What are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Wispy eyelash extensions are a stunning mix of Classic, Volume, and Hybrid eyelash extensions. Lash lovers are always caught in the web of deciding which lash extension to try out, as there is quite a variety in curls, thickness, fullness, and length. The Wispy Eyelash Extension is fast becoming the choice of many lash lovers, and we know why.

Wispy lashes
Wispy lashes by Maria Ramai Wahidi

Wispy Eyelash Extensions are known to have that captivating fluffy, feathery look that gets the second gaze every time, all the time.

How Are Wispy Eyelash Extensions Created?

Wispy lash extension
Wispy Eyelash Extension
Source: Qingdao Hitomi Cosmetics

This beauty eyelash extension is a blend of the Classic, Volume, and Hybrid eyelash extensions. These extensions are artistically blended to create a desired Wispy look.

 If you are new to the lash extension world, such terms may be alien to you.

A Brief Break Down

The Classic Eyelash extension is the most uncomplicated eyelash extension look as an extension is attached to a natural lash. In contrast, the Volume eyelash extension has more than 2 to 8 eyelash extensions fixed together to a single lash for that voluminous eye look.

Yes, the Hybrid is an excellent blend of both to give you length and volume at a go. But you see, the Wispy Eyelash Extensions is another ball game entirely, and it will require some good skill to nail the Wispy Look!

How To Nail The Wispy Eyelash Extension

The Wispy eyelash extension is a lot more demanding in skill as it requires a good knowledge of the other three lash extensions and good mapping of the extensions to nail that wispy look. 

The wispy lash extension blends individual extensions and closed fans of lash extensions of different lengths, volumes, and curls.

The lashes are carefully glued across the lash length to give that fluffy look while considering the placement of each extension to length and curl. The most commonly used curls are the C, CC, and D curls in varied lengths.

Wispy Lash Extensions Are Known For Spikes

Spikes? Yikes! Not to worry, these spikes don’t hurt. That fluffy, feathery look is possible because of the longest lash extensions placed in particular corners of the eyes. Therefore, this Spiky look forms the first layer of our lash extensions.

A good Wispy lash extension fix has about 7-10 noticeable spikes placed from the inner to outer corners of the eyes. Attaching two lash extensions for a more defined look and avoiding noticeable gaps when one strand sheds off is always safe.

After The Spikes Come The Fill In’s

Once the Spikes are in place, it is time to fill in the gaps with either individual extensions or closed fan extensions. It all depends on the look to be created, and fill them in two’s to avoid gaps when one strand or fan is lost.

Choose Your Type of Wispy

How do you like your Wispy Lashes? Classic, Voluminous, or Hybrid? With eyelash extensions in general, no one size fits all! So with Wispy Eyelash Extensions, you can always customize them to suit that occasion, outfit, or desire. We have the following:

Wispy Classic Lashes

Wispy Classic lashes

This Wispy lash extension is known to carry the simplicity of The Classic Eyelash; the fill-ins are attached one extension to one natural lash, and there you have it, Wispy and Classic!

Wispy Volume Lashes

Wispy Volume lashes

This should be your pick if you like your flutters to be big on volume. Wispy Lashes can be voluminous depending on the client’s choice and the strength of the natural lashes to carry that weight. 2D-8D extension fans fill in the gaps creating volume and thickness.

Wispy Hybrid Lashes

Wispy Hybrid lashes

The Hybrid is always known for a good balance of volume and length, and that is what you get when you opt for A Wispy Hybrid Eyelash Extension. The Classic and Volume lash extensions come in handy here and must be perfectly blended not to have too much of any. The Wispy Hybrid is the best of both worlds.

Whether you like it simple, dramatic, or just in-between, the Wispy Eyelash Extension fixed by a pro can deliver!

Wispy Eyelash Extensions and Mapping Styles

We know how handy a map is, right? They give direction to where you are going and prevent you from getting lost. Wispy eyelash extensions have maps to set you on course to nailing that look! The different popular wispy mappings commonly used are:

The Kim K Wispy Lashes

The beauty celeb earned a wispy to her name for creating such catchy red carpet looks. The Kim K look is created by evenly spreading the spikes and most extended length across the lash line. This Mapping style is perfect for almond and round eyes.

The Doll Wispy Lashes

This wispy style can easily create Barbie Doll Eyes. The trick here’s to place the longest spikes and length at the very middle of the eyes. You could also use the curliest extensions around the midsections to give that open doll eyes. This mapping style is also great for almond and round-shaped eyes.

The Squirrel Wispy Lashes

This wispy mapping considers other eye shapes like protruding eyes, downturned eyes, close-set eyes, and hooded eyes.

This Wispy look is created by starting first with the shortest lengths, graduating beyond the mid-section with the longest, and coming back down to the shortest length. 

The Cat Eye Wispy Lashes

Cat-eye lovers, here you have it! Your Cat -Woman vibe. This look is created by starting with the shortest lengths and gradually increasing length till you have the most extended lengths towards the outer corner of the eyes. It is a perfect mapping style for close-set, almond, and round eyes.

Wispy Lash Maintenance

The Wispies have a more intricate setting and style; hence, proper care is necessary to have the fix on for longer with minimal shedding. Simple care tips for your wispies:

  • Sleep on the sides of your face using a satin or silk-covered pillow.
  • Use A Lashbrush instead of your hands to comb and adjust any extension strands
  • Stay away from facial or body steaming
  • Avoid using oil-based products near or around your lash extensions
  •  Plan to revisit the Salon for A Lash refill after 3-4 weeks to fill in the gaps created from fallen extensions.

With these care tips, you’d have your Wispy extensions on for longer and minimize the shedding.

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