How To Wash Eyelash Extensions

Washing your eyelash extensions, as you might imagine, should be done very carefully so as not to damage them or irritate your eyes. But, how exactly can you wash your eyelash extensions? And what products are the best for your eyelash extensions?

Keep reading this article to know how to wash your eyelash extensions so that you can have beautiful and healthy lashes every day!

How to wash your eyelash extensions

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Most eyelash extension technicians recommend washing your own lashes once or twice a week with an oil-free makeup remover. Follow up with a natural, plant-based cleanser to thoroughly remove all traces of residue from your extensions and your natural lashes.

As mentioned earlier, even though it may seem counterintuitive, avoid using soap because it can dry out your eye area and strip away beneficial oils. Make sure to follow these guidelines so you don’t accidentally damage your beloved set of extensions!

  • Start by selecting a good cleanser. To eliminate dirt, oil, and debris and rejuvenate your eyelashes, choose a mild, glycol-free cleanser. Additionally, an antibacterial cleanser will preserve the health of your eyes and lashes.
  • Secondly, always remember to be gentle while doing it. The extensions will fall out if you pluck, rub, or tag your lashes while cleaning them. Brush your lashes or softly massage your eyelid with your finger if you have an itch.
  • The next step is to remove any makeup you have on before you commence the washing procedure.
  • After that, use a brush or cotton pad to gently clean the extensions, as fingers can be too thick when used. A clean mascara wand would be best.
  • Finally, you can now rinse, dry, and brush the lashes again.

How long does it take for lash extensions to dry after washing?

The time it takes to dry will depend on what type of shampoo you use and how long your eyelashes are. If you wash them first thing in the morning, they should be dry by lunch. If you wash them before bed, they’ll probably still be damp when you wake up.

It is recommended that you wash your extensions right before you go to bed. This allows plenty of time for your eyelashes to dry completely and any post-washing itchiness has faded by morning! Another benefit of washing at night is that your lashes won’t get wet while you sleep.

What do you do in between washes?

When you think about your daily beauty regimen, chances are you don’t include washing your eyelashes. The thing is, many of us don’t realize that mascara and eyeliner can leave our eye area feeling itchy and irritated—even to the point where small red bumps begin to form around our eyes.

If we only wash our faces once or twice a day, these irritants could stay on (and in) our skin for most of the day. Although there isn’t a hard-and-fast advice rule on how often you should be cleaning off your eyelashes, it’s a good idea to wash them with soap and water at least once between washes to get rid of any makeup buildup that might be irritating your eyes.

What products can you use to clean eyelash extensions?

Makeup remover is a great product to remove makeup, sweat, and oil from your lashes after wearing them. It’s easy to find affordable mascara or eye makeup remover at any cosmetic store. For a natural cleansing that won’t strip your lashes of their essential oils, use warm water with a small amount of castile soap.

Castile soap can be bought in liquid form or as an olive oil bar. If you choose to use castile soap as an olive oil bar, wet it first before gently rubbing it over your extensions for about 15 seconds. Then rinse off with warm water.

You should never use harsh chemicals like bleach or peroxide on your eyelashes. This will cause damage to both your eyelashes and eyes if they get into your eyes during cleaning. If you have sensitive skin, try using baby shampoo instead of traditional shampoo when washing your extensions; it has less harsh chemicals than most shampoos do.

Baby shampoo also helps keep lashes soft while removing dirt and oil buildup without stripping away all of its natural oils. Or you can make your own homemade lash shampoo.

What Happens If Lash Extensions Aren’t Cleaned Properly?

If you wear eyelash extensions for any length of time, you are going to want to know how to clean them. You can certainly go out and buy an expensive kit from a salon, but that will just take out a lot from your wallet.

If you’re careful about what products you use and how you wash your lashes, then the lashes should last for some time. A good place to start is by washing your face thoroughly before bed. Use a non-oily facial cleanser or liquid soap (nothing too harsh) and wash your face with warm water.

This will help loosen up any oils that may have accumulated on your lashes during the day. Pat dry and let it air dry for five minutes before using these methods on your eyelashes

How often should you wash your lash extensions?

If you wear lash extensions, it’s vital to take proper care of them. You should wash your eyelashes every one to two weeks. You should never leave them on for more than two weeks at a time as they could damage your natural lashes or cause infection in your eyes.

It is also best to follow a set schedule and not just wash them when you feel like it. If you don’t want to follow a specific schedule, then try washing them once a week. This way, you will be able to keep track of how long your extensions have been on without any problems.

Just remember that it is always better to clean them more often so that they can stay fresh and healthy. If you keep long intervals between washes, then they can start getting clumpy and sticky which means that dirt has built up on them over time.

When you notice that your extensions are starting to look clumpy or dirty, then it’s probably time for a good cleaning!

Do I use soap? No! Never use soap when washing your eyelashes. Soap tends to dry out your skin which means that if you use soap on your lashes, then there’s a chance that they will become brittle or fall out over time.

Final Words

As a beauty treatment, eyelash extensions are amazing. They last long, look great, and don’t require any work on your part. But, for many people, washing them can be confusing because there are so many different ways to do it. However, not all methods have safety considerations. Following the tips above can help you stay safe while doing it.

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