Are Lash Extensions Worth It? Pros and Cons

Lash extensions are a girl’s beauty hack that saves minutes in her daily makeup routine, so if you are looking for a bold and dramatic lash line, then eyelash extensions are worth it. Each time you go for a set or refill, you can get either a doll eyelash extension or a classic eyelash extension and many more styles.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent individual hairs attached to your natural lashes, making them look thicker and longer. Being semi-permanent means, they don’t last forever like tattoos or lip-brushing. The most significant advantage is that lash extensions are highly customizable, and people love them because they are natural, unlike false strip lashes with the effect of a voluminous look.

However, the lash artist recommends different styles of lash extensions according to your eye shape, which is why every lash artist needs to be highly skilled and trained. Aside from applying your lash extensions and choosing the best lash extension style that is best suited for your face, the lash artist also needs to consider the condition of your natural lashes so as not to choose a lash extension that is not heavy.

Are Lash Extensions Worth It? – Pros And Cons

Lash extensions are worth the hype, and they can enhance your look by providing length and fullness to your natural lashes. Lash extensions can also be customizable because they can be customized to your face and eye shape by length, thickness, and quantity to give your desired look.

The lash extension application process involves laying down and closing your eyes while the lash artist applies them one by one. Interestingly, they last longer for a period of six to eight weeks.

Women worldwide, including celebrities and beauty bloggers, for many reasons. With this given popularity, lash extensions have their pros and cons. Let’s find out.


1 . Lash Extensions Saves Time

Statistically, an average woman spends about 55 minutes per day working on their appearance. Surprisingly, a big chunk of it goes to the eye makeup.

With lash extensions, you can save up to 20 or 30 minutes of eye makeup and focus on other aspects of your makeup like hair and skin with the time you save. Lash extensions naturally define your eyes by making them look bolder with or without mascaras. You can just put them on, and you are good to go.

2. They Last Longer

Proving their worth, eyelash extensions last for a long time. Natural eyelashes have three growth phases and can last for about six weeks.

During this time, the lashes grow strong, thick, and long before falling out. Therefore, lash extensions last really long because they are attached to the natural lash itself.

3. You Can Sleep With Them

Unlike strip lashes that come off quickly when you sleep with them, you can go to bed with lash extensions, and they won’t come off quickly because of the glue used to stick them on your natural lashes. Note that your lash extensions only fall out when your natural lashes shed on their own. In addition, avoid sleeping on your stomach or with your lash extensions pressed on your pillow; this way, you risk losing your extensions.

4. Gives A Personalized Look

Lash extensions make the difference. They are completely customized to fit your eye shape and preferences with various parameters, including lash curl, thickness, size, best length, etc. However, you can’t just select a random size or length of extension for anyone because it will make the extensions weigh down your natural lashes and can damage them.

5. Balances Facial Features

The best part of having lash extensions is that they can help balance out other features on your face. For instance, if your eyes are too far apart or too close together, lash extensions can help balance that. Lash extensions can also take the focus away from other features without you having to use too much makeup.

6. They Uplift Your Confidence

Lash extensions save time and add a natural pop to your face; they also enhance the color of your eyes and help create a more youthful appearance. You can look younger, healthier, alert, bright, and flawless every day with the correct lash extensions.


1 . Cost

Lash extensions are pricey, and there is a cost for keeping them up. The cost of lash extensions depends on the type of extensions you choose and the lash artist’s professional experience.

You will also have to get infills every two to three weeks since the extensions are glued to your natural lashes and can shed off quickly.

2. Eye Infections

Improper application of lash extensions by untrained lash artists can cause mishaps that lead to eye infections like conjunctivitis. Contact an ophthalmologist for remedies if you are new to the whole process and feel any pain, redness, discomfort, or swelling after your appointment.

3. Requires Maintenance

Lash extensions require excellent aftercare, so the lash artists provide aftercare tips after every lash appointment. Regular washing, cleaning, and brushing will be required.

4. They Can Affect Your Natural Lashes

Although lash extensions can give a dramatic and eye-popping look, they can also ruin your natural lashes. If you try wearing lashes that are too long or too thick can damage your natural lashes because they weigh more than shorter lashes and can cause stress to the hair follicle. This stress can make your natural lashes fall out prematurely, resulting in permanent damage.

5. They Need To Be Retouched From Time To Time

Eyelash extensions last longer, but they are not permanent. Instead, they are semi-permanent, which gives you flexibility in how you wear them. They are attached to your natural lashes and may fall out as a natural process which is why it is essential to get touch-ups every two to four weeks to maintain the effect. The longer you go for touch-ups, the more lashes you will replace and the more it will cost you.

6. You Will Need To Stay From Oily-Products

When you have your lash extensions on, you will get used to staying away from oily products and makeup removal products. These products get on the extensions, and the glue used can come off, and the eyelash extensions will fall out.

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