Eyelash Lamination: Pros and Cons

Not all of us have long, thick, and curled eyelashes, which is why we all dream of having beautiful eyelashes. For this reason, we seem to stop at nothing to get our eyelashes to look their best, from eyelash extensions to mascaras to growth serums and lash eyelash curlers.

Nonetheless, there are so many other beauty treatments available right now. The latest trend everyone is talking about is Eyelash Lamination, which is considered the newest way to get beautiful eyelashes.

What is Eyelash Lamination?

Eyelash lamination before and after by Svetlana Kosygina

Eyelash Lamination is a lash enhancement process that involves the application of a valuable conditioner, i.e., keratin oil, to the eyelashes that nourish, lift, and curl them to make the lashes look longer and more attractive. It is a relatively new trend that has a positive effect on the eyelashes and will significantly influence the external condition of the eyelashes and their internal structure.

Eyelash lamination is often combined with a lash tint for people who do not have dark lashes. This way, the lashes will look darker and much thicker without applying mascara.

Moreover, many lash technicians choose to lash lamination under different names such as lash lift, lash perm, permanent lash curling, etc., and so on, but they are all the same treatment. Similarly, Lash lamination is the same treatment as a lash lift, but just an upgraded version.

Unlike lash lift, which requires just the lifting of natural lashes, with lash lamination, you don’t just lift the lashes; you also add a therapy treatment to the process. Check Out: What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

Benefits of Eyelash Lamination

The treatment is considered the best alternative to eyelash extensions

  1. It is an easy and painless procedure.
  2. It is made with natural ingredients such as castor oil.
  3. It gives the desired result of thicker and curlier lashes.
  4. The treatment can be used with mascara.
  5. It looks natural.

How is Eyelash Lamination Treatment Done

The treatment is done by applying several products to your natural treatment. During this treatment, the lashes are strengthened using keratin to appear more groomed, longer, and thicker. Below is a step-by-step process of how eyelash lamination treatment is done.

1. Clean The Lashes

Before starting the treatment, grab a gentle wipe cleanser and clean your lashes of all makeup and skincare residue so the chemicals can penetrate the lashes fairly.

2. Place A Silicone/ Rod Above The Lash Line

Several types of silicone shields or rods are available in the market today. However, the most significant difference is that rods are rounder, and creating a beautiful round effect with them is more accessible. In most cases, the tips of the lashes are longer than the height of the rod, so it’s almost impossible to tint the lashes on the rod without tint on the eyelid.

To be safe, it is advisable to test the different types of shields and rods to find out which is best for you. Your choice of silicone depends on your eyelid shape, lash growth direction, the desired effect, and lash length. To sum it up, smaller size of silicone gives a dramatic curl, while a more significant size gives a subtle curl.

3. Glue The Lashes Onto The Rod

Ensure the lashes are lifted upwards and glued onto the rod, as this is the shape they will have after the treatment.

4. Apply The Perming Solution

The primary purpose of the perming solution is to break the disulfide bond in the lash keratin to allow the lash to be shaped. Coat the lashes with a chemical that will ease and relax them into a square shape, then leave for ten minutes.

5. Apply The Fixing Solution

When the ten minutes elapses, wipe off the perming solution and apply the fixing solution. This solution counteracts the perming solution and thickens the lashes into a curled shape. Afterward, leave for about ten minutes.

6. Go Ahead And Tint Your Lashes If You Want

After ten minutes, the fixing solution will be removed, and your lashes will be laminated. But the rod won’t be removed yet, so you can decide if you want your lashes to be tinted or not.

7. Remove The Rod And Clean Your Lashes

Remove the rod and clean your lashes, wiping away the product residue. Now that your lashes have been laminated, you’re free to open your eyes.

How Long Will Eyelash Lamination Last

After the procedure, eyelash lamination lasts six to eight weeks, depending on the condition of your lashes and the sensitivity to the treatment and aftercare. Notwithstanding, once your lashes are laminated, they will stay that way for the lifespan of their growth cycle until each of them starts to fall off.

However, not all your lashes will be at the same growth cycle phase during the lamination treatment, meaning some lashes will fall out faster than others. Then again, remember that as your lashes keep falling out, you’ll gradually lose the curls until a new set replaces the curled lashes. Check Out: How Long Does A Lash Lift And Tint Last?

Eyelash Lamination Aftercare

After your treatment, you need to follow specific rules for 24-48 hours so the curls can be set. Firstly, do not get your lashes wet by applying water, sweating, or crying. Also, avoid touching them and wearing eye makeup.

Regardless, after 24-48 hours, your lashes would have hardened, but for long-term maintenance, avoid using oil-based products, makeup, and even eyelash curlers to ensure long-lasting results. You can choose to wear mascaras if you want, but make sure they are not waterproof mascaras. These mascaras contain oils in them and are challenging to get rid of.

Can I Do Eyelash Lamination Myself?

Even though it’s a simple and painless procedure, you can’t do eyelash lamination treatment yourself. Although most people say it’s safe to do eyelash lamination treatment at home, you must buy a quality lamination kit and follow all the instructions provided on the kit, especially when the products need to stay on the lashes.

Also, do not forget that leaving the solutions on your lashes for too long can damage them, so removing them too fast can result in an uneven curl.

On the other hand, it is almost impossible doing an eyelash lamination treatment yourself without having your eyes partly open. When this happens, the solution might get into your eyes, leading to all problems, including burning your lashes and eyeballs and even permanent eyesight damage.

Moreover, the quality of your eyelash lamination kit might contain dangerous chemicals and pose a greater risk of accident or an improper application. There are other common dangers of carrying out eyelash lamination treatment yourself; they include

1. Skin Irritation

It’s not a new thing that the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes is susceptible and delicate, which is why even a professional lash technician always carries out a patch test before the treatment to ensure lower chances of a reaction.

Unfortunately, the lamination kit doesn’t recommend one, which can lead to allergic reactions. Even if the kit recommends a patch test, it’s almost impossible to carry out the patch test without spilling chemicals on your skin.

2. Retina Burns And Blindness

If the eyelash lamination comes in contact with your eyeball, it can result in corneal ulcers and scarring and might eventually lead to temporary or permanent eyesight loss.

Is Eyelash Lamination Safe

Eyelash lamination is a simple and painless procedure, and it’s safe only when done by a professional. The solution shouldn’t be left for too long on your eyes and if, in the long run, they get into your eyes, do well to see an ophthalmologist. Check Out: Are Lash Lifts Safe?

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