How to Remove Eyelash Extensions: 5 Ways

Eyelash extensions can instantly transform your look, giving you an added effect without the need to apply mascara or fake eyelashes. However, these extensions are not permanent, and, in a month, they may not look as stunning as they did when you first got them.

This is the point where you choose between going for a re-fill or taking them off to give your natural lashes a break. Anyone you decide is excellent, but it doesn’t matter if you have mastered the art of doing it yourself if you decide to remove them. Still, the removal process is best left to the professional because it involves stripping off-grade A lash glue.

The removal process involves tools that are best used by a professional. So, if you decide to go through the process by yourself, you may contaminate your lash area, which may lead to an infection. So, let a professional handle the removal process for your natural lashes.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions Fast and Easy

How to Remove lash Extensions
Professional lash extension removal by The Brow Zone

Removing eyelash extensions, be it Classic, Russian Volume, Hybrid, and the rest, can be very tricky because the glue that keeps them attached to your natural lashes is strong. If you attempt to pull or rub the extensions, you can damage your natural lashes.

The recommended way to remove your eyelash extensions is to let a professional lash technician handle them. These lash technicians are skilled and experienced, plus they have trusted products and tools for removing the eyelash extensions safely and preserving your natural lashes.

Having a lash technician handle the removal process will require they use a professional gel or cream for removing the eyelash extensions. However, they need to be very careful not to get any of the gel in the client’s eye because it can irritate them. After that, under-eye pads will be applied to protect the area and the lower lashes.

The gel should be applied close to the lash line to break the glue and not on the skin; otherwise, it will irritate. After doing this, let it sit for 5 minutes or more, then use a lip wand to remove the extensions.

After the extensions are removed, the lash tech will recommend a lash bath to ensure no residue of the removal cream or gel left on your natural lashes. This is regarded as the safest way to remove eyelash extensions.

Can I Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

You can remove eyelash extensions at home. The Eyelash extension removal process is not free, and for some reason, if you cannot afford it, you can go ahead and remove your eyelash extension at home. You have to be extremely careful with the right ingredients. Follow these guides below on how to remove your eyelash extensions at home.

1. Wash your Face

Rinse your face thoroughly to eliminate any eye makeup or debris in the lash area.

2. Use Steam

steam face to remove eyelash extension

You can use a face steamer if you have one. You can do it manually if you don’t, no need for expensive machines! Fill up a bowl with hot water, then place your face over it. Cover your head with a towel to feel the steam on your face. Carefully remain in this position for a few minutes until the glue loosens.

3. Heat The Oil

Oil is one of the right ingredients you need to remove eyelash extensions at home. You can use coconut oil, baby oil, or olive oil. Coconut oil tends to be faster when used with cotton pads, but olive oil is a bit slower but guarantees your safety.

remove eyelash extensions with coconut oil

However, if you are trying out the removal process for the first time, baby oil is highly recommended because it is mild and it contains more minor irritants. Therefore, whichever one you decide to use is wonderful.

Then, place the oil in a small bowl and heat it for a few seconds. Ensure to test the oil with your fingers before application to know if it’s a bit warm.

4. Soak The Cotton Pads

soak cotton pads in oil to remove lash extensions

When your oil is warm, soak a cotton pad and place the pad over one eye, letting it sit for five minutes. After this, gently run the pad across your eyelash and let the oil sit on the lash for a couple of minutes.

5. Remove The Extensions

Carefully wipe the cotton pad across your eyelashes until they come off. Let the lashes naturally fall on the pad, and do not pick or pull them because it would damage the natural lashes.

These are the safest and easiest ways to remove your eyelash extensions. If you don’t want to go through these steps, there are other ways you can remove Eyelash extensions at home.

Other Safe Methods

1. Use An Oil-Based Make-up Remover

If you are trying to remove your eyelash extensions, an oil-based make-up remover should be added to your list of products. When cleansing your face, move the oil in circular motions to gently dissolve the lash glue. Note that you will need this oil-cleanser for a while to loosen up your eyelash extensions.

2. Use A Professional- Grade Lash Glue Remover

Similarly, a lash extension bond is just like a superglue, so you have to use a professional-grade lash glue dissolver to loosen the glue of the extensions. Always remember to keep the glue out of your eyes when applying.

How To Use A Professional Grade Lash Glue Remover

  1. Prepare the lash glue dissolver.
  2. Place under-eye pads, cotton pads, or tape on top of the eye pad to protect the skin around the eye area.
  3. Put a drop of the lash dissolver on a surface when you can easily reach it.
  4. Proceed to apply the lash glue dissolver on your eyelash extensions with a micro swab.
  5. Wait for three minutes.
  6. Get a swab or tweezers to remove the extensions. Let the extensions fall naturally, o not pull or tug at them.
  7. Use a lint-free swab to clean up any residue of the lash dissolver on your natural lashes.
  8. Soak a cotton swab in water to rinse your natural lashes thoroughly.
  9. Dry the wet lashes and brush them.

Note that you can do this yourself because you may damage your natural lashes and eyelids. If you can’t get a professional, you should get a friend instead.

3. Try Using Castor Oil Before And After Removal

Castor oil is quite effective as a nightly treatment to dissolve the extension bond while you sleep. After removing your eye makeup, dip a spoolie or a cotton swab in castor oil and gently brush it on your lashes. Also, rub the spoolie or cotton swab on top of your lash line where the extensions are bonded.

4. Take A Hot Steamy Shower

A hot steamy shower is never a bad idea. It’s ironic that when you get your lash extensions on for the first time, you are told not to get them wet for the first 48 hours, and you must avoid steam to enable your lash extensions last longer.

If you are trying to remove your eyelash extensions, taking a hot steamy shower is a great idea because the steam may help to dry out and loosen stubborn glue.

5. Use Mascaras

Mascaras have several benefits, so it wouldn’t be wrong to use them in the removal process. Most Mascaras have waxes and oil in them, so using them daily could help weaken the bond on the lash extensions.

How to Remove Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions involve applying one individual lash to one natural lash. So, to remove it, use two tweezers and gently grab one natural lash on one tweezer and one extension on the other. Then carefully separate them vertically into two directions; this way, your natural lashes won’t get out.

How to Remove Volume Eyelash Extensions

To remove volume eyelash extensions, use a wide-foot tweezer and press the upper part of the eyelash extensions. Carefully break down the glue and guide your lash extensions to fall off. Do not pull the lash extensions or your natural lashes forcefully. Note that this removal process must be done by a professional and not yourself; otherwise, you risk damaging your natural lashes.

How to Remove Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

To remove hybrid eyelash extensions, you first need to use face cleansers to loosen up the adhesive on and around your hybrid lashes. Most times, using face cleansers can cause the dried glue and bits of extensions to get into your eyes, so you have to be very careful.

Professionals recommended putting oil on the extensions to help loosen the glue overnight. For this process, baby oil is effective because it has been tested and trusted. It would be best to allow the oil to set over the glued area overnight, then the following day, all you have to do is peel the lashes off.

Does Removing Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

No, it won’t. The surprising thing about the removal process is that you won’t feel like your extensions are getting removed because it is always safe and easy. However, the removal process might be pretty painful if the extensions were misapplied in the first place.

For example, removing multiple lashes glued together would be a complex and slow process that can cause pain. Furthermore, the safest way to remove eyelash extensions is when it’s done by a professional. If you decide to go through the removal process yourself, you might be creating room for lash damage and eye damage.

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