Tubing Mascara: Everything You Need to Know

Mascaras come in different shapes, wands, and colors. Such a wide variety of mascaras available can leave you wondering which to choose.

First, all we had were regular black pigmented mascaras, but now? You can choose your pick from volumizing mascaras to lengthening and curl-defining mascaras. Not only do you have mascaras in black pigment, but in dazzling colors to suit different eye colors. You should read our article on the best mascara color for green eyes.

Colored mascaras are not the only thing trending in the lash-mascara world; tubing mascaras are gaining much attention too.
Not every mascara’s formulation is the same, as they offer varied functions depending on their formula.

Are you still having trouble locating the best mascara for you? Since you have never tried tube mascaras, you might have missed an important detail.
This article will tell you all you need to know about tubing mascaras. Read on so you don’t miss the details.

What is Tubing Mascara and How Does it Work?

Tubing Mascara
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If you are coming across this term- Tubing mascaras, you probably are not the only one, and there’s no need to feel shy about it. Innovations keep popping up in the beauty sphere, and it takes a lot to catch up on every new item.
Regarding mascaras, not every mascara’s formulation is the same.

Tubing Mascara Ingredients
Source: @Tiffany Marie

A Tubing Mascara is just like your regular mascara but works quite differently. Tubing mascara earns its name from how the formula wraps around each eyelash to enhance them one by one. We know every mascara comes in a tube container with a wand brush, but tubing mascara forms a tube-like case around your lashes.

Tubing mascara is quite different from your regular mascaras that coat your lashes. Tubing mascaras instead work with polymers that firmly adhere to your lashes. The formula of tubing mascara makes the polymer build a tube-like wall around your lashes.

So with tubing mascaras, you get far more than waxes and pigment; your lash puts on some safety jacket. This is good news for those worried about their oily eyelids. You can still combat that overly hydrated and oily eyelid with a tubing mascara while being gentle on your eyes.

How To Apply Tubing Mascara

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in applying tubing mascara. As with traditional mascara, apply tubing mascara by beginning at the root of your lashes and wiggling the wand back and forth until it reaches the tips of your lashes.
Thanks to the polymer-wrapping technology, tubing mascara would thoroughly coat with a couple of swipes. You can take before and after photos of your eyelashes to see the remarkable difference between tubing mascaras.

How To Remove Tubing Mascara

Here is the exciting part about tubing mascaras; they are pretty and straightforward to remove compared to waterproof mascaras.

Don’t worry about pulling out your eye makeup remover and stacks of cotton pads. All you need is some warm water and your fingertips. Yes! It’s as simple as warm water and your fingers to get the job done.

So, rinse your face with warm water.

With your eyes closed, use your fingertips to drag the mascara off your lashes gently
With a bit of water, the tubes around your lashes will slide right off – no mess, no fuss.

All that would be left is some gooey-looking black tube. But guess what? Zero pigments on lashes! No messy pigment around your eye is pretty quick and easy to do!

The Second Method

Tubing mascaras are likely to come off while you are washing your face.
But to be very sure, soak a washcloth in warm water, and place it over your eye for 30 seconds, and the tubes will lift off.

Tubing Mascaras vs. Waterproof Mascara

There is a misconception that tubing mascaras usually work similarly to waterproof mascaras. But this is not the case. A waterproof mascara coats your lashes with waxes and polymers that are water resistant.

The primary chemical component of waterproof mascara is dimethicone, responsible for its water-resistant ability. This chemical in your waterproof mascara formula can prevent your mascara from smudging but can also dry out your lashes. And it is certainly advised to avoid using waterproof mascaras regularly.

On the other hand, tubing mascaras are an excellent substitute for traditional waterproof mascara. Tubing mascaras help eliminate the difficulty of removing waterproof mascaras. And they are kinder to your lashes as they do not dry out your lashes as waterproof mascaras do.

Tubing mascaras employs a different technology that ensures the polymers solidify when dry, making your mascara flake and smudge-free.

Benefits of Tubing Mascara

This new technology of tubing mascaras is a whole vibe to catch on. Many rush waterproof mascaras because of their water-repelling attributes; tubing mascaras can offer you that and more.

If your regular activities make you sweat, like active gym sessions, then embracing tubing mascara is a perfect decision. Your lashes are well encased in a flexible tube that no amount of sweat or tears would make them come off or smudge.

Tubing Mascaras are easy to clean and don’t need you to purchase cotton pads or makeup removers.

They are long-lasting mascara wears that are safe for your eyes.

Tubing Mascaras save our eye area all the rubbing and stretching of delicate eye skin. Constant rubbing and cleaning of the eye area can easily cause wrinkles and rapid aging. But not with tubing mascaras because they easily slide off with warm water and a damp cloth.

Tubing Mascaras can create a wide-awake look by lifting and curling your lashes. The polymers wrap around your lash, giving them a lengthening effect. Those polymer tubes around your lashes have an impressive capacity for holding up a curl.

Best Tubing Mascaras to Try

There’s a list of great tubing formulas from brands that promise you flake-free and smudge-proof mascara—lots of reviews speak of the many wonders of these tubing mascaras:

Clinique Lash Power Mascara
Talk about full proof from tears and any form of water; this mascara stays on for long!

Best Tubing Mascara

Mac Extended Play
This long-wearing mascara has a small bristle brush that picks up every lash, giving you a flake-free mascara experience.

Best Tubing Mascara

Revlon Mega Multiplier
This beauty is great for building volume and length! Double for your money with a lash brush and formula designed for that purpose

Best Tubing Mascara

L’oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes
Perfect anti-clump mascara! This tubing mascara gives you a clump-free look no matter how many coats you put on.

Best Tubing Mascara

Jane Iredale Mineral Mascara
Are you looking for super lengthy and extra soft lashes? Try this mascara, as it has an extra ingredient- panthenol, that adds softness to your lashes.

Top Tubing Mascara

If getting panda eyes are a concern to you, then tubing mascaras are your best bet with flexible polymers that wrap themselves around each of your lashes, ensuring that each lash has 360-degree coverage as opposed to regular mascara. They may not offer exceptional volume, but well-separated lengthy and curly lash is a must.

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