10 Signs of Dirty Eyelash Extensions (Plus 5 Cleaning Tips)

One of the most challenging issues a lash technician faces is dirty lashes, and it is frustrating to see a client show up to their lash appointment with dirty lashes. For this reason, extra time is spent cleaning the lashes before starting the appointment.

Educating clients on how to take responsibility for their lashes and adequately taking care of them will make it easier for both the lash technician and the client. The purpose of eyelash extensions is to make the eyes look prominent without needing mascaras. Despite that, dead skin cells, dirt, makeup, and oil can cause build-up on your lash line, and this way, it can eat up your lash extension’s bond.

Dirty eyelash extensions can also cause the lash glue to become weak, resulting in your lash extensions falling off your natural lashes rather than lasting through the life span of your natural lash cycle. In addition, dirty eyelash extensions don’t usually look dirty when you look at them in the mirror, but a lash technician can see the build-up of dirt and lash mites with a lamp or magnifying glass.

10 Signs Of Dirty Eyelash Extensions

Dirty Lash Extensions

Dirty eyelash extensions can make you feel and look uncomfortable. You might also feel itchiness, burning, and irritation. However, many signs can indicate dirty eyelash extensions. Below are ten signs of dirty eyelash extensions

1. The Lash Extensions Poke, Twist Around, And Irritate Your Eyes

The only reason lash extensions will poke, twist around and irritate your eyes is that they are dirty. A clean lash extension should feel comfortable, light, and smooth on the lash line. You can further irritate the lashes by constantly scratching, brushing, and moving.

Though the irritation or itchiness could also mean that the extensions are too long, and as a result, they end up spinning, twisting, drooping, and turning. Moreover, if you feel any of these signs, it is a sign of dirty eyelash extensions.

2. The Lash Extensions Lasts For A Few Weeks Or A Few Days

Generally, lash extensions are meant to last not less than one month, but when they come off within a few days or weeks, it is a sign of a dirty eyelash extension. The lash extension glue does not adhere well to dirty lash extensions as oils are the number one enemy.

The accumulation of oils, makeup, and debris can cause dirty eyelash extensions, so if your lash extensions are not as attractive a week after you get them, it means the extensions are dirty. So, it needs to be removed.

Although, it could also mean you didn’t have enough extensions applied in the first place, and with natural shedding, you tend to lose more lashes. Therefore, even if you didn’t have enough extensions applied in the first place, your lashes may look sparse and unnatural.

3. Eyelash Mites

Eyelash Mites caused by bad lash extensions

Eyelash mites are the most common sign of dirty eyelash extensions. Eyelash mites are harmless bacteria that can cause itchy, crusty, red, and bumpy eyelids. Generally, these mites can’t be seen with the naked eye except under a microscope.

One way to know you have eyelash mites is by feeling a burning irritation inside your eyelid, an unexplained tearing in your eyes, or crusty red edges on your eyelids. To get rid of these mites, try going for an eyelid spa treatment to wipe the mites out of the eyes or gently massage the eyelid and apply a mild foaming cleanser to the lashes.

4. Blepharitis

Blepharitis bad lash extension

Improper cleaning of your lash extensions can cause blepharitis, commonly occurring when the tiny eyelid’s glands become inflamed. To prevent blepharitis from occurring, clean and wash the lash extensions regularly.

5. Flakes Or Crusts At The Base Of The Lash Extensions

This occurs when discharge from the eyes dries on the eyelids, lashes, or corners of the eye, and when the discharge is still wet, it can make the eyes sticky.

6. Glue Is Visible

A clean lash extension won’t have glue visible on the lashes. As earlier mentioned, the accumulation of oils and other forms of dirt on the eyelash extensions weakens the retention of the glue. Therefore, when your lash extensions are dirty, the glue becomes weakened, and the extensions start to fall off. You might want to check out: 10 Ways to Get Eyelash Glue Off Lashes

7. Lash Extensions Become Crusty And Clumpy

We all know that crusty and clumpy lashes are unattractive and can make you feel uncomfortable. Although, this sign can also result from too much glue applied to the extensions, which can cause the lashes to form stiff clusters. You may also notice yellow residue on the extensions due to the excess glue or other products used during the application process.

8. Impossible To Brush

In keeping your lash extensions clean, brushing them regularly is highly recommended to ensure the lash extensions are free from oil, dust, or makeup. Meanwhile, when you are unable to brush your lashes, it is a sign that the extensions are dirty, especially when brushing becomes irritating and painful.

9. Excess Eye Rubbing

Although rubbing your eyes feels natural and relieving, it can cause more damage than you think. A significant sign of dirty eyelash extension is excess eye rubbing, and not only can this habit create dark circles, but it can also cause the tiny blood vessels to break or harm the lens of the cornea. As a result, the friction caused by vigorously rubbing the eyes can cause infections and make the lashes fall out.

10. Eye Infection

This is another significant sign of dirty eyelash extensions. It is commonly caused by a bacteria or a virus on your fingers that is transmitted when you touch your eye.

To prevent the signs listed above, you must ensure you maintain the healthiest lashes by cleaning and washing them regularly. Here is how you should clean them regularly.

  1. Wash your lash extension daily if you wear makeup often. If you don’t, wash them at least 2-3 times weekly.
  2. Use a mild lash extension cleanser and not an oil-based cleanser.
  3. Clean the lash extensions by gently rubbing the lash line using the cleanser alongside a lint-free applicator.
  4. Rinse, then cleanser off your face with soap water.
  5. Allow the lash extensions dry by using an eyelash fan. You might want to check out: How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Final Note

Keeping your lash extensions clean is one of the essential parts of lash aftercare. As a lash technician, speaking to your clients about their dirty lash extensions can be, at times, uncomfortable. Still, the more you educate them on the importance of cleaning their lash extensions, the more they understand its logic. You might want to check out: 20 Aftercare Lash Tips

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