Hybrid vs Volume Lash Extension: Which is Right for You?

Maybe it’s your first-time getting eyelash extensions, or you’re thinking about upgrading your Classic lashes; you might have heard of either Hybrid or Volume lashes. This article will give you a better understanding of Hybrid and Volume lashes as well as their differences.

What Are Hybrid Lashes?

Hybrid Lashes
Hybrid Lashes by PureBlue Beauty

Hybrid Lashes are an ideal mixed set of Classic and Volume lashes in a 1:1. This lash extension also offers a variety of textures and more volume without the unnatural look of Volume lashes. Choosing Hybrid lashes gives the best of both worlds because they possess the definition of the Classic lashes and the fluffiness of Volume lashes.

This set of eyelash extensions also gives the lash artist more control and customizability. It is also suitable for individuals with naturally sparse lashes but looking for a natural look. Furthermore, Hybrid lashes are also referred to as a “mixed set” because it combines the fluffiness and richness of volume lashes with the darkness and length of Classic lashes.

In addition, Hybrid lashes are a very versatile style and can be more natural, dramatic, textured, or more straightforward. Most people also refer to Hybrid lashes as the “Celebrity Lash Service” because many high-profile celebrities and influencers use it.

Hybrid lashes also work on different eye shapes, but you must consult your lash artist about your desired look. They can also suggest a lash length or curl that works best with your eye shape.

Benefits Of Hybrid Lashes

  1. Hybrid Lashes offers a volumized lash line that can be an alternative to volume lashes.
  2. Hybrid Lashes offers a more texturized lash look.
  3. They offer a fuller lash line with a great blend of fullness and texture.

What Are Volume Lashes?

Volume lash extensions

Volume Lashes are a more advanced technique whereby a fan of multiple extensions is applied to each natural lash. However, depending on your natural look and your lash artist, this could mean 2 to 15 extensions per natural lash, usually expressed as 2D-15D. This lash extension provides a more dramatic, fuller, and fluffier look, and they are also lightweight to ensure that the fans do not stain your natural lashes.

Volume lashes
Volume lashes by Mayra’s Esthetics

In contrast to Classic Lashes, Volume Lashes are perfect for individuals who like wearing full-coverage makeup frequently and those with naturally sparse lashes. In addition, Volume lashes pump volume to your natural lashes and can be easily customized to give you the desired look.

The volume lash technique is different from other lash techniques because the materials used are different, and the technique is more advanced than the Classic lashes application.

Mega Volume Lash Extension
Mega Volume Lash Extensions by Timeless Beauty

Benefits Of Volume Lashes

  1. Volume Lashes make your eyes stand out at all times.
  2. They look so natural.
  3. With Volume Lashes, you don’t have to spend much time on your morning makeup routine.
  4. Volume lashes look darker than Classic lashes and create a more lavish look.
  5. Volume Lashes fill the gaps between sparse natural lashes.

Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume: Application

Hybrid Lashes often create a broken lash line that appears textured, spiky looking, and soft at the same time. This set of lash extensions is also recognized as a lash artist’s secret weapon to give a full and voluminous lash. Applying Hybrid lashes can take up to an hour and a half to three hours, depending on the look you want.

Also, your lash artist’s skill level and techniques determine how long you must wait before applying your lashes. Before starting, the lash artist will first discuss and analyze the proper range to use according to the structure of your natural eyelashes.

Often, most people get scared of trying out Hybrid lashes because they feel they are not safe. The truth is, Hybrid lashes are incredibly safe to apply as long as an experienced lash artist does it. To be safe, always run a patch test before your appointment to ensure you are not allergic to the adhesive.

On the other hand, the application of Volume lashes takes between. Here, the lash artist will isolate one natural lash with one set of tweezers while applying a fan of 2-6 eyelash extensions with the other set of tweezers to a single natural lash. You might be wondering if the fans used in Volume lashes will damage your natural lashes.

Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume Lashes: Cost

The average cost of Hybrid lashes is $192, but if you are going for a refill, it can cost up to $84. At the same time, that of Volume Lashes is $227, and the refill costs up to $95. Volume lashes are more expensive because they are an advanced technique of eyelash extensions, and they take a great deal of skill and expertise.

However, not every lash artist is experienced in using volume lash extensions because it is an advanced skill that costs a lot of asides requiring good experience. However, the time required to do a hybrid set of lash extensions is usually less than the volume set, even though it uses up more than the full extensions used in a classic set. That is why the cost of Hybrid lashes is usually between the cost of both classic and volume lashes.

Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume: Thickness

For Hybrid lashes, the lash artist combines the thicknesses of both volume and classic sets, and the thickness varies accordingly. For instance, your lash artist may use 0.07mm, 0.10mm, or 0.15mm for the classic lashes that will be applied, or a thickness of 0.03mm and 0.05 mm for the Volume lashes that will be used.

Furthermore, volume lashes use several lash extensions in every fan, and the thickness of each lash extension is usually lesser than that of the Classic set. Lash artists usually use false lashes with sizes ranging from 0.05 to 0.07 mm for Standard volume sets.

Either way, a 10D Fan might use an extension of 0.03 mm each, a 4D fan can use an extension of 0.05 mm each, and a 2D fan uses an extension of 0.07mm each. Always remember that the total weight of these various fans depends on the strength of your natural eyelashes, but if the fan is too heavy, it may damage your natural lashes.

Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume: Who Are They For?

Hybrid lashes are perfect for those who want to try the volume lashes but hesitate to. They are also perfect for people with lash issues and work best for those with thick, thin, sparse, and weak lashes. Similarly, Volume lashes are best for those with thin, weak, or sparse lashes.

They are also perfect for people who use strip lashes and those who prefer glam makeup to a natural one. Volume lashes are not just for those looking for thick lashes; they also enable gorgeous, natural-looking enhancement to be created, which can be excellent for everyday fullness.

Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume Lashes: Which Of Them Last Longer?

Hybrid lashes can last up to eight weeks if they are appropriately taken care of, but your lash extensions will shed since your lashes naturally fall out over time. We all shed our natural lashes with or without eyelash extensions, so as your natural lashes shed, your lash extensions will come out as well, which will require you to get lash infills to place new lash extensions on the new natural lashes. As a result, it is advisable to get lash fills every 2-3 weeks.

However, you can prevent this shedding by taking a few steps, which include, Fighting the urge to rub or scratch your eyes, avoiding the use of mascaras and oil-based products, refraining from getting your lashes wet, and so on. In most cases, Volume lashes tend to last longer because the fans cover more of the lash line, which means even if you lose some lashes, you would still get the feel of a thicker lash line.

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Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume: Aftercare

Hybrid lash aftercare is not challenging to follow; you just need to be careful in the first 24 hours of your lash treatment. Also, you need to follow other simple tips like Avoiding hot water, saunas, showering until the steam is completely dry, avoiding the use of oil-based products, lash curler or mascaras, and sleeping on your back.

Just like Hybrid lashes, volume lashes do not require any special aftercare, and it is advisable not to get them wet until the glue is completely dry. Also, avoid touching your lashes and try not to sleep on them.

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Hybrid Lashes Vs. Volume: Which One Is Better?

Now that we’ve analyzed and compared these two lash extensions, it’s time to find out which of them is better. However, note that each of these lash extensions has its pros and cons based on your eye and lash features.

Although there is no definite answer to which of these lash extensions are better if you want dramatic lashes that look natural for either a casual or fun look, go for Hybrid lashes. On the other hand, if you want a different look for a special occasion, say a wedding or an event, then Volume lashes are your best option.

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