Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions? Safety Tips

Eyelash extensions are everybody’s favorite because they give us a voluminous look and allow us to ditch our entire makeup routine. Eyelash extensions can suit any occasion, whether it’s a hot summer or a winter night.

However, most of us like to dip in the pool or ocean every once in a while, but what happens when we have our lash extensions on? This article will discuss how to swim with eyelash extensions, tips, tricks, and keeping your lashes clean after swimming with eyelash extensions.

Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

Yes! You can swim with eyelash extensions. All you need to do is cleanse the lashes after swimming because the pool water has both salt and Chlorine that can affect the retention of the lashes, break the bond, and cause the extension to detach from your natural lashes prematurely completely.

You also need to be cautious about swimming with eyelash extensions because one of the aftercare tips for lash extensions states that you should never get your extensions wet until 48 hours after application, depending on the type of glue used by your lash technician.

After the 48 hours elapses, you can proceed to get them wet, but still, you need to do that with caution. The lash glue might be semi-permanent, but the Chlorine in the pool can wear it down more quickly. You might want to check out: How to Shower With Eyelash Extensions

Does Swimming With Eyelash Extensions Ruin Them?

Swimming won’t ruin you if you follow instructions and wait 48 hours before getting them wet. Moreover, how your eyelash extensions last depend on how your lash technician applies them as they use different techniques. Thus, it is advisable to make specific inquiries about their techniques to know what kind of adhesives, primers, and sealants are used.

Tips & Tricks For Swimming With Eyelash Extensions

Whether you plan to go to the pool, a beach resort, or even take a long shower after work, these tips and tricks will guide you on protecting your eyelash extensions while swimming.

1. Wait 24-48 Hours Before Getting Your Lashes Wet

If you just got your eyelash extension, you shouldn’t be exposing them to water. The eyelash extension takes about 24-48 hours to dry, so within that period, avoid getting the extensions wet by all means. After 24-48 hours, the adhesive used will be secure enough to allow you to get them wet, meaning you can swim in any water. You might want to check out: How to Wash Your Face With Eyelash Extensions?

2. Use Goggles

If you want extra protection while swimming, try using goggles. As mentioned, salt water and Chlorine can shorten the retention of your eyelash extensions, so wearing Google can prevent that.

Also, the high pressure from the water waves can affect the bond of the lash extensions, which is why wearing goggles can help keep your lashes moisture free and can even add an extra bit of style to your outfit. Ensure that the googles are not too tight so they won’t tug against your lashes.

3. No Mascara

Another tip to note is avoiding mascara while swimming with eyelash extensions. Waterproof mascara can be very beneficial and help create a smudge-free appearance, but a specific rule applies when swimming with eyelash extensions.

Swimming with mascaras will in no way keep it from smearing and smudging, and the more time you spend underwater, the more your makeup product will begin to break down. Therefore, going mascara-free when swimming with eyelash extensions will prevent your lashes from the excess chemicals and oils.

4. Less Sunscreen On The Eyelids

Wearing sunscreen is essential if you want to enjoy the sun, but avoiding getting it around your eyes is best. Oil-based sunscreens can weaken the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive and can shorten the retention of your eyelash extensions, so be extra cautious when applying. Instead, you can opt for a pair of sunglasses; this way, your eyes will be protected from UV sun rays.

5. Do Not Rub Your Eyes

When water gets into your eyes, you might feel the urge to rub them, and it would be best if you fought the urge to avoid rubbing your eyes, as tempting as it might be. The friction can cause the eyelashes to twist and can trigger premature fall-out and loose attachments.

6. Do Not Let Chlorine Or Saltwater Sit On Your Lashes

As mentioned, Chlorine and saltwater can weaken the adhesive bind and affect the eyelash extensions’ retention, making the lashes fall off prematurely. Naturally, salt can slowly destroy the extension of the lash adhesive at a chemical level, so if you spend a lengthy period under saltwater, your eyelash extensions can detach and fall out prematurely.

To prevent this, we recommend cleansing your lashes after every swim to keep the Chlorine and saltwater from sitting in your lashes. Another way is to bring a bottle of fresh water with you so you can rinse your lashes after swimming.

7. Dry Your Lashes

This is the last helpful tip you should consider after swimming with your eyelash extensions. Avoid touching your eyes immediately after swimming. Instead, gently dab the eyelash extensions with a small washcloth or a few cotton pads until they are scorched.

Once dried, brush them out properly with a clean mascara wand or spoolie and style them. Be careful not to rub the extensions with a towel to dry your lashes, as wet lashes are very fragile.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare After Swimming

After swimming, the Chlorine, salt water, sunscreen, and moisture will cause build-up along your lash line, so one of the most important things you should do when getting home is to cleanse your lashes. Bear in mind that keeping the lashes clean and dirt-free results in stunning and striking lashes, and this can be achieved by having a proper cleaning routine.

To cleanse the lash extensions, grab a clean mascara wand and a unique lash cleanser to keep your lashes free of excess oils and unnecessary chemicals. Gently brush out the lashes to remove all dirt and oil gathered on the lash line. Finally, dry the lash extensions using a cotton pad or a soft washcloth. You might want to check out: 20 Aftercare Lash Tips

Final Note

Swimming with eyelash extensions is entirely safe if you follow the proper precautions and care for your extensions. You can also contact your lash technician for more tips on how to swim with eyelash extensions.

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