Wearing Eyeliner With Lash Extensions: Do’s and Dont’s

Lash extensions accentuate the eyes and make the lashes look fuller and bolder, which is why many women find them as a substitute for eye makeup. The good news is that you don’t need to ditch your eyeliner when you have your lash extensions; you can still wear it.

All you need to do is to find the right eyeliner that complements your lash extensions. Read on to find out the pros and cons of wearing eyeliner with lash extensions and the type of eyeliner that is safe and bad for eyelash extensions. We will also guide you on how to apply and remove eyeliner when wearing lash extensions. You might want to check out: How to Apply Mascara on Fake Lashes

Pros And Cons Of Wearing Eyeliner With Lash Extensions

Eyeliner on Lash Extensions

Eyeliner is a makeup tool that defines the eyes by lining up the upper and lower eyelids and adding value to your overall makeup skills.


  1. Eyeliners can change the look of your eyes by making your small eyes look big; big eyes look small and flat eyes look round.
  2. It is a game-changing product for creating smokey eyes.
  3. It makes the eyelash extensions look more natural, giving the bold eye effect.
  4. It enhances every woman’s eyes and can express personal style, which is glamorous and highly natural.
  5. Eyeliners give more versatility, making it easy to switch up your style and looks without having to do much.


  1. The eyeliner can clump your lash extensions together when applied in multiple layers on the top of your extensions.
  2. The wrong type of eyeliner can create irritation and other eye problems for people with sensitive eyes.
  3. Using eyeliner daily can block the meibomian glands around the eyes, leading to severe blepharitis.
  4. The ingredients can damage the lash adhesives as they contain a waxy substance and glue that breaks the lash extension glue.

Types of Eyeliner You Can Wear With Eyelash Extensions

Though eyeliner is a perfect beauty tool that makes your lashes look fuller, thicker, and more attractive. However, not all types of eyeliner complement lash extensions. On this note, when buying eyeliner to apply to your extensions, ensure they are double-checked and don’t contain harmful ingredients. Here are the best types of eyelashes you can wear with lash extensions.

1. Liquid Liner


Liquid liners, also known as “Ink Liner,” are one of the best eyeliners to make a classic cat eye. They are

Liquid liners, also known as “Ink Liner,” are one of the best eyeliners to make a classic cat eye. They are known for their ultra-dark look and can come in the form of a tube, a gel pot, or a simple pen. The liquid liner stands out from other eyeliners because they are easy to apply and remove.

2. Powder Eyeliner

Often called “Shadow Liner,” the powder eyeliner is the best way to define your eyes when wearing eyelash extensions. It is a black pressed powder that’s often applied using an angled brush around the eyes. It is also gentle on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions and does not require oil-based makeup remover to wash them off.

3. Water-based Eyeliner

Going for a water-based eyeliner will eliminate the risk of premature lash fallout because they offer sebum repellance, fast drying, wear resistance, and easy removal with water.

4. Cake Eyeliners

Cake eyeliners are gentle on your natural lashes and are an excellent alternative to traditional pencil eyeliners if you want a more matte look. This type of eyeliner is easy to remove and ideal for creating a vintage-inspired look.

Types Of Eyeliner To Avoid With Eyelash Extensions

1. Waterproof Eyeliners

Waterproof eyeliners are bad for eyelash extensions and must be avoided at all costs; they contain oil and waxes that weaken the lash adhesive and damage the extensions. Waterproof eyeliners are also hard to remove because they are resistant to tears and water-based makeup.

2. Pencil Eyeliners

There are two types of pencil eyeliners. One is mechanical, and the other is traditional. The mechanical eyeliner requires you to rotate the bottom of the eyeliner, while the traditional requires you to sharpen the pencil based on how much you’ve used.

However, these eyeliners are bad for eyelash extensions as they can tug on the lash line during application. They can also increase the pressure you apply on lash extensions, ultimately damaging the lash bond.

3. Gel Eyeliners

This type of eyeliner is the thickest eyeliner you can ever get. They are often referred to as cream liners, and they are waterproof as well as sweat resistant. Applying to your lash extensions will lead to premature falling-off of the extensions and leave behind a sticky residue that can be so hard to remove.

4. Glitter Eyeliner

Glitter eyeliners are not safe for your natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions as they can lead to irritation and get trapped in your eyelashes. It also takes more time to remove than an ordinary eyeliner.

How To Apply Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

Applying eyeliner with eyelash extensions can be tricky because it is so close to the lash line where your extensions are, which is why you should be cautious when applying. Below are the steps on how to apply eyeliner with eyelash extensions. You might want to check out: How to Put On Eyeliner

Step One

Clean the eye area with an oil-free cleanser.

Step Two

Place your mirror below eye level to help keep the lashes out of the way. Be careful not to look up while applying the eyeliner.

Step Three

Apply above the lash line from the inner corner and swipe to the outer corner.

Step Four

For a winged look, you can start with the wings first, then swipe from the inner corner to the outer corner to join the line to the wing. However, you might make mistakes while applying the eyeliner; when this happens, use an oil-free makeup remover pad to wipe away the mistake gently.

Step Five

Avoid having your eyeliner come in contact with your lashes, and always apply the eyeliner above the lash line to prevent it from touching the eyelash extensions.

How To Remove Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

Removing eyeliner with eyelash extensions is easy, especially if you follow the proper instructions. You might want to check out: How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Step One

Grab a lint-free material and dip it in your oil-free makeup remover.

Step Two

Gently rub off the eyeliner from your eyelids and do not swipe back and forth or side to side.

Step Three

Clean and wash your eyelash extensions, then dry and comb the lashes.

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