10 Ways To Get Thick Eyelashes

Eyelashes do more than just protect our eyes from external objects, they frame the window of our souls. Framing them to bring beauty and glamour. Many have begun to pay more attention to their lashes to have them look thicker, fuller, and longer. There is a wide variety of treatments, and applications in the market today to achieve thicker, fuller, and longer lashes.

Thick lashes are beautiful and it is possible to achieve thicker, fuller-looking lashes today. You are just at the right place to scoop all the necessary information to achieve thicker- fuller-looking lashes. 

How to Get Thicker Lashes

Before we dip our fingers right into the cookie jar, it is important to note that the listed ways of achieving a thicker lash are treatments to aim at moisturizing, and strengthening your lash hairs. Just like you have treatments to grow your hair thicker and longer, you can grow your lash hairs thicker and even longer too. 

  1. Use Castor Oil

You must have come across this somewhere on the internet or from your best friend’s gist. Castro oil is an organic oil rich in hair-boosting ingredients to moisturize and strengthen the hair shaft. Simply use a Spoolie or washed mascara brush to apply them to your lashes. You can do this at night and early hours of the morning after bathing

2. Coconut Oil

Pure natural coconut oil is filled with many antioxidants that moisturize and coat your lashes to reduce them from going brittle and falling away. Coconut Oil is one of those natural oils used since time memorial to grow thicker, fuller hairs. It won’t hurt if you tried this!

3. Argan Oil

Argan Oil has been used as a great skin emollient and hair growth oil. Beauty enthusiasts have seen great benefits from using this hair-boosting oil on their lashes. Argan oil strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates them for growth.

4. Lash Growth Serums

Lash growth serums are popular in the market today and many can attest to the results they got using them. Lash growth serums are a blend of natural oils in amazing proportions to give the best properties of each oil to your lashes. And guess what? They come with their applicators.

There are many available with great reviews on Amazon.  A good one to try is the GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum with a 4.5 Star rating and great reviews.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is great for moisturizing and strengthening the hair shaft. You can never go wrong using Aloe Vera gel as they are nature’s gift in gel form. If you don’t have access to natural ale gel consistently you can buy almost 100% aloe gels with no additives, thickeners, or parabens.

Aloe Vera gels are great hair conditioners too just imagine what they had to do to your lashes? Try them out now, give us tales of thicker, longer lashes in a few weeks! Try the Seven Minerals ORGANIC ALOE GEL and join the many talking about this product.

6. Olive Oil

Good old Olive Oil has been used for centuries for its amazing moisturizing strength and ability to penetrate pores. Dipping your spoolie into a bottle of olive oil and brushing them onto your lashes may be just what your lashes need for that boost.

7.  Comb Your Lashes

Using a lash brush to brush your lashes is a good way to keep them stretched out. A good lash brush will do your lashes a great good.

8. Try Biotin

Biotin has become popular for its many claims of growing your hair longer and fuller. Loaded with natural nutrients to stimulate hair growth, using biotin could be what you need to grow your lashes thicker

9. A Proper Diet

A good diet is everything when it comes to growing stronger and thicker lashes. One of the visible signs of poor diet is sparse hair with little or no growth. Make sure you are getting the much-needed nutrients in your everyday diet. 

10. Use Natural Supplements

Adding natural supplements like Fish Oil, Omega fatty acids to your everyday life could boost a better immune system thereby supporting better growth of your lash hairs. Natural supplements give you added advantage of a stronger immune, better-looking skin, and stronger thicker hair. You have nothing to lose with supplements.

How To Apply The Oils

Applying these lash growth oil is very simple and easy. 

You can apply them by using a Spoolie or A Clean Mascara Wand. These oils usually come in relatively big bottles for organic oil while most lash serums come in smaller bottles. It is advisable to separate a smaller quantity of this oil into another bottle where you can be dipping your spoolie for application.

Another simple way is to clean your hands, put some oil on your fingertips and gently massage into your lashes.

The best times to apply these oils are Morning and Night after bathing for the best result of a thicker lash.

After applying lash growth oils and serums, you mustn’t make these mistakes. These mistakes could alter your lash growth cycle and counter the effect of your lash serums

Avoid Losing Your Thick Lashes To These Mistakes

  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Many are guilty of consistently rubbing their eyes with their hands. The pressure and friction of your hands could shed your already growing lashes. No one wants that!

  • Skip Using Mascaras Often

Mascaras can give the effect of thicker fuller lashes with just a swoop. But there can be a downside to this as the mascara dries, it can leave clumps on your lashes that can cause them to fall out. If you must use Mascaras look for Mascaras with the added advantage of nourishing your lashes

  •  Sleep With Satin or Silk Pillows

It is almost impossible to avoid your lashes from rubbing against the pillows while you are fast asleep. But it is possible to prevent the tugging of your lashes while using a cotton pillowcase. A silk or satin pillowcase allows for easy gliding of your lashes against the pillow and reduces the chance of them falling off while you sleep.

  •  Avoid Mechanical Curlers

Skip using mechanical curlers to curl your lashes and comb them instead with a lash brush.

  • Use Professional Lash Stylist

Whenever you are getting a lash extension done, opt for a professional lash stylist. Bad eyelash applications can lead to devastating loss and injury to your natural lashes. Many have lost their thick lashes to bad eyelash extension applications.

  • Abuse of Lash Treatments

Lash treatments like a Lash perm could offer great results for your lashes but must be done with professionals time must be given for your lashes to regain their normal texture and strength before another application. People who do lash treatments back to back have had sad testimonials of sparse-looking lashes. 

Shortcuts To Thicker Looking Lashes?

Yes, there are other means of getting thicker-looking lashes. You might be looking for a quick fix to getting thicker lashes and I have written possible options below:

Opt for a natural-looking lash extension.

A Classic Lash extension can give you a lifted, thicker and longer-looking lash in about an hour. It’s a quick way of scoring thick lashes in a matter of time and this look can last you for about 4-6 weeks. Talk about thick semi-permanent lashes in the shortest time possible!

Go For A Lash Boosting Mascara!

Every girl’s magic wand to create thicker-looking lashes with just a swoop! Mascaras are cosmetic applications that can give the effect of thicker, longer-looking lashes in a matter of minutes. We recommend mascaras with the added advantage of nourishing your lashes too.

A Lash Tint is Another Option

A lash tint comes is an added treatment that comes with a lash perm. After the eyelashes are lifted and styled with special lash lotions, a lash tint adds extra color to the lashes by timing them to make them appear thicker and fuller than they originally are.

In this article, I have diligently written the best possible options for achieving thicker lashes. You can choose to go natural by using organic oils and lash growth serums or you can choose quicker means of creating thicker-looking lashes. Make your choice and enjoy the results of thicker-looking lashes! 

 It’s not enough to just lash-on oils and serums, you must see to it that you cater to your lashes by avoiding practices that cause your thick or growing lashes to shed prematurely. On your quest for pretty thick lashes, trust you have found all these tips useful.

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