Lash Extension Length Guide

Your everyday look can bore you out, and the craving for a new look can be met using lash extensions. Lash extensions can switch your look from simple to fierce, worn-out to bold, and ready to take on a new challenge! They are so versatile in creating different looks, and this versatility can become a thorn in the flesh for a lash novice.

Here, you are! viewing tons of lash extensions of varying lengths and can’t make a good pick. If this is you, this article is to your rescue!

Diversity in Lash Lengths

Lash Extension length
Lash Extension by Camila Murrugarra

Lash Lengths are a huge deal in making good lash extension choices. Before choosing a lash extension, your desired look to be created must be clear as this makes you know what you are looking for in a lash extension length. It is a good guide to know that shorter lash lengths will create simpler looks and longer lashes create bold and dramatic looks.

Lash lengths are measured in mm (millimeters), and most lash extensions fall from 4mm to 19mm. A pretty wide range, you might say, and that’s because different lash lengths suit different purposes.

Let’s Categorise Our Lash Lengths for an easy understanding of their purposes.

  • 4mm – 7mm: the short lengths are great for the inner corners of the eyes. Their short length imitates the shorter hairs in the inner corner of the eyes. Using this right would give a natural eye look and a great outlook.
  • 8mm – 13mm: these lash lengths are used to create the lash’s main body. They can be perfectly blended to have a more natural look. They are usually used after the inner corners of the eyes to the midsection of the eyes and also utter corners.
  • 14mm-16mm: these are long lashes, and now you must begin to play on the side of caution once you get these lengths. Great for creating lengthy lash looks that are bold, wispy, and fluffy. 
  • 16mm-19mm: the very long lashes and extreme caution must be observed. These lash lengths can be very bold and dramatic as their lengths cannot go unnoticed. 

Lash Length and Usage Variations

Lash Length and curl
Source: Qingdao Yihanshunhe

Lash extensions become a tool of inspiration and creativity in the hands of a lash artist. Just like the pencil is to an artist, so is the lash extension in the hand of a lash artist. They can with them create wonders in the lash world! 

Before the Russian Volume became a thing, lash extension looks were simple classic looks. In creating a gorgeous lash, don’t get stuck with norms; it is not strange to see lash lengths used in other ways. What might be too short for A might be just great for B.

For example, many used lengths of 7mm in the inner corners till lash artists revved it up and used shorter lengths, like the 4-5mm, and created stunning looks. One good example of this is the Extreme Cat Eyelash Extension.

How To Choose The Right Lash Length

Making the right lash choice is dependent on certain factors. These factors below guide you in making lash lengths decisions like a pro.

What is your Lash Style?

Every lash artist begins here, what your desired lash style is. And that’s because this affects the lash length choice. A Classic Lash Style is a simple lash style that uses shorter Lash lengths of 7mm-12mm.

While a bolder lash looks like the Volume Lashes can use longer lengths of 9mm-16mm. Also, in creating Wispy lash looks, longer lengths are used to create the wispy Spikes.

The Shape and Size Of Your Eyes

 Eye shape and size can determine the lash length choice. Eye shape determines the mapping style; more importantly, eyes size also determines the lash length used.

For example, two persons with the same eye shape can use different lengths depending on the size of their eyes.

One with a smaller eye set can use longer lash length to create bigger eyes; for one with already big eyes, use slightly shorter lengths to complement the eye size.

The Strength and Length of Your Natural Lashes

A Lash Pro knows this, and so should you! Everyone has lashes that are different in texture, curl, and strength. Thin and brittle lashes should use lightweight extensions and not exceed lengths above 12mm to avoid lash breaking away. Stronger lashes can carry longer lash lengths above 13mm.

Take note, that a longer lash may not always translate to a stronger lash. Stronger lashes are thicker in diameter and don’t fall off easily.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices should guide your lash length decisions. Formal occasions require shorter lash lengths with less volume. Lash lengths of 8mm -12mm would do just fine, while someone with an active social lifestyle can play around with lash lengths of 12mm above. Lash artists can use a very long length of 14mm and above, for artistic or aesthetic purposes.

As a general rule of thumb, a lash extension should be about 2-3mm longer than your natural lashes for the safety of your lashes.

Lash Lengths and Implications

Beauty can come at a cost; many have paid dearly for making wrong lash choices. Let’s look at the lash lengths and possible risk or damage to natural lashes.

Lash LengthLength DegreeEffect on Natural Lashes
4mm-9mmshort Natural lashes are very safe
10mm-13mmmediumStill safe
14mm-16mm long Not very safe
17mm and abovevery long Risky and not safe
Lash Length Table

4mm-9mm: no adverse implication on natural lashes. The short lengths don’t strain the natural lash and can often pass off as a natural lash. Short lash length implies that it is well suited for under-eye lashes also.

10-13mm: your lashes are still safe and can well survive the length

14mm-16mm: risky lengths and certain factors must be considered before using these lengths.

16mm and above: very risky to the health of natural lashes and should be avoided many times, except for aesthetic purposes and if the strength of natural lashes can carry it.

It is vital to keep in mind that after wearing your lash extensions for about 6 weeks, depending on how well you can take good care of them, you would still have to deal with your natural lashes.

It is always best to play on the side of caution and not strain your natural lashes just to court the longest lash lengths. The most extended lash lengths don’t necessarily translate to the most stunning lash looks.

Lash Length and Thickness

Lash extensions come in different lengths and thicknesses, and making the right length choice is to be weighed alongside the lash thickness. Lash thickness is the diameter of a lash extension. Most lash extensions fall within this range of thickness 0.03m – 0.25mm. 

0.03mm are the lightest and can be great for creating volume lashes 

0.05-0.10mm- fairly thick lashes 

0.15- 0.20mm- Very thick lashes

A long lash with a diameter of 0.05 can still be considered safe as the lightweight balances the length. But using a long lash with a wide diameter of 0.20 can cause the extension to break away and damage your lashes.

A good artist would always pair length and diameter choices of a lash extension before a lash fix.

Lash Styles and Lash Lengths

Creating different lash looks will require you to know how to use the lash length and diameter to your style’s advantage. 

Hybrid Lashes are created with longer lashes to give that fluffy lash look. Long lashes of 11-13mm are used, with diameters of 0.05-0.15mm

A Classic Lash is created with slightly thicker lashes to give a mascara effect to the lashes. A lash length of 10-13mm with a diameter of about 0.10-0.20mm is a good option for classic lashes. 0.15 mm is a diameter that creates the mascara effect to your lash look.

Volume Lashes are voluminous and use the lightest diameter to create stunning lash volume. 2D-10D fans are created with feather light extensions to give that Mega Volume or Russian Volume you so love.

Wispy Lash Extensions are created with long lash lengths from 9-14mm, and spikes sometimes carry a thicker diameter than the fill-ins. Don’t get confused; you can read more about Wispy Lash Extensions here and nail your Wispy Look.


Lash extensions are so diverse in length, curl, and thickness that it requires some good skill to keep up with their diversity. A novice can purchase just any lash and end up disappointed at the result of the look.

And this is why accurate information about lash extension lengths is essential before trying out a fix. Make better lash choices like a pro with our easy lash length guide.

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