16 Types of Lash Extension Curl

Do you want to expand your lashes? You probably would want to know about the different types of lash extensions and the size, shape, and curl type that would suit your eyes. Firstly, you need to understand that lashing is just like math. You will need to add, subtract and multiply the different eyelash extensions and their features to create a perfect set of eyelash extensions.

It is also important to note that length isn’t the most crucial thing about lash extension curl types; other things are involved, such as eye shape, preferences, size, thickness, etc. Read on to find out the complete details about lash extension curls, the different types of curls available, and their meanings.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are tiny strands of synthetic fibers that are applied directly to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive by a professional lash artist. These extensions come in a variety of curls and curvatures. They are applied individually or in clusters to your lashes, forming a lash strip that looks similar to your natural lashes.

Lash extensions give you longer, thicker, and fuller lashes that benefit from not needing mascara or eyeliner. They also help save time in the morning routine and last for about six weeks.

There are two main types of lash extensions; Synthetic and Mink lash extensions. Although they are of two different types, you can use these lash extensions to create long, natural-looking lashes. 

Synthetic lash extensions are the most common type of false eyelash extension, typically fabricated using artificial plastic fibers. These types of extensions are artificially produced to be a lot thicker in comparison to the natural lashes and are to be disposed of after a single use.

Mink lash extensions are trendy and are widely used because of their fine, soft, and silky texture, which feels exactly like your natural lashes.

Types of Lash Extension Curls

Lash Length and curl chat
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Various curls range from the J-shaped curl up to the L-shaped dramatic curl. Whether you want a natural or dramatic look, just starting with lash extensions, or maybe you are an expert, there are varieties of curls for every look. Note that different English language alphabets always represent the lash extension curls.

1 . I Curl Lash Extension

I lash extension curl is a straight lash style best suited for those with straight lashes. They are also a lesser-known type of lash extension curl that can be used for males who want to enhance their lash’s thickness but do not necessarily want them curled. A curl is also perfect for the aged who have lost their curl and prefer more natural-looking lashes.

2. J Curl Lash Extension

J Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @lashupmy

J Curl is often regarded as the most natural-looking curl. This type of lash extension curls is suitable for people with straight lashes that point upwards. The angle of the J-Curl Lash Extension is a 30-degree angle, and it is not suitable for people with downward lashes because it can make the eyes look heavy and small.

3. B Curl Lash Extension

B Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @karinely

B Curl gives straight natural lashes a bit more life than J Curl. However, they are still suitable for people with straight lashes that point straight or upward. B Curls are not curly and can softly lift those with straight lashes. They can also be used for the inner side of the eyes. 

4. C Curl Lash Extension

C Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @majestiebeautybar

The C Curl Lash extension is the go-to lash extension for people who want to balance their look between being natural and stunning. It is one of the most popular curls worldwide, and it is used for people with slightly downward angle lashes because it will give a satisfying lash lift.

5. CC Curl Lash Extension

CC Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @wink.avenue

CC curl is a unique lash extension that offers a good curl that is not like D curl but higher than C curl. The CC curl opens up the eye, picks up the lashes that are growing down, and creates a whole new look. Going for CC Curls is also the best way to add volume to the natural lashes that are curled on their own because when it is appropriately set, it can help create the doll eye look for straight lashes.

6. D Curl Lash Extension

D Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @batyourlash

D Curl is a go-to curl when you want to achieve a dramatic look. D Curl provides the most significant curvature visible from any angle with an extra bit of light that makes your lashes look longer. 

These lash extensions widen most eyes and enhance the shape of your client’s eyes. However, it is not a good fit for upward lashes.

7. DD Curl Lash Extension

DD Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @riasbeautyhouse

DD Curls are often called “U” curl lashes, and they are curlier than the average lash extensions and best suited for downward-facing eyelashes. With a few strokes, this lash extension curl transforms the downward and straight lashes into a widened doll-eye look. They also come with a dramatic and noticeable effect.

8. M Curl Lash Extension

M Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @blinkboxbeauty

M Curl lash extension gives the opposite effect to what J Curl does. It is a dramatic type of curl that can enhance the eyes by widening them unless the client has hooded eyes or natural lashes that are angled upward. M Curl is also considered a curl that is just like a lash lift for people with lowered lashes, and because of its dramatic upward angle, you can create a wide-eye effect.

9. L Curl Lash Extension

L Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @ak_lashboutique

The L Curl lash extension is often used for Asians, those with hooded eyelids, deep-set eyes, and older people with droopy eyelids. The tip of the L Curl generally lifts and offers the best retention. They are great for lashes that are angled downward or upward.

10. L+ Curl Lash Extension

L+ Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @laurens_lashstudio

The L+ Curl lash extension was first constructed to maximize the lash lift and enhance droopy eyes for a new look. Though they are slightly curlier than the L Curl, they are the most rewarding lash extension because of their long flat base.

11. EZ Curl Lash Extension

EZ Curl lash extension provides a more adhesive area for extensions and makes room for a more effortless extension experience for beginners. Because of their long flat base, they can’t be used on downward angle lashes because they will appear to be heavy and unflattering.

12. B+ Curl Lash Extension

B+ Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @beauty.by.jessicarose

B+ Curl lash extension is a unique type of lash extension curvier than B Curl but less dramatic than C or CC. They are perfect for creating a natural look that lifts your natural lash without looking artificial.

13. C+ Curl Lash Extension

C+ Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @lashboxla_australia

C+Curl Lash extension is the best for people with lowered lashes but not for those with heavy downward lashes. However, using the C+Curl on people with horizontal lashes can create a dramatic doll eye look.

14. D+ Curl Lash Extension

D+ Curl Lash Extension
Instagram/ @whiplashton

D+ Curl lash extension is unique and not as dramatic as the DD curl lashes. It comes with a slight tint of lift that is best suited for people who have downward-downward-facing natural lashes, so open up their eyes and can create the doll-eye effect.

15. W Curl Lash Extensions

W Curl Lash Extensions

These are specially crafted double tip W-shaped lashes. These lash curls produce the effect of grafting that makes one root equal two. They are also denser and more stretched. The 3D version has 3 extensions bonded together, making it easier to create fans using tweezers.

16. U Curl

U Curl
Instagram/ @prince4lash

U Curl is the curliest type of lash extension. These lash curls create a dramatic effect for both straight and downward lashes. The U Curl is also perfect for people who like the no-makeup makeup kind of look.

U Curl lash extensions are suitable for people with monolid eye shapes and are not suitable for people with heavy eyelids because it can swing back and touch the upper lids.

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