How to Apply Magnetic Lashes: 2 Easy Ways

Lash extensions are beautiful hairy frames for the window of your soul. They come in different curls, lengths, and thicknesses to suit each individual. No one has to feel left out because with lash extensions, there is no one-size-fits-all!

The beauty of these beauties is that you can wear eyelash extensions in different ways and styles. One type of lash extension that’s pulling attention is magnetic lashes. Since they came on the scene, they’ve drawn much attention from beauty enthusiasts and bloggers.

You have come to the right spot, if you want to know how to apply a magnetic lash. We won’t just tell you how to apply a magnetic lash; we’d show you how to remove and store them. And also show you how to add oomph to your looks using magnetic lashes. Read on for the complete steps.

What Are Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are not much different from regular eyelash extensions. The major takeaway is that magnetic lashes are magnetic! Yes, you heard that right! Unlike the regular eyelash extensions and falsies which are attached to your lashes with a medical-grade glue. Magnetic lashes do not use any glue. The lashes stick onto your lashes in a magnetic way that is pretty straightforward. Let’s show you how easy it can be to apply a magnetic lash.

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

how to apply magnetic lashes

No need to sweat over this! You don’t need to be a beauty expert to be able to apply magnetic lashes like a pro. Simply follow our easy guide here to do it like a pro. 

They are two methods of applying a magnetic lash. They are:

  1. The Magnetic Eyeliner Method
  2. The Clamp Method

Method 1: The Magnetic Eyeliner Method

Most magnetic lashes would usually come with a magnetic eyeliner applicator. The Magnetic eyeliner resembles your regular liquid liner with a pointed tip for easy and precise application of the magnetic line along your lash line. The magnetic eyeliner is also applied the same way an eyeliner is applied.


Items Needed

Purchase your magnetic lashes in your preferred curl, length, and thickness. 

Use a pair of rubber tweezers or use your finger to place lashes.

Begin Application

  • Start with coating your natural lashes with your preferred mascara.
  • Apply the eyeliner to your magnetic lashes like you would put on a regular eyeliner. 
  • Leave to dry for a minute, and reapply your magnetic eyeliner again.
  • Leave to dry for a minute. If you need it to dry faster, opt to fan your eyes a little.
  • Please pick up your magnetic lashes from their case or pack.
  • If your lashes look longer than your eyelid, cut away the excess lash out. Do well to trim them in a way that it’s uniform on both sides.
  • Use your finger or rubber tweezers to pick your magnetic lashes.
  • And beginning from the outer corner of your eyes, begins placing your magnetic lash to the inner corner of your eyelid. 
  • Place it on the magnetic eyeliner drawn near your eyelid.

And watch your lashes magnet just like that!

Repeat the same procedure for the other eye.

Method 2: The Clamp Method

Applying your magnetic lash does not always require using a magnetic eyeliner. With a set of magnetic lashes and you are good to go. This method of application clamps two magnetic lashes together. For each lash, an upper and lower magnetic lash is used. This is how to go about the application:


  • Apply your favorite mascara to your natural lashes.
  • Your magnetic lash would come in a lash tray containing many magnetic lash sets.
  • Identify the upper lash and lower lash to be placed.
  • Pick out your magnetic lash from its tray.
  • And start from the outer corner of your eyes to the inner corners.
  • Place the upper magnetic lash first on your lash line.
  • Adjust it till it properly fits over your eyes
  • Please remove the lower lash, and place it underneath the upper lash.
  • It would instantly magnetize, then adjust to ensure it is placed correctly.

There you have it! Your magnetic lashes are correctly fixed. 

Extra Tips On Magnetic Lash Application

When applying magnetic lashes, always check first to adjust the premade lash length to suit yours. Trim first before application. Trim the two lashes together at the same spot to avoid them being uneven.

A pro tip before applying your magnetic lashes is to gently fold the ends of the lashes to meet each other, forming a circle. With two fingers holding the ends together, use your other fingers to pick, and lightly tug at the encircled lash. Doing this helps create a more curvy lash that is fitted to your natural lash curvature.

Using rubber tweezers to apply magnetic lashes is because iron tweezers would magnet the lashes and pull them away from the lash line. That problem is fixed using rubber tweezers.

After applying your magnetic lashes, and you feel a part poking you. Adjust the lash by pulling at it gently. This should deal with the discomfort.

Remove your magnetic lashes by gently wiggling and pulling them out, and it’s easy to come off. You can also use your makeup remover with a cotton pad over your eyes.

After removing your magnetic lashes, ensure you place them back in the lash tray case or box. Keeping them well determines how long you’d reuse them.

What Advantage Do Magnetic Lashes Have Over Other Lash Extensions?

One huge difference in applying magnetic lash over eyelash extensions is the exclusion of lash glue. We know how using the wrong lash glue can cause your eyes to burn and sting. And lash glue touching your eyelid can lead to irritations and discomfort.

But with magnetic lashes, you don’t have to deal with the possible risk of using lash glue. Also, applying lash glue can be messy, especially if you are a beginner.

Magnetic Lashes are not a one-off application as they are reusable. In the case of eyelash extensions, as they fall off and shed, they are lost. The only semblance with the magnetic lash is the Strip lashes, Fake Lashes, or Falsies.

Since there is no glue application in magnetic lashes, it, therefore, means less likelihood of lashes’ loss. With lash glue, there is always the possibility of more than one lash glued together or the excessive use of glue. When there is too much glue, it results in stickies, and stickies would result in the loss of many lashes. Using magnetic lashes helps avoid all the lash loss drama.

In comparison, magnetic lashes are less time-consuming than eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can take up to 1 ½ hr to 2hrs to complete a full set. As opposed to magnetic lashes that wouldn’t take you more than 30mins.

Magnetic lashes require low maintenance care compared to eyelash extensions that require high maintenance. Eyelash extensions require fill-ins almost every two weeks.

Magnetic eyelash extensions are cheaper than eyelash extensions. But not cheaper than your regular falsies. The magnetic lash extensions could cost you about $50 and more. The good side is that you could wear your magnetic lashes again for about 10-20 counts until they are worn out.

Do you see how easy this is? Magnetic lashes are a good break from lash extensions. Consistent application of eyelash extensions can pose some threat to your lashes or eyes if not correctly done. To avoid the signs of bad eyelash extensions, opt for a magnetic eyelash.

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