C Curl vs D Curl Lash Extension

Lash extensions are loved for the curl, length, and thickness they give to the natural lashes. Lash extensions come in different curls, lengths, and thicknesses, making it easy to customize your look to suit your preferences. In customizing your look, you may be torn in-between choices, and one of such choices is which to use, the C or D Curl?

The C and D Curls are lash extension curls that can create different eyelash extension looks, and this article helps you know which of the two to use.

Types of Lash Curls

Lash stylists keep being innovative with varied lash lengths and curls, and that’s because there is such a wide range of lash curls to choose from. Before booking a lash appointment, get familiar with the different lash curls available and how they can change your eye look.

Lash extension curls can be slightly curled, well curled, slightly angled, or very angled. It is crucial to make your choice based on your desired look, and below is a list of lash curls available.

  • The J Curl

This lash curl is the least curled lash extension, it has a slight curl like the letter J.

  • The B Curl

This eyelash curl is the basic lash curl, and it is more frequently used in the inner corners of the eyes to give that semblance to the lashes at the inner corners.

  • The C Curl

The C Curl is well known for creating that curved lash like the natural lashes giving that lifted look to your lashes.

  • The CC Curl

This lash curl is known for its well-defined lash curl. The CC Curl is somewhere between the C and D curl.

  • The D Curl

The D Curl is the most curled lash, and it’s capable of giving that dramatic eye look.

  • The L Curl

The L Curl has a flat base with an outward flip. This lash curl is angled, and it has a close imitation of the Letter L.

  • The N Curl

The N Curl has a flat base with a very sharp upward flip making it the most angled lash curl. 

C vs D Lash Curls

d curl vs c curl

The most popularly used curls are the C and D Curls. Most eyelash extensions are in the C, CC, or D Curls. 

So are you torn between the C and D Curls? This article will guide you on all you need to know about the C and D Curls and how you can best work with them to create stunning lashes.

The C Curl

C Curl Lash Extension
C Curl Lash Extension by Lashed Badie

Many lash stylists love working with the C curl a lot because it has a curve that’s not too dramatic and gives a well-lifted look. The C Curl is more curved than the B Curl and less curled than the D Curls. It makes the eyes more prominent, giving you the look of curled lashes.

 The C curl has a little flat base compared to the L Curl and can be great for people with deep-set eyes as it would give a more open eye effect. This curl is easy to work with and looks great on many eye shapes.

The D Curl

D Curl Lash Extension

D Curl Lash Extension by The Bohemian Rooms

The D Curl is another favorite in the lash world! If you want it curlier and curvier, then go D Curl! This lash curl is great for creating a dramatic look. D Curls are curvier and give a more prominent look that’s impossible to ignore.

The curvature of the D Curl looks more like the Letter D, styled for the ‘bolD’ and ‘Daring’!It’s the best option to make a statement! The D Curl is also great for those with hooded eyes, monolid and deep-set eyes.

Now that you have a clearer picture of how these calls look, you are probably looking out for more. And yes, there is more! With curls, you can always have more!

How to Use and Blend the C Curl and D Curl

C Curl and D Curl lash extensions
Volume Lash Extensions (2D – 4D 0.7 0.10 C, D Curl) by Lash And Brow Studio

Ladies love curls; who doesn’t love curls?! They are so versatile and trendy! Curled hair, Curled Lashes, we love our curls! But, how can we use the C Curl and D Curl in creating gorgeous lashes? Read on to find out!

The different eyelash extension types are created with the blend of one, two, or more curls to give your eyes that stunning look. Let’s look at these eyelash extension styles and see how the C and D Curl is used

The Classic Eyelash Extension

This is a basic lash look loved by many for the simple ‘almost’ natural look it gives. Yes, with the Classic lash, you could get away with having a lash lift or curled lashes. This look is easily created with the C Curls in different lengths depending on the mapping style used! 

The Wispy Eyelash Extension

The wispy fluffy look is created by the blend of both the C Curl and D Curl. The D Curl many times is used to create a spiky look.

Volume Lashes 

Volume lashes are lashes created by adding two or more fans together. The most curl used to create this curl is the D Curl. It is numbered as 2D, 3D to 10D, and it is applied depending on the strength of your natural lashes.

Lash Curls, Thickness, and Length

When creating an eyelash extension look, curls are not the only thing to look for, the thickness and length of the lash extension are very vital to the general outlook of your eyelash extension.

It’s easy to customize a lash look by playing with different curls, thicknesses, and lengths. Before a lash fix is done, make sure you know your curls, length, and thickness.

Lash Length

In placing lash extensions the shortest lengths are always placed at the inner corners of the eyes and lengths gradually increase to the midsection and, or outer corners depending on the mapping style.

Most lash lengths are from 5mm to 15mm in length. The 5mm- 9mm lengths are used mainly in the inner corners of the eyes to imitate the shorter natural lashes in your inner corners. While lengths of 9 – 13mm are used in the midsections, and longer lengths like 14mm and 15mm are used in areas to create the longest lash all due to the mapping style in view.

Lash Thickness

It is essential to consider lash thickness when applying lash extensions. Lash thickness is based on its diameter and it falls within 0.03 – 0.2. The thicker lashes create a more dramatic look and if it’s too thick it might look more fake.

Many want their lashes to look like human hair and be as natural as possible, and it’s easily created by using thinner lash fibers or using lash extensions that imitate the same thickness as natural lashes. In addition, the thinner fibers can be fanned together to give more volume as they would be safer for us on your lashes.

Thicker lashes can weigh more on your lashes and cause them to break. Before using a thick lash always ascertain your natural lash strength to carry the extension.

Lash Curls, Thickness, and Lengths are to be carefully selected to create your desired stunning look. Keep in mind that your lash stylist is your guide to making the right decisions concerning lash curls, thickness, and length. And that is why choosing a Professional Lash Stylist with renowned good lash jobs is very crucial. 

A good lash stylist can work with different curls to create different kinds of looks, your favorite C and D Curls are no exception. Your look determines which lash curl ought to be used.

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