Cat Eyelash Extensions: Are they the Right Choice?

The beauty of eyelash extensions is the ease of customizing your desired look; you can play with varying lengths, fullness, and curls to create a different look. One of those popular looks sought after is the Cat Eyelash Extension. 

The Cat Eyelash Extensions come from the close imitation of cat eyes, and the alluring look can carry an air of mystery to it. Try the cat eyelash extensions if you want to try something new to define your eyes and make them appealing.

Why Are Cat Eyelash Extensions So Appealing?

Even before eyelash extensions were in vogue, many cat-eye lovers best mimicked this look by drawing the cat eyes with eyeliners, the eyeliners accentuate the inner corners of the eyes, and an extended wing at the outer corners of the eyes extends towards the tip end of the brow.  But you can have this look better and more fabulous using eyelash extensions.

The cat eyelash extension perfectly mimics the almond shape of the cat eyes. It begins with the shorter lengths at the inner corners and most extended lengths from the midsection towards the outer corner of the eyes.

The cat eyelash extensions well-fixed could give you a complete makeover. You can have it just the way you like it, from simple to a more dramatic look! The cat eyelash extensions give you thinner, slimmer eyes because of the extended lashes at the outer corners of the eyes.

Catchy, alluring look? Go Cat-eyed! And this is how.

Cat Eyelash Extensions and Mapping

Eyelash extensions can create great looks; it depends on the mapping style. The cat eyelash extension has a unique mapping style. A good lash stylist knows how to skillfully work with lash extensions of different lengths and curls to nail that cat-eye look that best fits your eye shape.

The mapping style is crucial to nailing the look and can be tweaked to accentuate your features better. General Standard Mapping is to have the eyes divided into sections; these sections carry lash extensions of different lengths and curls to best nail the look. I would view the eye-line into sections to make it easy for application:

  • The Inner Corner
  • The MidSection
  • The Outer Corner
  • The Outermost Edge

The Lash Stylist starts by fixing the shortest lengths in the inner corner of the eyes and gradually increases the length to the midsection. The most extended extensions are fixed halfway to the outer corner of the eyes. The lengthy extensions are placed in the outer corner to a shorter length on the outermost edge of the eyes. 

Eye Shape and Cat Eyelash Extensions

Cat Eyelash Extensions
Image from Instagram @Bellamourbeauty

A good stylist always considers the shape of the eyes; this is important in customizing the look to suit you. The Cat eyelash extensions gives a dramatic change for people with close-set eyes, round eyes, almond, and upturned eyes. The unique look of the cat eyelash extensions gives that longer, slimmer eye shape look.

So, if you have round eyes, this look will give you a new look, making your eyes look different and beautiful. The extended extensions will draw the eyelid to look longer, balancing the round-shaped eye to look more like an almond-shaped eye.

The close-set eyes will also benefit significantly from the cat eyelash extensions as their fuller and thicker edges will pull more attention away from the center of the face. The cat eyelash extensions will widen the look of the eyes, giving a good balance for those with close-set eyes. This look will not favor someone with already wide-set eyes as it makes the eyes look wider apart, which won’t flatter your features. 

Those with up-turned eyes also will see a drastic change using the cat eyelash extensions as it would give a glamorous look to the eyes.

If you have almond eyes, you can still rock this look, only that you would make slight adjustments. Opt for a shorter length at the edges than the length for someone with round eyes.

Curls That Create The Cat Eyelash Extensions

Lash stylists have shown creativity in the lash extension world by using different lash curls to create the Cat eyelash extensions. So first, it is essential to be ready to be creative and play with lash curls and lengths; who knows, you might invent something new, which will become a craving for many lash lovers. A perfect example of this is the Extreme Cat Eyelash Extension invented by Russian Lash Stylists.

The most popular curls to create the Cat Eyelash extension are the C and CC Curls. The C curls are not as curvy as the CC curls and are used interchangeably along the lash line. Lash stylists like to start with the C Curl first and gradually incorporate the CC Curl midsection to closely imitate the natural lashes with some curliness. 

Creativity has it when it comes to lash extensions, and the Cat Eyelash Extensions are not left out. Lash Stylists have further played with L and M Curls to create stunning Cat Eyelash Extensions that have left the beauty world dazed in wonder. There are no hard and fast rules; work with the curls and place them in sections that would carry the look and flatter the eye shape.

Subtle or Dramatic Cat Eyelash Extension

No one size fits all; you can have it to your preference. Your Stylist will work to bring your intended look to reality. If you are looking at making a bold statement with your lash extensions, then make them Volume Cat Eyelash.

2D to 6D lash extensions are fixed per one natural lash, depending on how full and thick you want it. You can go soft on the cat eyelash extensions by opting for a classic cat eyelash with extensions fixed 1:1.

For bold and daring statements with cat eyelash extensions, a tint of color lashes are used at the outermost edges to add some spark to your eyes.

Simple Care Tips For Your Cat Lash Extension

  • Avoid water touching your lashes for the first 24-48 hrs after application.
  • Avoid face steaming, saunas, while wearing your extensions.
  • Do not curl your lashes with a mechanical curler.
  • Avoid oily serums, cleansers, and creams from contacting your extensions.
  • Don’t rub your eyes with your hands.
  • Don’t sleep with your face in your pillows, sleep side-faced using satin or silk pillows.
  • With these simple care tips, you can rock your Cat Eyelash Extensions better and longer.

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  1. I’ve found that cat eyelash extensions are a great confidence booster. They make me feel more put together and glamorous, even on days when I’m not wearing any other makeup.


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