How Long Does it Take to Get Eyelash Extensions? What to Expect

Eyelash extensions are one of the most trendy beauty services worldwide, and they have the knack for making your lashes stand out and give a subtle, natural, or dramatic look. Many clients want to know how long it takes to get eyelash extensions and what to expect before booking an appointment.

This article will give an insight into the time it takes to get eyelash extensions and why your lash artist takes time to complete the treatment.

Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes applied directly to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent bonding adhesive. The extensions are applied carefully, one after the other, using specially designed tweezers, and there is zero contact with the skin, so it is an easy and painless treatment. You might want to check out: Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Procedure Of Applying Eyelash Extensions

  1. First, the skin gets cleaned, and the eyelashes get washed and prepped with a primer.
  2. Choose the best material, length, diameter, and style for the customer.
  3. Use eye patches to separate the lower lashes from the upper ones.
  4. Dip the extension in glue with a tweezer and attach it to the natural lash. This step has to be repeated several times.
  5. When all the lashes are applied, dry them with an eyelash fan. You might want to check out: How To Apply Eyelashes Step By Step

How Long Does It Take To Get Eyelash Extensions

Applying eyelash extensions is a long-term process that requires the lash artist’s total concentration and perseverance. Generally, the eyelash extension treatment takes a period of one to three hours, depending on your desired look. The application process time also depends on the lash artist, as an experienced artist can apply for the extensions faster than a beginner lash artist.

A beginner lash artist will take more time applying for eyelash extensions since they are not used to the skills needed to apply for the extensions. They will also need more time for lash consultations and to ensure that the client is happy with the lash style before using them. Below is a table to give a general idea of how long it takes to get eyelash extensions.

Eyelash ExtensionsFull SetsRefills
Classic Eyelash Extensions90-120 minutes30-60 minutes
Volume Eyelash Extensions120-180 minutes45-75 minutes
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions2-3 hours1 hour
Doll Eyelash Extensions2 hours1 hour
Wispy Eyelash Extensions2 hours30-60 minutes
2D Effect Eyelash Extensions120-180 minutes1 hour
Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions180 minutes30-45 minutes
3D Effect Eyelash Extensions150-180 minutes1 hour

Factors That Influence How Long Eyelash Extension Appointment Time Will Take

1. Technique

Eyelash Extensions Time

Your choice of extension style is one of the significant factors that can affect your lash appointment time. For instance, if you choose to go for volume eyelash extensions, a fan of extensions is added to one natural eyelash giving the illusion of having thicker eyelashes. In contrast, classic lash extensions are applied by adding extensions to each natural eyelash individually, giving the illusion of longer lashes.

However, the main difference between these two techniques is the number of extensions applied to your natural lashes. Therefore, volume lashes are an advanced technique requiring extra skill and attention to detail, so if you’re going for volume lash extensions, be prepared to stay still for an extended period during the application process.

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2. Type Of Appointment

You can book a lash appointment for either a full set or a refill, and either of these two influences how long your eyelash appointment will take. Getting a full set requires you to get started with eyelash extensions and covering your lash line with long, lovely lashes, and this process takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the technique you choose.

On the other hand, refills are a maintenance procedure. They are carried out to fill any gaps caused by the natural shedding of lashes between full sets, which usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes or more, depending on the technique.

3. The Health Of Your Natural Lashes

natural lashes before lash extension

Before your appointment, your eyelashes need to be in the best health possible to ensure an easy application process, as they are the foundation for your lash extensions. Cleaning your lashes before your appointment removes the accumulation of debris and dirt on the lash line and prevents oil from damaging the extensions.

Nonetheless, if you show up to your lash appointment with uncleaned lashes, the lash artist will have to spend extra time cleaning them, resulting in a prolonged lash extension time.

Final Note

Eyelash extensions are an investment and take time for both the stylist and the client. A proper application process can only be carried out with enough time, perseverance, dedication, and hard work. As a client, you must also make the most of your time and follow the preappointment instructions.

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