What is a Hybrid Eyelash Extension?

The Hybrid Eyelash Extension is a stunning mix of the Classic Eyelash Extension and the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension. Eyelash extensions are your go-to cosmetic application to nail that celebrity look.

They are so diverse in curls, thickness, and fullness that it takes a Lash Stylist to help you keep up with their diversity and make a perfect choice. One eyelash extension that’s caught the attention of many lash lovers is the Hybrid Extension.

What’s So Fascinating About Hybrid Extensions?

What is fascinating about Hybrid eyelash extensions is that they blend two extension types. Yes, you heard that right! The Hybrid Eyelash Extension is an excellent blend of the Classic Eyelash Extension and the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension.

It’s blended in ratios that would best create the desired look, and the Hybrid Eyelash Extension is the perfect play between length and volume.

So How Are Hybrid Lash Extensions Made

Hybrid Lash extension
Hybrid Lash extensions by @Anabel Nunez

Hybrid extensions come from a 50-50 blend of The Classic Lash Extension and The Volume Lash Extension or a 70-30 blend.

To better understand the Hybrid eyelash extensions, you must first be well acquainted with the Classic Lash Extension and The Russian Volume Extension.

Classic Lash Extension

A Classic Lash Extension is Lash Extension in its simplest form, as one lash extension is attached to just a strand of your natural lash; fixed in a ratio of one to one (1:1) with a non-irritating glue.

This lash extension is known to give you that more defined natural lash look with a lift and some length. So if you like to keep it simple, this is for you as this takes the least time to get fixed.

Volume Eyelash Extension

The very opposite of the Simple Classic Eyelash Extension is The Volume Eyelash Extension; it gets its name because it is designed to add volume to your natural lash line. The Volume Lash Extension is in ratios of 2-6 fans to one lash strand.

The Volume Lash extensions are super light and numbered as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D to depict the number of strands. They are carefully attached fan by fan to a strand to give that full, thick, and dramatic lash effect. This look is for the bold, daring, and anyone willing to make a catchy appearance.

So What’s The Fuss About Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Hybrid Lash Extensions are famous for creating the Wispy, texturized lash look that makes your eyes pop and heads turn. It’s fast becoming the choice of many as it gives a balanced look of length and volume giving your lashes that alluring look without the dramatic look associated with Volume Lashes. 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Hybrid Eyelash Extension Fix Done?

The amount of time required to get a Hybrid Eyelash Extension fix done depends on the lash technician’s speed and skill. The Classic Lash extension, which is the simplest to fix, takes about an hour to get done; but we know the Hybrid is a blend of both the Classic and Volume lashes, and it’s fixed in a ratio that creates the desired lash look.

For instance, if you want your Hybrid Lashes with more volume, you’d do a 30-70 ratio, that is to say, 30 % for the Classic Lashes and 70% for Volume Lashes. It would take more time as each fan is attached to give a uniform distribution; the same thing goes; if you want a more simple hybrid look, you will do a 70-30 ratio of the classic and volume lashes.

To get that desired Hybrid lash, you should be willing to invest some good time, say, 1hour 30mins to about 2hours plus. If the hybrid lash extensions are already ‘fanned’ together, the time taken would be shorter, but if the lash stylist creates the fan by gluing two or more strands of lashes together, this would be more time-consuming.

Price of Hybrid Lash Extensions

Colored Hybrid extensions

It is no news that getting a good lash extension would cost you some money, and fixing it also by a professional could be pretty pricey. Depending on the salon’s location, prices could vary from $200 to $300.

Care Tips for Your Lash Extensions

Your new lashes took you some good time and money to get done, and it deserves your love and care. So here are some valuable tips to make your lash investment worth the effort.

  • Keep away from water.

Keep your lash extensions intact by avoiding exposure to water within 24-48hours after it’s fixed. The lash tech carefully attaches the extensions with suitable lash glue, and time is required to allow the glue to dry correctly. Getting water into them in the first few hours would interrupt the glue’s curing, causing a weak bond.

  • Avoid Heat Treatments

Avoid Steaming, Sauna, and Heat treatments after your extensions have been fixed. It’s tempting with your Spa appointment to book other spa services like face and body steaming, and heat treatments should be done before getting your lash extensions fixed and not after.

  • Use A Lash Brush

One essential item needed on a regular is the lash brush or Spoolie. It is like a comb or a hairbrush; you use it to comb your lashes and keep them in good shape. You don’t have to opt for an expensive lash brush, but you could get a used mascara brush, clean it properly, and voila! You have A Lash Brush.

  • Shampoo your lash extensions.

I guess you weren’t expecting this, and it’s pretty understandable. Many are used to shampooing their hair and hair extensions and think lash extensions don’t need shampooing. Why shampoo your lashes anyways?

Your lashes can quickly gather product build-up from your makeup, face cream, oils, etc. This can cause the glue to break quickly, hence the need to shampoo. In no way does this mean a heavy shampoo squeeze is used, but a minimal amount to lather and rinse with clean water; please do not use warm water.

A mild, gentle shampoo would suffice, do this with the eyes closed and allow the water to run down your face. Make sure you avoid facing the shower-head directly as the force of the water could affect your extensions.

Dab lightly with a clean face towel to prevent dirt from being reintroduced. Your spoolie can come in handy here as you use the brush wand to comb out the extensions and properly brush out oil and dirt. Your lash extension needs to stay clean to prevent germs from getting to your eyes.

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