Are Lash Lifts Safe?

Lash lifts are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, but are they safe? Lash lifts work by temporarily lifting lash hairs from their roots and applying styling treatment to them, which holds them in place until your next lash cycle starts.

The safety of lash lifts has become a hot topic as more people are embracing lash lifts these days. Years before now it wasn’t much of a topic as very few people were aware of what a lash lift or lash perm was, but now, we have both home and professional lash lift kits splashed all over online and in beauty stores. Before doing a lash lift you may want to read about the safety or danger of lash lifts.

Let’s Get Clear About Lash Lifts

As popular as they have become, It is not strange to come across many people who would bat an eye at the mention of lash lift. It’s still an unknown cosmetic application in many circles. So for the knowledge of all, here is a clear definition of what a lash lift is.

Lash Lift Process

A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent cosmetic application to your natural lashes to make them appear longer and curvier. Lash lifts are also known as lash perms. A lash lift doesn’t involve the use of any lash extension but uses specially formulated chemical treatments to straighten out your lashes and give that open eye look.

For those looking to avoid lash extensions, this could be a possible choice to make. So a Lash lift is also called a lash perm and has similar applications to a hair perm but the chemicals used are different and one must never attempt to use a hair perm or dye on your lashes.

Lash Lifts are done professionally in some Beauty Salons by professional lash stylists and also lash lifts are done at home by beauty enthusiasts.

How Safe is A Lash Lift?

There are many opinions about the safety of lash lifts and it’s understandable why it’s such a big topic and that’s because it’s done on a very sensitive organ – the eyes. This article will bring you much-needed information about the safety of lash lifts. So on a scale of very safe, safe, not safe you can decide for yourself after reading through.

The Risks of Lash Lifts

Lash lifts are a popular procedure for improving overall eyelash appearance. Depending on a patient’s specific needs, lashes can be lifted to add volume or lift droopy lashes back into place with lash extensions (lash perming).

The results of Lash Lifts are beautiful no doubt, but is the beauty worth it?

The first thing to consider which is one of the reasons for the arguments is that a lash lift is done on a sensitive organ… the eyes. This is what makes many ring the alarm and say… Hell, No!

However, some people avoid lash lifts because they associate these procedures with bad side effects like burns, swelling, or blindness. But are there any real risks associated with lifting your lashes?

Let’s break down common myths surrounding lash lifting and discuss exactly what it is you need to know before making your decision about undergoing treatment for thicker, more beautiful lashes.

Risks and Side Effects

One risk is infection caused by a dirty instrument during application or removal. Another possibility is over-application, which results in thicker, darker lashes that look more like mascara than natural lashes (although some women like them).

However, more serious side effects are rare but may include an allergic reaction to adhesives used in lash lifts. Infection can be particularly dangerous for those with weakened immune systems; it’s therefore advised that you ask your doctor about whether or not you’re a good candidate for lash lifts before choosing to have one done.

Also beware that if you’re pregnant or nursing (and especially if you’ve recently given birth), they’re usually not recommended because they can cause harm to your baby.

DIYers Beware!

The lash is permed with the eyes completely closed when it is done in a beauty salon by a professional but the DIY could be a different story altogether.

In the DIY method, you would have to be extremely careful doing this as you would also have to monitor the time for each application and you can hardly keep up with all these activities with your eyes closed. And this could lead to the possible entrance of some of the applications in your eyes and that’s not a good story to tell

Lash Lifts are pretty safe when done by a professional as you can avoid many mistakes like overprocessing your lashes which leads to lashes breaking and falling away and even possible irritation of your lash area. A professional would watch out for timing and make sure each application doesn’t exceed stipulated time while having your eyes closed throughout the process

Lash Lifts can be said to be safe when done with the right kits and instructions duly followed. If you ever plan to try out a lash lift at home and you won’t be patient to flow through with instructions, please then doing a lash lift by yourself is not an option for you.

It’s been known that some persons have used hair dye on their lashes which had devastating consequences. You can’t do lash lifts with hair perms or dyes, you must use recommended Lash Lift Kits.

The possibility of having weakened lashes after consistently doing lash lifts is another thing to watch out for. As much as you’d love the results of lash lift, do not also forget that consistently perming your lashes might weaken them over time and cause them to thin out too. It’s recommended to give time to allow your lashes to regain their natural strength before trying another lift.

Let’s go over the Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions real quick!


  1. The best thing is that if you wish, a lash lift may make your eyes appear larger. A lash lift improves the appearance of your natural lashes by making them look longer, separated, and curled upwards. Your eyes appear larger and more open as a consequence.
  2. The lash lift is the solution if you dislike applying mascara but like the way it makes your lashes look. It allows you to go without mascara while yet appearing to be using it.
  3. Unlike lash extensions, which have some limits, you can still apply mascara if you desire thick lashes and just want to give your lash lift an extra push.
  4. One of the most appealing aspects of lash lift is that it simply takes one sitting to produce such a gorgeous appearance. The procedure does not require any touch-ups or follow-up consultations.
  5. It’s a therapy that can last up to an hour or less. You won’t have to cancel the remainder of your plans for that day as a result.
  6. If you don’t like putting on too much make-up or doing too much with your face regimen, a lash lift is a low-maintenance alternative that will leave you with gorgeous lashes that you won’t have to worry about.
  7. The only lash procedure that has been proved to persist longer than a month is lash lift. Some people might have it for up to two months.


  1. Having a lash lift performed by an expert is essential since one mistake will have you regretting your decision. Chemical burns and dry eyes can occur due to a lack of experience, which is unusual. Applying the setting solution thus close to the eyes requires a highly competent and experienced hand.
  2. Lash lift necessitates the removal of eye mascara for a few days before to the procedure, which is a drawback for those who wear it every day.
  3. Watery eyes can occur in those with sensitive eyes, like those who wear contact lenses or even eyeliner on their waterline. For sensitive eyes, the solution put on the lashes during the lash lift might be uncomfortable.
  4. After lash lifts, dry eyes are prevalent. The Meibomian glands around the border of the lids or the waterline are exposed because the lashes are curled up during the lash lift. Red eyes, burning lids, puffiness, or, worse, a loss in your capacity to produce healthy tears can all arise from this.
  5. You must select between lash extensions and lash lift. You can’t have everything.

How Long Does it Last?

A lash lift is typically a one-time treatment, meaning you won’t need to repeat it after your initial appointment; however, you can see an eyelash perm every four to six weeks if you want your lashes to stay longer or fuller than they are after a lash lift.

That being said, it’s important to note that a perm isn’t always as effective for dark lashes as a lift is, so talk with your eyelash specialist about how long you can safely wait before scheduling another touch-up. For example, some types of perms can cause lightening or streaking in darker hair.

Affordable Alternatives to Permanent Lash Lift

Permanent lash lifts are one of those treatments that you either love or hate, but most women prefer to try something a little less permanent in their quest for long, dramatic lashes. One option is to invest in lash extensions—the synthetic kind made from mink or another synthetic fiber that’s carefully glued on with special glue (and even then, only after your eye has been numbed!).

The cost: $200-$300 a set. Another popular treatment is eyelash perm, which is considered semi-permanent because it lasts anywhere from three to six months before gradually falling out. However, if you apply too much heat during treatment, your lashes will fall out completely when they’re released from their curled state—not exactly what anyone wants!

Final Verdict on Lash Lifts

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to maintaining your eyelashes, lash lifts are a good place to start. You can have them done at most salons or spas for about $100 per session, but keep in mind that if you don’t take care of your lashes correctly, they will fall out quickly. Over time, lash lifts can cause damage to your natural lashes, meaning you’ll be forced to pay money repeatedly just to get them back into shape.

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