Wispy Lash Mapping Guide

Whoever has a map, never misses their way! This saying is true for eyelash extensions and mapping. To create stunning lash extensions, you must use the appropriate lash mapping. 

The Wispy Lash Extensions is still one lash look that gets eyes turning because of its fluffy, feathery look. Your eyes can become the attraction in a Wispy lash extension, but you’d need to master the Wispy Lash Mapping. This article will help you create a wispy lash mapping that best flatters your eyes.

Before Doing Wispy Lash Mapping

Lash Mappings are your perfect guide to a stunning lash look, but they are not your only guide. I mean this: it takes more than lash mappings to nail that celebrity wispy look you just saw on Cosmo. 

Before we dive straight into the wispy lash map, I would list two factors for scoring your Wispy lash look.

Know The Shape Of The Eyes

We can never overemphasize this enough! Lash extensions are all about the eyes; they make your eyes pop! So if you crave a great-looking Wispy Eyelash? Eye Shape is everything! Yeah, I said it! You can’t start creating a Wispy look without considering the eye shape! And I know you don’t want some weird wispy? Right! 

Your eye shape would fall into any of the following:

Almond eyes, Round eyes, Deep-set eyes, Close-set eyes, Hooded eyes, Upturned or Downturned eyes. So much to read up as regards your eyes shape. The Eye shape determines what type of Wispy Lash Mapping Style will be used.

2. How Do I Like My Wispy?

Wispy Lash looks can be classic, hybrid, or volume. There isn’t just one Wispy lash type; you must decide your look. It could be simple or dramatic; the choice is yours. Be clear about the look you want to create before starting the mapping. You can read more about these Wispy Types to give you a broader understanding.

The Wispy Lash Mapping

Wispy Lash Map
Wispy Lash Map by @Veyelash Factory

The juicy part is here! If you must create beautiful extensions, you must Map Them!

 Mapping a wispy lash requires you to divide the eye into about 4-5 or even 6 sections to help guide you on the placements of each lash extension.  

The trick of Wispy lashes is the unique placements of varied lash extension lengths and curls. If you miss this you could create a different look entirely. For easy application, it’s always best to translate this mapping on an under-eye pad.

Let’s Map It!

Begin with using the shortest lash lengths in the inner corners of the eyes. Lash lengths of 7-9mm can be used here, gradually increasing the lash lengths. 

A great Wispy Lash Look has noticeable Lash Spikes. A Wispy Lash look can have 4-8 spikes depending on your look and how well you can infuse varying lash lengths and curls together.

The Wispy Spikes carry the longest lash and are spread across the lash line.

The Wispy lash is also known for that fluffy, feathery look after the spikes are located and spaced across the lash line. Lash extensions of varying lengths are used to fill in the spaces between. Note that varying lengths here would not be wide disparities of lash lengths, but a difference of 1-3 mm in length would do.

A Wispy Mapping Guide with Lash Length Suggestions

Wispy lash mapping
Winged Edge Wispy lash map by @LASH OUT

After prepping the eyes for a lash fix, read more about how to apply lash extension, just in case you need more clarity about that. 

For the Inner corners, use Lash lengths of 7-10mm and gradually increase the lash length. Lash Lengths of 14-16mm are great for creating wispy spikes, while 11-13mm would work well for the fill-ins. No one size fits all! It is not strange to have other variations in length. the inner corners can be 11-12mm, while the spikes can be more extended lengths of 16-19mm and fill-ins of 14-16mm.

Please note that this variation can create a bolder, more dramatic, wispy look than the former. The rule of thumb here is to avoid wide-apart length variations between the spikes and the fill-ins that can create a weird wispy look.

Wispy Mapping and Lash Curls

Blending two or three different lash curls could make all the difference in creating stunning wispy lashes. The C, CC, and D Curls are used in glorious harmony to create a perfect blend. It is crucial to note that the less curvy curl amongst the three is the C curl, the curviest here is the D Curl, and the CC Curl is right in the middle. There is room for creativity; you can work it just how you like it. 

Wispy Mapping Styles

It is important to note that no one size fits all. We have different wispy lash mappings, which determine how the lash lengths and curls are placed.

The Kim K Wispy

Yes, you guessed right! This wispy look has the celebrity’s prints all over it. To score the Kim K Wispy Eyelash, evenly spread the spikes and lash lengths across the lash line. This Wispy look flatters the almond and round eyes

The Doll Eye Wispy

This wispy look gives a very open eye effect and is easily created by focusing the longest lashes at the center of the eyes. The Doll Eye Wispy is great for almond and round eyes. People with small eyes can also get a bolder and more prominent look with the doll eye wispy.

The Squirrel Wispy

This Wispy look starts with the shorter lengths from the inner corners and gradually increases length. The longest length is past the midpoint of the eyes and then decreases. This is an excellent mapping style for downturned, hooded, and close-set eyes.

The Cat Eye Wispy

We can’t just have enough of the cat-eye look! Create a Wispy Cat Eye by starting with shorter and gradually increasing lengths. The longest length starts midpoint and stretches to the outer part, and a gradual decrease in lash length by 2-3mm. The cat eye wispy best suits almond and round eyes.

These mapping styles are your perfect guide to customizing your wispy lash look. You do not have to copy any wispy look you come across, except you are sure you have the same eye shape. A Wispy Lash can fit your best friend but not suit you. And that’s the reason for the right mapping style that flatters your features. With the mapping styles listed above, you can go ahead and customize your Wispy Eyelash and flutter your lashes to your heart’s content.

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