How To Take Care Of Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are great beauties to rock for special occasions or everyday appearances; they can switch up your look and game just by putting them on. Everyone who’s had their lashes done can attest that they spent some good money and time.

No one wants to lose cash and have their time wasted; in this article, I will be sharing crucial information that would help you maintain your eyelashes for longer and better.

Understand The Application of Eyelashes

It is easier to care for our eyelashes when we understand their application method. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent applications that add length, volume, and curl to our eyes. Materials like silk, mink, and synthetic fibers imitate lashes and give the much-needed volume and length.

It is applied with semi-permanent, never permanent glue, where the false lash extension is attached strand by strand to the natural lash. Knowing this would help us know how to care for our eyelash extensions.

So every care tip is to consider these: lash extensions, the semi-permanent glue, and even most importantly, our natural lashes.

Simple Care Tips For Your Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions Care
  • Keep your eyelash extensions away from water for at least 24-48hrs after application.

Your newly fixed lash extensions need enough time to dry properly because of the glue used, and exposing them to water too quickly will interrupt their drying process.

The last glue drying properly ensures a proper hold of the extensions to the lash strand. Eyelash extensions stay longer if you can keep them dry within the first 24-48 hrs after application.

  • Avoid humid environments like saunas and face steaming.

Taking a steam bath may be a great option to relieve a tired body. Steam treatments are great for your body but not for your eyelashes.

The steam or water vapor is also water in a heated gaseous state, which would weaken the glue’s hold and cause the lash extensions to break away from their point of attachment. Face steaming is a no if you must wear your extensions for more extended periods.

  • Do Not Use A Mechanical Curler

Using your lash curler to curl your lash extensions is tempting, but this will ruin your lash extensions. Lash extensions come in the desired shape and curl and don’t need to be curled with a mechanical curler, as this could lead to breakage as the curler presses the extensions.

Don’t forget your extension materials could come as synthetic fibers, and such pressing would break them. The more natural fibers are curled with a light heat curler to keep them in shape.

  • Keep Your Lashes Free From Oils

While wearing your Lash extensions, it is essential to note that oil-based cosmetic applications or treatments should be avoided around the eye area and lash line. Oils will affect the interface of the glue and extension.

Do not use oily cleansers to clean your eye area. MakeUp items like eyeliners and eyeshadows can be guilty of weakening your lash extensions as they could be oil-based.

  • Wash Your Eyelash Extensions

Oil build and makeup build on your extensions could introduce germs or cause irritations, so it is crucial to keep your lashes germ-free by keeping them clean. Your lashes can be shampooed easily by using a tiny amount of mild shampoo and creating a lather.

Allow water to wash down your face, rinsing out the lather and giving you clean and germ-free lashes. Gently dab your face with a clean towel, and don’t rub the towel on your face.

  • Never Trim Your Eyelash Extensions While Wearing Them

Lash Extensions come in predetermined size, shape, and curl, and there is usually no need to trim them. But, there could be exceptions when you buy the wrong length; in such cases, trim them before applying them. Never trim your lash extensions while wearing them, as they could damage your natural lashes and pose a threat to your eyes. Keep sharp objects away from your eyes.

  • Use Lash Brushes and Not Your Fingers

The lash brush or spooly comes handy in caring for your lash extensions. Your Lash Stylist would have shown you this by example after fixing your extensions using a spooly to brush through your lashes, and if rightly fixed, you should experience no difficulty brushing them.

  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Lash extensions are beautiful, no doubt, and require care to be worn for long. Keep them on for longer by keeping your hands away from your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes can mess up your extensions and possibly send you back to the salon. In the advent of tears, use a clean face towel or toilet paper to dab at your eyes’ inner and outer corners.

  • Keep Your Spooly Clean

The spooly is a much-needed aftercare tool for your extensions. And because your eye area is susceptible, it is vital to keep your spooly washed and always clean to avoid introducing germs to your eyes.

  • Avoid Facing The Shower Head Directly

After the first 24-48 hrs of avoiding contact with water, your extensions are pretty safe during the shower. The but to this is that you avoid facing the showerhead as the force of the water splash could weaken and dislodge your extensions.

  • Never Sleep With Your Face Into Your Pillow

Sleeping positions can shed your lashes quicker, so choosing your sleeping position when wearing extensions is essential.

One sleeping position that can alter and damage your extensions is sleeping with your face on your pillow, and it’s best to sleep on your sides to keep your lashes from rubbing against the pillows.

  • Choose Satin or Silk Pillowcases over Cotton

We can not completely control how we sleep, mainly when deep in sleep, but we can prevent friction from ruining our lash extensions. Using satin or silk pillowcases is your best option to reduce the possible friction of your extension against your pillow. The smoothness and easy glide of the satin or silk material reduces friction, unlike cotton, which would tug at your extensions.

  • Skip The Mascara

Mascaras are great for defining your lashes but are unnecessary while wearing lash extensions. We advise you to skip the mascara; the black coating from your mascara could weigh more on your lash extensions and cause them to break away from their point of attachment to your natural lashes.

Brushing with your Mascara wand could coat both your lashes and extensions together, and as it dries, this could cause your natural lashes to become more brittle and break away.

  • Plan For A Lash Refill

Irrespective of the lash style you carefully chose, as time goes on, some of your lashes begin to shed, leaving gaps that can alter the look of your extensions. Lash refills can begin anytime from the second or third week of your first application, and it usually costs about half the price of a complete application and takes less time to get done.

Lash extensions are pretty easy to take care of as anyone can easily fit into these simple care tips mentioned above. We are glad you now have all the needed information to cater to your eyelash extensions.

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