Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Facts & Myths

Generally, most people believe that crying helps your lashes grow longer because it is constantly washed out with water; however, no scientific data supports it. Let’s look at crying in general and if they work to make your eyelashes grow longer.

Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer?

Crying is the release of tears from your eyes in response to an emotional state of pain, such as anger or even happiness. It healthily activates the body because cortisol and adrenaline are released when you cry, and these two hormones can cause the heart to pump faster.

However, it also releases endorphins that help to prevent physical and emotional distress. Crying can also clear your eyes of any irritants and allergens present while rehydrating them. The common myth is that tears have a nourishing effect on lashes, but the truth is that tears are only 98% of water, sodium, bicarbonate, and chloride.

It provides helpful lacrimal fluids as they can fight against bacteria and infections. In that case, crying doesn’t provide any form of nourishment to the lashes. As mentioned, when you cry, tears are drawn to the eyelashes, and some people believe that the tears will help your lashes grow longer because they are being washed with water.

Some even go as far as claiming the effect will take a few weeks. Unfortunately, this is just a myth, and there are no scientific data to back it up. Crying has nothing to do with eyelash growth; it only makes your eyelashes wet and straight.

Moreover, this phenomenon makes people believe that crying can make your eyelashes grow longer. Truth is, a more extended period of crying can lead to your eyelashes falling out.

How Can I Make My Eyelashes Grow Longer?

The growth rate of your eyelashes depends on various factors that exclude crying. You may be wondering why your lashes are short; the truth is genetics play an essential role in how your eyelashes are, so for this reason, if your parents have short eyelashes, you may likely have short eyelashes too.

Your genetics also determines your eyelashes’ thickness, color, and curl. In most cases where genetics is not a factor, there could be an underlying medical reason why you have stagnant lash growth. However, other factors aside from genetics could be stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and many others. Below are ways you can make your eyelashes grow longer. You might want to check out: How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow

1. Apply A Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening Mascara

Unlike regular mascaras, lengthening mascaras curls, volumizes, lift, and separates the lashes for a more prominent look. They are designed with formulas that make your lashes appear denser and fuller no matter the length you are working on. You might want to check out: How to Apply Mascara Without Clumping

2. Use An Eyelash Curler

Like any other beauty tool, eyelash curlers deliver the most seamless and long-lasting results when used on your lashes. To achieve the best results, ensure you curl your lashes before applying your mascaras to make your eyelashes longer. You might want to check out: 10 Best Lash Curlers

3. Use An Eyelash Primer

Eyelash Primer

Using an eyelash primer is the ultimate beauty hack if you want longer lashes. They provide a base for your mascara to adhere to while nourishing your lashes, and while applying primers on your lashes, you are coating the lashes with keratin which helps to create a bold and whole look once you apply mascara over the top. Eyelash primers also help lashes hold a curl, build length and provide lash separation.

4. Try A Lash Growth Serum

Lash Growth Serum

Lash growth serums stimulate lash growth, and when applied regularly, the serum extends the lengthening of the growth cycle, which will keep the lashes thicker and stronger over time. They also help to grow new lashes and add thickness, length, and density to the lashes.

5. Lash Growth Supplement

Biotin, a vitamin often taken to promote hair growth, is an essential supplement that can make your lashes grow. Biotin also nourishes the hair follicles, hydrates and strengthens the hair, and promotes longer and thicker-looking lashes and brows.

Though you may not notice any difference in your lashes during the first couple of months, you’d start to see results around the third or fourth month. Another supplement you can opt for is fish oil, as it helps improve the hair follicle and encourages hair growth for new lashes.

Finally, you can also try using folate as they are one of the nutrients that promote overall healthy hair. Folate is also beneficial because it keeps the lids healthy and encourages follicle growth.

Final Note

Crying has many benefits but making your eyelashes grow is not one. Generally, crying is very good for health because it is more like a natural meditation to protect your mind from stress and is very beneficial. Although it may seem complicated to believe for most people, the good news is that crying doesn’t ruin your eyelash extensions or make them fall out.

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