How to Get Dramatic Eyelashes?

Dramatic eyelashes are every girl’s dream because they are always in style and uplift confidence. Imagine walking down the streets, and you get complimented daily because of your dramatic lashes. Getting dramatic eyelashes is relatively easy; you need to master the art of applying mascaras, and all you need is a little practice.

Dramatic Eyelashes

Dramatic eyelashes add natural and bold impact to your eyes and make them appear larger and rounder, giving you a dazzling and sexy appearance. You might be wondering how to get dramatic eyelashes without permanent lash extensions or most serums with side effects. However, there are different ways you can care for your lashes, apply different products, and use different tools to give you the dramatic eyelashes you desire.

How Do You Get Dramatic Eyelashes?

Dramatic Eyelashes.

Getting dramatic eyelashes starts with following the fitting instructions and adequately using the correct tools. Here are a few ways to get dramatic eyelashes.

1. Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes is one of the most important things you can do if you want to get dramatic eyelashes. Before curling your lashes, run the end of your curler under warm water so the pad and metal can heat up, then place your lashes and curl them like you usually do.

This will give your lashes your desired dramatic life that will last throughout the day. Do this gently for three seconds each and do it close to the eyelid, then midway up to the length of the eyelashes, and finally to the tip of the eyelash. Remember not to curl your lashes before applying mascaras; otherwise, your lashes will pull out.

2. Use An Eyelash Primer

Using an eyelash primer will add to the result you get from your favorite mascara, creating longer and thicker lashes. Not only will eyelash primer do these, but it will also protect the lashes from the harsh chemicals rooted in the mascaras.

3. Choose Your Mascara Correctly

Choose a good quality mascara that will evaluate your lashes and pick up where your lashes are lacking. Most mascaras have a lengthening effect, but if your lashes lack length, you can opt for a lengthening mascara with a spikey and rubberized wand. If your lashes are sparse, go for mascaras with a volumizing formula with a fluffy applicator.

Furthermore, one of the things to note when choosing mascaras is the size of the brush. Choosing mascaras with a big, bulky brush will make your lashes thicker and look fuller.

A brush with spikey bristles will also add volume to your lashes alongside length and definition. But if you want a more voluminous look and dramatic eyelashes, you should go for thickening mascaras.

4. Coat The Top And Bottom When Applying Mascaras

Over time, we tend to apply mascaras to only the undersides of our lashes and not the top and bottom. You have to be careful when applying mascaras to get your desired dramatic look.

Ensure you apply it to the top and bottom sides of your lashes first, then to the undersides. This way, all your lashes will be covered without losing any lift.

Coating the top and bottom of your lashes adds more volume and length to your lashes. All you need to do is get your mascara wand close to the root of the lashes and brush upward. You can also repeat this process on the top of your lashes by moving your mascara brush from the upper lash line through the tip of the lashes.

5. Go For Extreme Black

You can try out other colors of mascaras too, but black is the most flattening mascara color because it looks great on everyone. However, if you are blonde or redhead, you can try out a brown mascara. When you first purchase a mascara, you can’t be too sure if it’s black or not; the only way you can check if it’s extreme black is to swipe it on a white tissue or paper.

6. Use A Growth Serum

Another great way to get dramatic eyelashes is to use a growth serum. You need to apply the growth serum to your clean lashes every night; remember that it will take about a month to get any results. However, if you want to keep things natural, you can try applying olive oil or coconut oil to your lashes before going to bed every night.

7. Try A Lash Comb

When it comes to separating mascara-laden eyelashes, then you should try out a lash comb. Lash comb helps to give that desired dramatic look and beautifully-fanned out lashes. You can also comb your lashes before and after applying your mascara to ensure that each of your lash hair is separated.

8. Apply Fibers

Applying fibers can extend your lashes, making them look dramatic and adding crazy length and volume. Make sure you apply a coat of mascaras before applying a coat of fibers. Ensure you do this carefully so that the fibers don’t stick to your mascara.

9. Coat The Inner And Outer Corners Of Your Lashes

Coating the inner and outer corners of your eyelashes would determine how dramatic your eyelashes will look. You can use a mascara with a smaller wand or a ball tip to coat the inner and outer corners.

10. Keep Your Lashes Clean

Sleeping with your mascara on can make your eyelashes prone to breakage. That is why it is advisable to remove your eye makeup every night before bed.

This way, your lashes will stay healthy and more prominent. Ensure you use the best make-up remover products that gently sweep make-up and eliminates stubborn mascaras.

11. Use Baby Powder In Between Layers

This may come as a surprise to many but applying baby powder over your lashes before applying the second coat of mascara will make your lashes look sparse.

12. Add False Lashes

False lashes are another great way to get dramatic eyelashes, provided that you are using adhesive glue that won’t harm your lash line. False eyelashes can give you a confidence boost and a more dramatic effect.

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