How to Do a Lash Lift Yourself

Everyone looks forward to beautifully curved lashes that make a statement, and with the advent of new lash trends like the lash lift, your dream can become a reality in a short while. Our lashes are said to adorn our eyes and give protection to them at the same time. 

Many have tried out new ways to keep their lashes looking attractive for longer and one trendy discovery is the Lash Lift.

Other Ways Lash Lifting Was Done

Before the advent of Lash Lifts many used Mascara to lift the lashes and give a more voluminous lash look. Lash Curlers are still being used to curl up lashes giving a lifted lash look. We have beauty innovators to thank for The Lash Lift.

We all know that long thick curved lashes are everyone’s desire and admiration, and while many may opt for lash extensions to get instant results, A Lash Lift is another means of getting longer, curvier-looking lashes. 

What Is A Lash Lift?

Our eyes are said to be the window of our souls and an attractive facial feature. Our eyes are surrounded by hairs called ‘eyelashes’ that serve beyond just protection purposes but also for beauty purposes. 

A Lash Lift is a cosmetic treatment that enhances the curl of natural lashes giving them a lifted look for a long period. The Lash Lift application is carried out on the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with a Lash Lift Kit. Lash lifts cannot be done with just any kind of curling or perming ingredient, it must be a specially formulated treatment for lashes.

Can A Lash Lift Be Done At Home?

Yes, it can be done at home, and that’s the very purpose of this article to guide you on doing your lash lift.

If you are looking at trying a lash lift treatment in the comfort of your home, it is crucial to purchase a Lash Lift Kit.

A Lash Lift Kit is an essential requirement for getting a lash lift done at home and it is considered safe when instructions are correctly followed.

What Is Inside A Lash Lift Kit?

Lash Lift Kit
Upgraded Lash Lift Kit

The Lash Lift Kit has become popular and it’s quite easy to purchase as it is available in many online stores and beauty stores. The Lash Lift Kit comes as a boxed pack containing the needed tools to carry out your lash lift. 

The items found in a lash lift kit are listed below:

  •  Silicone shield or rod
  • Y-shaped brush tool
  • A temporary Lash Glue
  • Lash Styling Lotion
  • Lash Setting Lotion
  • A Set of Under Eye Patch
  • An applicator brush
  • An instruction manual

The contents of the lash lift kit may vary depending on the brand and if it offers another lash service like tinting it may come with a lash dye inclusive. Another possible addition in a lash lift kit is a nourishing lash treatment, this treatment is applied to nourish and strengthen the lashes, thereby preventing lashes from breaking and shedding too quickly.

Step by Step Process of a DIY Lash Lift

How to Do a Lash Lift Yourself

We would be putting you through how to get your lash lift done yourself and this is how:

  1. Read the Instruction Manual Carefully 

Your purchased lash lift kit isn’t just enough to get the work done, you must be willing to read carefully the attached instruction manual in the box. You mustn’t do this, as you should know you are dealing with a very sensitive organ and the utmost care must be given. 

2. Identify Your Lash Kit Items

Once you are done digesting the information written, identify all the application items correctly. You must use the right item and tool correctly to avoid mistakes that could alter your lash lift.

3. Clean Your Eye Area

Some kits do come with a cleanser, but if yours doesn’t, use your oil-free cleanser to wipe your eye area to avoid dirt, and oil that could interfere with the treatment.

4. Fix the Under Eye Pad

Within the box are protective under-eye pads, which are to be placed on the under-eye to avoid possible chemical spill-over leading to eye skin sensitivity which may lead to redness and itching. Secure the under-eye pad by using strips.

5. Fix the Silicone Shield or Rod

Fix the silicone shield on the upper eyelid and allow the base of the shield to rest close to the eyelash line. Take out some of the glue in the box and put it at the back of the silicone shield and allow it to get tacky and place it on the upper eyelid. The glue keeps the silicone shield in place and prevents it from shifting once you begin.

6. Set the eyelashes on the Silicone Shield

Once your silicone shields are in place, get out some of the glue and use the Y -Y-shaped tool, and brush the lashes onto the rod or silicone shield. Make sure all the lashes are carefully brushed and well separated on the shield to have a beautiful lift.

7. Begin Applying The Lifting Lotion

Once you have all the lash strands on the shield, you can begin applying the lifting lotion. Spread a good amount onto the lashes, starting from the base of the lashes and spreading it to the midpoint. Please refer to the instruction booklet to know how long this would last. 

8. Apply the Setting Lotion

After the application of the lifting lotion, your setting lotion comes next. Use a good tip tool like a toothpick, or cotton bud to spread the lotions on the lashes and give a more precise application.

9. You can add other applications.

If your Lash Lift Kit comes with a tint, after the stipulated time on the manual, get out the tint and follow instructions for tint usage. some kits come with a nourishing lotion too. Apply on lashes and leave it on for the stipulated time.

10. After Applications 

Using a cotton pad, clean the excess applications out. Remove the Silicone shields and under-eye pads and this process should not attract any kind of pain.

DIY Lash Lift Take-away

DIY’s come with their pros and cons and should be carefully looked at before starting.

Don’t attempt to do both eyes at the same time, as the possibility of getting chemicals into your eyes is completely unavoidable and this could lead to harmful side effects.

Professional Lash Lifts come with a major advantage, you get to have your eyes closed throughout the application process and that gives an almost zero chance of getting chemicals into the eyes. Though booking for a professional lash lift in a beauty salon may incur extra cost, it guarantees your lash lift is done by a trained professional.

DIY Lash Lift requires you to monitor time and stick with the same time for each eye application to get a uniform lash lift. When this isn’t strictly followed, you may end up with over-processed lashes and possible irritations.

With a DIY lash lift, there is the possibility of not getting desired results on the first attempt, seeing you aren’t a professional lash stylist.

Take note that you may not get that prominent lash lift to look if you skip using a tinting dye, except you are well endowed with already thick, full lashes, then you may not need this application. The idea of using the tint dye is to have darker-looking lashes which gives a more voluminous look.

How Much Does A Lash Lift Kit Cost?

Lash Lift Kits are quite easy to get and we owe that to their popularity. A good lash lift kit could cost up to $20 or more. The AYASAL Home and Professional lash kit is pretty affordable When getting a lash lift kit check well for reviews. 

How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent application and it can last till the next lash cycle which is about 6weeks.

Can I Shower with My Lash Lift?

Yes, you can! Just do well to avoid showering for the first 24 hours and after then you can enjoy your shower moments just the way you like.

A Lash Lift at home is very tempting and trying one for yourself is a temptation to possibly yield to as long as you are willing to strictly observe the instructions you could end up with a well lifted-longer looking lash in a short while. DIYs are definitely for the bold and daring, a DIY Lash Lift is worth the beauty adventure.

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