Lash Bath: What it is and How to Do it

If you are new to lash extensions, you might wonder what a lash bath is or why it is so important. It is almost impossible to apply lash extensions to dirty natural lashes, which is why you’ll need to do a lash bath to ensure a good starting point for the lashes.

Lash bath isn’t just for lash artists; it is a must-have for all clients and anyone with eyelash extensions. This article will discuss lash baths and how to do a lash bath properly.

What is a Lash Bath?

Lash Bath

A lash bath is a cleansing process used by lash artists to prepare a client’s natural lashes before applying for extensions. Lash bath is also used to refer to the product used to clean lashes. It’s a foam cleanser that ensures a client’s lashes are clean. Its primary purpose is to remove oil and impurities from your natural lashes, ensuring your lash extensions last longer.

If you don’t wash them properly, you will have a build-up of dirt and bacteria on your lashes, which could lead to an infection or blepharitis in the eyes. A lash bath is excellent for washing your client’s lashes before applying, as the foam cleanser will clean the eyes without drying them out. It removes dust, oils, and makeup residue, helps your extensions’ longevity and increases retention while balancing the PH levels.

To avoid this build-up that will cause your lashes to fall out, ensure you continuously wash them with a recommended lash shampoo. Generally, lash shampoo helps to clean the lashes, and there aren’t many alternatives in the market. Lastly, when cleaning your client’s lashes, use a soft bristle brush to get right between the fans or lashes to clean them thoroughly.

How To Do A Lash Bath?

Step One

Give your lash foam or shampoo a good shake. Pour a single pump of foam into your lash line with your fingertips.

Step Two

Apply the lash foam or shampoo along the lash line to the lashes in delicate motions brushing up and down.

Step Three

When done washing, wash it off with water and brush the lashes gently with a clean lash wand or brush.

How To Clean Lashes With A Lash Bath

lash foam cleanser

It can be annoying when your client walks through the door ready for a lash appointment with dirty lashes. Believe it or not, the lashes serve as the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the eye. In other words, the lashes hold up all the build-up of airborne debris, oils, or makeup.

Therefore, cleaning your client’s lashes before application plays a significant role in the longevity of your client’s lash extensions. Not being cleaned properly can cause bacteria growth, leading to irritation and infections.

Items Needed

  1. Eyelash Brushes
  2. Disposable Lip Brushes
  3. Portable Lash Fan
  4. Wash Bottle
  5. Paper Towels/Tissues

Once the necessary items are gathered, it’s time to get a lash bath.

Step One

Firstly, prep the lashes and place the paper towel or tissue on the lash bed next to the client’s head.

Step Two

Gently shake the lash cleanser and pour two pumps onto the paper towel or tissue.

Step Three

Apply the cleanser to the client’s lashes using the disposable lip brush. Go in a downward motion and ensure you get all the lashes and the eyelid too.

Step Four

Kindly fold the paper towel/tissue and place it on the side of your client’s face. Tilt your client’s head to rinse the lashes so the water will not get into the eye. Ensure the lashes are entirely rinsed, then gently blot the excess water away.

Step Five

Repeat steps 3& 4 on the opposite eye.

Step Six

Grab your eyelash brush and portable lash fan to dry your lashes. After cleaning your client’s lashes, it’s your job as a lash artist to educate and inform your clients on how to take care of their lashes properly.

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How Do You Do A Lash Bath For Eyelash Extensions?

Many women feel reluctant to clean their lashes with a lash bath at home because, unlike cleaning your client’s lashes, their eyes are closed, and they have no idea what you are doing. As a result, If you are not careful when cleaning your lashes, the cleanser could seep into your eyes and cause eye infections.

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Step One

With your client’s eyes closed, pump one full pump of cleanser to your eyelid.

Step Two

Use your lash shampoo brush to gently cleanse your lashes in a downward motion.

Step Three

Grab your wash bottle and tilt your head to rinse your lashes thoroughly until all the cleanser has been removed.

Step Four

Gently blot the lashes dry. Do not wipe or rub.

Step Five

Repeat all steps for your second eye.

Step Six

Using your eyelash brush and eyelash fan, dry out the lashes.

Tips For Making Your Own Lash Bath

This simple recipe is quick, easy, and inexpensive, not just for you but for your clients.

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You will need;

  1. One foam pump bottle
  2. 1 Tablespoon of Baby Shampoo
  3. 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
  4. Distilled Water


Pour the Baby shampoo and the Baking Soda into your bottle, then add distilled water. Shake the lid thoroughly to mix everything.

Kindly note that the baby shampoo is gentle and oil-free, which makes it perfect to use around the eyes. While baking soda prevents excess mascara build-up and balances the pH of your client’s lashes to help with the retention of their eyelashes.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Lashes With A Lash Bath?

Most lash technicians recommend cleaning the lashes 2-3 times a week, while others say cleaning depends on your chosen style. If you wear makeup every day or you have oily skin, it is advisable to clean your eyelash extensions every day.

After getting your eyelash extension, keep them completely dry for the first 48 hours after the treatment, as it is the required time for the lash adhesive to completely dry. After that, you can proceed to clean your eyelash extensions.

Can I Reuse A Lash Bath Cleansing Brush

It is OK to reuse lash bath cleansing brushes; you must label and assign one brush each to avoid cross-contamination. Before reusing, make sure you clean the brushes properly to keep blemish-causing germs off your brushes, makeup, and skin.

Rinse the bristles and run them under warm water for about 6o seconds, then soap them up and apply a small amount of gentle cleanser to the bristles. Rinse afterward and dry your brushes.

Does Lash Bath Expire?

All cleansing products have an expiration date regardless of whether you see them on the packaging. Most lash bath products expire after a year, and the shelf life largely depends on the packaging, ingredients, storage conditions, and more.

Generally, expiration dates are just guidelines; they aren’t the only thing that will tell you how long your lash bath will last. You also need to monitor the state of the product to know whether it is safe for use. Essentially, you need to check out for changes in color or texture, changes in smell, or changes in the container’s appearance.

How Much Does A Lash Bath Cost?

The average cost of a lash bath is $12, but the prices range in different salons.

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