How Much Are Lash Extensions?

Lash Extensions are worn by all your hottest celebrities and probably all your hottest friends. And here’s the thing, if you’ve never had lash extensions before, you have no idea how much they can change your look. Lash extensions will make you feel more glamorous than you’ve ever felt before. But as the saying goes, all beauty comes with a price – and lash extensions are no different. So exactly how much should you expect to pay if you want to glamify those lashes?

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Well, here’s the thing about extensions – they’re entirely customizable. That’s a great thing! You can use extensions to get any lash look you want. But when it comes to prices, that also means that they’re all over the map. So it’s hard to give a single definitive price for lash extensions. 

We will say that a complete set of lash extensions can range anywhere from $75 to $300. We know – that’s an extensive range. But like we said, there’s also a lot of range when customizing your lashes. So instead of giving a definitive price, let’s talk about the things that affect the price of your lashes.

What Affects The Cost Of Extensions?

1. Extension material

The three most common lash extensions are synthetic, silk, and mink. The material you use will directly correlate to how much you should expect to pay for your extensions. Generally speaking, synthetic extensions will be the cheapest, mink will be the most expensive, and silk will fall somewhere in the middle. 

Note: Some people also like the benefits of mink lashes but refuse to use real mink fur. In such a case, they might choose to wear faux mink extensions. Of course, each of these three materials has its benefits and downfalls.

Mink lashes are the lightest and most natural-looking of the three, but they’re also much more expensive and don’t last as long. Synthetic lashes are much heavier than mink and have a more glossy appearance.

With that being said, they last longer and are less expensive. And again, silk lashes fall somewhere in the middle and are a good balance between a natural look and a cheaper treatment. 

2. Application Method

There are so many different ways to apply for your extensions, which is where the customization options sink in. Classic, Hybrids, Volume, American Volume, Russian Volume, Mega Volume – the options are pretty much endless. But they wouldn’t be on the list if they didn’t affect the cost of your extensions.

Classic extensions are the least expensive, followed by Hybrids, and any Volume lashes will be the most expensive. But what’s the difference between them, and why does it affect the price? The main difference between these extensions is how they are applied. Classic extensions are applied in a 1:1 ratio, meaning one extension is applied per lash.

The main benefit of this is that it mimics the look and feel of your natural lashes. Volume lashes are the most expensive type – and that’s because they are applied in fans. Your lash technician will either buy these fans ready-made or, in most cases, they will make them on the spot.

A fan can consist of anywhere from 2-20 extensions, depending on how much volume you are looking for. For example, 2D fans (fans with two extensions) are used for regular Volume lashes, whereas 20D (fans with 20 extensions) would be reserved for Mega Volume lashes. Russian and American Volumes can fall anywhere in between. Of course, it’s no surprise that the larger the fan, the higher the cost.

More giant fans are more challenging to make, use more products, and take more time to apply. So not surprisingly, they’re more expensive. But let’s not forget about those hybrids!

Hybrid lashes use a combination of Classic and Volume lashes, maintaining a natural look with more fullness and volume. Of course, just as the lashes fall in the middle, so does the price.

3. Technician Experience and Product Quality

Like anything else in this world, you get what you pay for. If your lash extensions seem super cheap, it’s probably because they are. Lash extensions come in a variety of different brands, and each brand has a different quality.

Higher quality lashes will last longer and look more natural, but they will cost the lash technician more. In return, the price for application will also cost more. Lashes from low-quality brands might save you some money, but they won’t look as nice and probably won’t last as long either.

So, in this case, we say always pay more for quality. As for technician experience, we always recommend going for someone more qualified. Less experienced technicians may offer you a great deal to gain experience – and some might do a great job.

But there’s also more risk that they could make a mistake. And when it comes to your eyes, risks aren’t something you want to take. For this reason, we say pay more and go with an experienced technician. 

4. Artist Pricing Structure

Experience and product quality aren’t the only things affecting lash artists’ prices. Each lash artist charges differently for extensions. Some artists charge per number of lashes; others charge based on the time since your last fill, while others charge based on the length of time it takes to apply the lashes.

Always be sure to ask how your artist charges to know exactly what you are paying for. And remember, depending on how they charge, your extensions may not cost you the same each time. Some sessions may be cheaper than others, depending on your lash needs at the time. 

5. Location

Sorry guys – if you live in a big city, we have bad news for you! You’re probably going to pay a little (or maybe a lot) more for your lash extensions. If you’re looking to save some money, heading to a smaller town or city might be your best option.

Also, high-name spas and salons will charge you more than an individual lash technician would (in most cases). So if you’re looking to save some cash, avoid the big-name salons. 

That said, it’s also important to remember that the more prominent name salons and spas can charge more because they are consistent. When you go to a well-known spa or salon, you know you’ll get an experienced lash technician – and your results will look amazing. So don’t throw the idea out the window. If you have the extra money to spend, a high-end salon or spa is a great place to go for your lashes. 

6. The Experience

A lot of what you pay for when you get your lashes done is the experience. If you want a few hours of peace, serenity, and relaxation, you’ll probably pay more than if you go to a lash technician’s home. The whole lash experience should come with comfortable beds, blankets, and soft music.

High-end spas and salons will also offer beverages, snacks, and coffee, turning your lash extension treatment into a whole experience. But if you want the whole experience, you’ll pay more. Is it worth it? Definitely!

And there you have it – Wow! There are a lot of things that affect the price of your lashes. So we can’t give you a firm number, but expect to pay somewhere between $75-$300 depending on the look you are going for and who/where you go.

Be sure to shop around until you find someone who matches all of your needs and to who you feel comfortable going. Your lash experience should be a relaxing one! 

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