10 Fun Eyeliner Looks (Plus Step-by-Step Tutorials)

We know how eyeliners can change your entire look. From the traditional wings look to the non-conventional fun eyeliner looks. Eyeliners are so precise at giving your eyes that perfect definition. The difference can be seen in your makeup and without one. When it comes to eyeliners, the rules have been broken, and for good reason.

Many have gone unconventional by creating diverse eyeliner looks that wow. So, in this article, we will explore ten fun eyeliner looks. You can try out these looks to give some playful vibe to your makeup.

10 Fun Eyeliner Looks

Makeup is an art in itself. And when you’re trying out eyeliner looks, you must be ready to get artistic.

If you are a beginner at trying out new eyeliner looks, you need not worry because I’ll be taking you step by step into creating these fun looks.

All you need is some eyeshadow palette, eyeliners in different colors, and, of course, a little creativity. Okay, let’s go!

1. Fun Tree Eyeliner Look

fun eyeliner looks

If you are a nature lover, you certainly might find this eyeliner look fun. To recreate this look, follow these simple steps:

Prep your eyes by grooming your brows and priming your eyelids.

To prep, your eyes, apply some eyeshadow primer to your eyelids and blend in.

Get some green eyeshadow from your eyeshadow palette, and apply some green eyeshadow to your upper lips using an eyeshadow brush.

Use your black liquid eyeliner to begin lining your eyes from the inner corners of your eyes.

As you begin from the inner corners, lift the eye line upwards, and as you approach the outer corner of the eyes.

Next, with the same liquid eyeliner, begin to draw out Strokes shaped like the root of a tree.
Here your creativity is needed.

To complete this look and give it a fun Vibe of a tree, use yellow eyeliner to create dots on the branch of the black eyeliner. These yellow dots give it the look of fruits.

And of course, to give the full glam, fix your false eyelash on your eyelids, and your phone looks, or should I say fun tree look is complete.

2. Orange and Blue Eyeliner Look

fun colored eyeliner looks

Orange is the color that creates warmth, so what better way to add fun to your eyes than to pop on some orange color? This look is not tasking to create, and even a beginner can score this. So here is how to go about creating this look.

Start with a well-groomed eyebrow.

Because eyeshadow is used here, it is essential to prime your eyelids.

Take some eyeshadow primer and prime your eyelids.

Using an eyeshadow brush, pick up the orange-colored eyeshadow from your palette and dab it onto the upper part of your eyelids.

Use the same brush and blend it out a little above your crease.

Use a colored mint-green pencil and line your waterline.

This look is complete, or you can decide to coat your lashes with some mascara or better fix a false eyelash.

3. The Rainbow Eyeliner Look

rainbow eyeliner looks

The rainbow eyeliner look is one look that would get you the stares of many eyes. So allow your artistic mind to get creative here.

Groom your eyebrows.

Apply some eyeshadow primer on your eyelids and blend in.

Use a white eyeshadow and blend on your upper lid before your crease.

Get your set of eyeliners in different colors.

Start using a colored liquid eyeliner, preferably mint green, draw an arc on your crease.

Next, use another colored pencil and draw an arc; right above the other. Continue drawing these arcs above each other with different colors to achieve a rainbow look. The look isn’t complete just yet.

Perfect this look by drawing two clouds in the eyes’ inner corner and the other in the outer corner, where the rainbow ends.

To draw the clouds use white eyeliner and draw a cloud at the end of the rainbow. Do well to color This Cloud to give it a full effect.

Use the same white eyeliner and draw another cloud at the other end of the rainbow tip at the outer corner of the eyes.

The possibility of staining your eyelashes with colored eyeliner is there, so hands need to cut your lashes with a black pigmented mascara.

4. Blue Dotted Eyeliner Look

blue eyeliner looks

This look is straightforward to create, and you don’t need to be a beauty expert. Follow these steps to recreate this look.

Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed.

Apply some eyeshadow primer on your eyelids and blend it into the skin.

Get your eyeshadow palette with an eyeshadow brush and apply some soft-toned eyeshadow color to your upper eyelids.

Using a liquid blue eyeliner creates big-looking dots from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner.

Dot back into the outer corner of the eyes to create a winged look.

Go ahead and fix your false eyelashes.

5. Double Winged Eyeliner Look

Double Winged Eyeliner Look

Here comes this orange eyeliner look that serves us double wings. This look gives a dazzling effect on your eye look. To create this look, follow these simple steps:

Always start with well-groomed eyebrows as it brings a beautiful definition to your eyes.

Prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer and blend into the skin.

Once again, using your eyeshadow brush, pick up a shimmering soft-toned color and apply it at the inner corner of your eyes.

Apply a dash of the same shimmer to your brow bone.

Use a liquid eyeliner in orange color to draw out a Bold wing from the end of your lower crease to the outer corner of your eyes.

Draw another Bold wing from the upper crease to the outer corner of your eyes.

Using the same orange liquid eyeliner, draw a line from the inner corner of your eyes upwards, reaching near your eyebrow line, and stop there.

To complete this look, you can use the same liquid eyeliner or orange colored pencil and line your lower lid.

Your orange double-winged eyeliner look is complete.

6. White Floral Eyeliner Look

colorful eyeliner looks

This flowery look brings a touch of nature to your eyes. Great for rocking on the beach, picnics, or that special vacation on that beautiful resort.


To create this look begin by grooming your eyebrows.

Next, prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer.

Use a neutral-toned eyeshadow to your eyelids using an eyeshadow brush.

This is where the art comes in, using white eyeliner to create a look. Think of this as though you were drawing a sunflower only with white eyeliner.

Draw about six to seven of these flowers across your eyelids.

To complete this look, get a yellow-white eyeliner, and that’s the middle of the flowers.

You can perfect this look by putting on a coat of mascara or applying a false eyelash.

7. The Yellow Sun Eyeliner Look

cute eyeliner looks

The look we have here is nature meeting makeup. This look is simple as we recreate the idea of the sun with the clouds. And this is how to create this look on your eyelids.

Always be friends with a well-groomed eyebrow.

Next, proceed to get your yellow liquid eyeliner.

Draw out a bold wing at the outer corner of the ice and line the upper eyelid also.

Use the same liquid eyeliner in yellow color to draw a big yellow Sun just underneath your brows and on your eyebrow bone.

Use the white eyeliner to draw two clouds on both sides of the yellow sun.

Proceed to line your lower eyelids with liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, or you can use a yellow eye pencil for this, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

8. Colourful Eyeliner Look

graphic eyeliner looks

If you are big on colors, then this is one eyeliner look for you to try out. So create this look following these steps.

Get your brows well groomed and in place.

Next, prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer and blend it into the skin.

Start this look by applying the eyeshadow first. Use an eyeshadow brush and pick a red-toned eyeshadow or pink. Don’t eyeshadow from your Shadow palettes and apply above the crease to underneath your eyebrows.

To create this look, you need white eyeliner and green eyeliner. Make sure the eyeliners are both liquid to give you a better bold and well-defined look.

Next, use our white eyeliner to line your eyelids and create a winged eye look with it.

Next, pick up the green liquid eyeliner and create a broader winged eye look with this eyeliner.

The green liquid eyeliner should be the most prominent eyeliner covering part of your eyelids up to your crease.

Next, finish this look using the same liquid white eyeliner to line right above the green.

To avoid white and green eyeliner stains on your lashes, coat your eyes with mascara or fix your false eyelashes.

9. Rainbow Dotted White Eyeliner

creative eyeliner looks

Here is another colorful eyeliner look to try out. To recreate this look, follow these simple steps.

Start with your well-groomed Island eyebrow.

Next, proceed to use your liquid white eyeliner to draw out a winged eye look.

This winged look is nothing different from your traditional eyeliner; it’s only in white.

And begin applying polka dots to your upper leads above your crease.

Create the dots one color at a time to make sure the dots are up to eight.

10. Electric Lightning Eyeliner Look

makeup looks with blue eyeliner

Electrify your look with this electric-themed eyeliner look. Follow these steps to create this look.

Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed and in place.

Use a blue eyeshadow to create an eyeliner look on your upper eyelids.

Also, apply the same blue eyeshadow across your upper eyelids in a jagged form with an eyeshadow brush.

Use the same white eyeliner in the same jagged line on your upper eyelids above your crease.

Complete this look by applying your false eyelash to your eyes.

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