What Are Eyelash Extensions?

So you just left your girl, and she was all about her new lash extensions, and you couldn’t help but notice the new look and boost of confidence. Well, that’s what lash extensions give you; a new look that comes with a whole new vibe! 

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent cosmetic applications applied strand by strand or fan by fan to enhance natural eyelashes’ curl, fullness, and length. These extensions are made to look and imitate the natural lashes only with various curls and volumes.

So What Are Lash Extensions Made of?

eyelash made of

Lash extensions are of different materials, both natural and synthetic. It varies from mink (both original and faux mink), horse hairs, human hair, and silk fibers.

The materials used goes a long way to determine the general look of the lash extensions. They are lightweight and made to imitate your natural lash. If well applied by a lash technician, you are sure of fuller, longer lashes in about an hour.

Is A Lash Extension Fix For Everybody?

Yes, it is! Who wouldn’t want longer, fuller-looking lashes that leave you looking like a celebrity? Lash extensions are widely varied in curls and shape to suit your desired look and choice.

So it is open to all but should be temporarily avoided by anyone dealing with some eye skin irritations like boils, as this could worsen the irritations or condition.

What Should You Know Before Getting A Lash Extension Done?

Getting A Lash Extension

If you have never had a lash extension done, it would be an excellent start to get as much information about it before hitting a beauty salon.

Lash Extensions come in varied shapes, sizes, curls, thickness, and fullness, and knowing the look you want to create would determine your choice of extension. The thicker and fuller lashes come with a more dramatic look, while the more fluffy and scanty lashes are less dramatic and give you a more subtle and natural look. 

You should also know that getting a good lash extension would cost you some money, and having it fixed by a Professional Lash Technician would incur more costs depending on the beauty salon. Let’s look at different lash extensions in varied thicknesses and curls.

The Different Curls Of Lash Extensions

The beauty of lash extensions is that they are carefully applied strand by strand and attached to your natural lashes; this allows you to fix them to suit your eye shape.

The traditional false lashes, which come in a single strip, come with their shape and length and cannot be altered much. Eyelash extensions give you that customized lash look, fixed perfectly to suit you.

What Lash Curl Would Best Suit You?

Lash extensions can switch your look from a simple to a more dramatic look, and it’s all dependent on your choice of lash extension. While choosing lash extensions, it’s important to consider:

  •  The shape of your eyes: specific lash curls fit certain eye shapes than others. 
  •  Your natural lash shape, length, and thickness are also vital factors. Since the lashes are to be fixed alongside the natural lash, its best to get a lash extension matching your natural lash
  • The desired look: decide if you want it subtle or dramatic. The subtle look will go with fewer strands of lashes than the dramatic look, which carries a denser volume of lashes.

Lash Curls

Lashes come in different curls so that you can make your pick

  • B – Curls
  • C – Curls
  • D – Curls
  • CC – Curls
  • J-Curl
  • L – Curls
  • L+ Curls

The B curls have the most semblance to the curve of the natural lashes. At the same time, the C and D Curls give you that more curvy lash look. The most dramatic of the curls are the CC curls and L Curls. These curls create different eye look and a professional lash technician knows how to blend these curls to give you that look you desire.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Of course, they are not your natural lashes means they can’t last forever. However, how well you maintain them will determine their durability. A good Lash extension well-fixed can last well into 4-6 weeks.

It is applied about 1-2mm above the eyelid with a specially formulated adhesive that is non-irritating. Since applied to your natural lashes, they can only last till the next growth cycle of your natural lashes, after which they shed off. And this takes place in about six weeks.

What You Shouldn’t Do After Your Lash Extension Fix

You have spent some money getting lash extensions fixed, and you are not about to watch your money go down the drain by carelessness or ignorance. So it’s all about the care you give them. I have listed what you shouldn’t do while wearing your lash extensions.

  • First, I know you are all caught up with your new look; you must resist the temptation of touching them with your hands. Keep your hands away from pulling or tugging at your lash extensions. The pulling and tugging could change the fix done by your lash technician and significantly alter the look altogether. If you get teary while gushing over your new look, don’t rub your eyes, I repeat, don’t rub your eyes! Get toilet paper or a clean face towel and dab a little at the inner and outer corners of your eyes, and your lashes will survive the teary flood.
  • Taking your shower immediately after fixing your lash extension is not advisable. For the first few hours, don’t expose them to water. Allow the adhesive to properly dry and set before exposing them to water from the shower. You can opt to shower the rest of the body and clean your face with your choice cleanser while avoiding your eye area and lashes altogether.
  • Stay away from heat treatments like face steaming, saunas, etc. It would take about 24-48 hrs to have your lashes cure properly. The heat and moisture from these treatments could break the bond and spoil your well-fixed extensions.
  • It is important to keep oils or oily cleansers far away from your lash extensions as this could cause the adhesive to weaken and lose its hold. Don’t use makeup removers on your lashes, and you will have them on for much longer.
  • Avoid using a mechanical curler on your lashes. The curler can cause your lashes to break and damage them.
  • Avoid cutting or trimming your lashes once it’s fixed. It is essential to check with your stylist on the exact curl, style, and length best fits your features before it’s fixed. Trimming your lashes after being fixed can create blunt tips, which deny you that flattery look.

How You Can Best Maintain Your Lash Extensions While Wearing Them

We cannot overemphasize the care for your new lash extensions as this will make it easy to re-use them again and save you the money you’d otherwise spend getting new ones every time you need to get a fix done.

  • Purchase A Lash Brush or a Spoolie

This little brush can do more for you than consistently touching using your hands. You can use your spoolie to brush your lash extensions and set them in place, preventing possible germ introduction to your eyes through your hands.

  • Use A Lash Shampoo 

A shampoo to lather on your lashes will keep the lash clean and free from oils which can further weaken the hold of the adhesive. A simple baby shampoo like Johnson’s baby shampoo can do the trick.

  • Use A Heat Lash Curler

Instead of a mechanical curler, you can use a heated lash curler; this works like the curling iron for the hair. It helps to curl and set the lashes back to their shape.

Lash extensions are beautiful altogether, and they are worth fixing. However, you need the right info to nail that look you craved!

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