another tip for creating great lash shampoo is to make sure that you use all-natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients can negatively impact your health and as well as cause you harm, especially when they get into your eyes!

This is why it is essential to only use natural products that are organic and fresh. Just because something might be cheap or even free does not mean that it’s right for you. The right way to go about making great lash shampoo is always by using quality ingredients.

Step 2: Mix & Refrigerate

While rubbing your mixture together in step 1, you will notice that there is some separation of oil and water. Simply stir it up to combine and refrigerate for 24 hours. The longer you let it sit, the thicker it will get! Letting it sit overnight isn’t a bad idea if you need to make more than a small batch at once.

After you let your mixture sit, simply scoop out a small amount. If it’s too thick for your tastes, add in just a few drops of water and stir to combine before using. Use your favorite mascara brush to apply as desired!

The mascara will come off with any normal makeup remover when you need to take it off. This mixture will last for about 3 months if refrigerated – so make sure to keep some on hand at all times.

Step 3: Apply

Apply Lash Conditioner on your eyelashes. Leave it for five minutes. Finally, remove with a wet cotton ball or tissue. You will be able to observe that your lashes have lengthened and gained volume within three weeks of use! For longer-lasting results, continue using it on a regular basis.

Wash off mascara, if you are wearing any. Remember, it’s important that you don’t use soap or oil-based products on your eyelashes before you apply Lash Conditioner. Use a wet cotton ball or tissue to remove it after five minutes.

After removing Lash Conditioner, try not to rub your eyes. This will ensure that all of the Lash Conditioner is removed completely and prevent any residue from irritating your eyes. You may also need to wash off any remaining residue using a wet cotton ball or tissue so there won’t be any irritation when you sleep at night!

Step 4: Wait & Wipe Off

Once your mask is dry, wash off in with warm water and then wipe away any remaining dead skin. You’ll know that it’s all off when you can see no more blackheads or clogged pores. Rinse with cold water and apply moisturizer.

This step is very important because leaving it on overnight can damage your face! Repeat as needed. If you have sensitive skin, only use it once a week and consult a dermatologist before trying to get rid of stubborn blackheads.

Step 5: Cleanse

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil to remove dirt and makeup residue from earlier in the day. Wait for 5 minutes before proceeding to step 2 so that it has time to soak into your pores. If using an exfoliating scrub, do so now but be gentle – roughing up your skin will just cause irritation and lead to ingrown hairs later on! Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Why Use Lash Shampoos?

Great lash shampoos are designed to remove debris, residue, and makeup off eyelashes gently. Using one at least once a day improves lash health dramatically. Consider the procedure to be comparable to washing your scalp and hair to remove hidden oil, dandruff, and debris.

Pros of Making Your Own Lash Shampoo

Saving Cost

Making your own lash shampoo is without a doubt a cost-effective way of going about it. Yes, there are some cheaper alternatives from other companies out there, but as the saying goes, “you get what you paid for”. So, any company making a cheaper version of lash shampoos will consider producing a lower quality to match the price.

You already know what’s inside

Although corporations are required by law to disclose the components in their goods, let’s be honest: we don’t always read the labels, even if we should. Shampoo, in particular, typically contains a variety of ingredients that are detrimental to our entire health and well-being.

Preparing your homemade shampoo gives you complete control over the ingredients. And when you have that type of self-assurance, you don’t have to be concerned about putting things on your lashes that may be harmful in the long term.

You Can Tailor It to Your Specific Needs

Another advantage of making your own lash shampoo is that you can tailor it to your specific needs. So, rather than spending 30 minutes or more in stores trying to figure out which marketed product is the closest to what you want, you may “create” your own based on your needs. Even though, in the end, the key ingredients still have to be there.


Lash shampoo is a home-made product that helps create fuller and longer lashes. Lash shampoos are easy to make, easy to apply, and natural alternatives to lash extensions. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Instead of spending money on store-bought lash shampoos, follow these steps below in order to make your own at home. Not only will you be saving time and money but you will also have better control over what goes into your products.

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