Licensed Vs Certified Lash Tech

Lash technicians are the new beauty gods in today’s society, and, as such, more and more people are looking to get their hands on those gorgeous lashes. If you’re thinking about becoming an eyelash technician but aren’t sure what it takes to get certified, don’t worry, we have all the answers right here!

The most important things you need to know about getting certified as a lash technician, whether you want to become licensed or certified. There’s no significant difference between the two, by the way! But we’ll review a few.

Similarities/Differences Between License Lash Tech and Certified Lash Tech

State agencies provide legal professional status designationsPrivate companies and businesses give certification
The total number of hours required to complete schooling varies by state and spans from 500 to 2400 hoursThe time it takes to finish a certification course varies; it might take as little as 8 hours to complete a certification course
Passing one or more state-mandated examinations is required to demonstrate proficiencyThere is no control of the certification process’s feasibility and usefulness

What Is A Lash Tech License/Certification?

To obtain a license/certification as a lash tech, you must pass specific requirements. A certification or license gives both you and your client peace of mind and ensures that you are qualified to practice in your respective field.

While these certifications are required in most states, each state has some specific requirements. It’s essential to check with your local state board to see if they require additional training or experience before granting you a license/certification.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Certified Vs. Licensed?

Getting certified or licensed is beneficial to several different industries, and it will be beneficial to your lash business as well. When you get certified or licensed by a reputable company, you add an extra layer of trust to your customers. The fact that you’ve put in work to get qualified and verified means that they can trust you with their most valuable asset, THEIR EYES!

What Do You Need To Get Certified/Licensed?

You will need to complete an introductory training course or go through an apprenticeship for starters. After that, you’ll need to pass both a written and practical exam. The licensing exam is often state-specific and requires a high understanding to pass.

Be prepared to take your exam several times before getting your certificate. Once you’ve passed, apply for renewal every year or two by filling out paperwork and paying fees (some states don’t require renewals).

When is it Time To Get Certified/Licensed in Your State/Country?

You should be aware of what type of certification and licensing you to need in your state/country. Most states have no certifications or license requirements for lash technicians, but it’s always worth doing a quick search. It can also be worthwhile to research how long you will need your certificate (some expire) and what being certified means specifically in your state.

For example, some states don’t require a licensed technician to obtain a beauty school diploma or degree. The license says they completed their hours with a licensed instructor from an accredited school. It’s essential to ensure that you use an accredited and trustworthy program if you decide that getting certified is right for you!

Where Can You Get Certified/Licensed?

With so many different companies offering similar services and products, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Before committing to any provider, the most important thing you can do is make sure that they are licensed and certified by their state board.

In addition, if you’re planning on going for a career change or trying out lash extensions as a new business venture, check with your local chamber of commerce. They may have information about licensing and certification requirements in your area or even a list of qualified providers to help you get started in your new field.

How Much Does Lash Tech Certification Cost (At Different Levels)?

Certification can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. For example, to obtain national certification in cosmetology from one of the top certifying bodies (the National Cosmetology Association), you must pass two exams, pay for an insurance policy, and complete 6,000 hours of training.

In addition, you need to pass both an oral and practical exam administered by instructors at a training school. Then there’s state licensing (which may or may not be required depending on where you want to work) and regional certification (if your state doesn’t have its licensing standards). The bottom line is that getting licensed/certified will ultimately depend on what industry you want to work in.

Can You Do Both Makeup And Lashes If You Want More Income Streams?

Whether you can get licensed in makeup and lash extensions depends on your state. Check with your state cosmetology board to see their requirements for additional licenses; some states don’t allow it, while others might have reciprocity agreements that make it easy to obtain licensure for both.

If getting certified for both is an option, think about which certification would serve you best in a salon. Even if you’re doing lashes, a tech certification will help ensure that your training is thorough and current so that clients know they’re receiving a safe and clean service.

How Many Hours Should You Take A Class For Each Level (For US Standards)?

Many places in the United States require a certain number of hours to become licensed. The number varies from state to state, but typically it’s something like 800 hours of training over a year or two. If you want to start your own business, you must be licensed in at least one state.

Getting licensed means taking and passing an exam with questions about cosmetology, chemistry, and safety regulations explicitly related to eyelash extensions. How long it takes depends on how quickly you can find and complete those hours. Going through a school is most accessible because they have facilities and knowledgeable teachers who can help make sure you pass, which means more money!

Where Can You Learn More About This Industry Once Licensed/Certified?

Clients’ safety, health, and well-being are always a top priority for lash techs, who often take that further by certifying their skills. Certification involves going through a highly intensive training process, which means receiving feedback and retraining on any areas that need improvement.

The expertise and dedication required to become certified help protect clients from anything less than exceptional lash services. These programs have strict curriculum requirements and standards of practice. It can also prove beneficial to your business in other ways.

For example, helping you gain more customers when you tell them about your certification/licensing status. Another way to increase exposure for your business is to join associations or attend events related to your field. Marketing yourself will attract new customers and help potential investors find you as well!

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